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Wix Review 2017

Wix is a cloud-based website building platform that allows consumers to create a professional site that is easy to manage, design and promote across numerous social media sites.

Used by over 72 million users in 180 countries, no prior tech experience is required as Wix’s intuitive drag and drop interface enables even the most inexperienced of designers to manipulate their templates and make beautifully designed, modern websites with minimal expense.

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Products and Services

HTML 5 compatible, Wix web builder has been created with ease of use in mind. Businesses can harness hundreds of professionally designed, unique templates that are easy to customise and alter to meet their individual needs. Simply register for free and select the type of website you want – eCommerce store, restaurant, blog, portfolio, events or accommodation – before gaining access to an assortment of additional services.

Businesses can immediately upgrade to an ad-free, premium annual plan where they can receive their own personalised domain and benefit from unlimited bandwidth, extra storage and Google Analytics.

Premium plans consist of:

  • Connect Domain (their most basic plan): £2.55 per month
  • Unlimited (for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers): £3.88 per month
  • Ecommerce: £5.05 per month
  • Combo (for personal use): £5.16 per month

All plans come with free hosting, no set-up fees, access to templates, Google Analytics, premium support and fully customisable websites.

Businesses are also offered the chance to create their own personalised email addresses. These are based on their chosen domain which comes with the added bonuses of Google Apps, no Gmail ads, mobile device management and up to 25GB inbox size.

Look and Feel

Wix Homepage

Wix are true to their word that anyone can create an original, modern website, with no experience or expensive overheads. Their Inspiration page is a testament to this, as businesses can view the completed designs of existing Wix members and witness first-hand how one template can be customised into something completely unique.

Their categorisation of template designs is a great asset for new users to the site as it helps to narrow the search and ensure businesses remain on trend within their industry. The fact that all templates are free allows continuous experimentation until the right design is found.

Wix’s best feature is their drag and drop interface as it allows you to harness their extensive galleries/stock images, and insert imagery into your site. This feature also removes the need for coding, enabling you to restructure your content and imagery; maintain control and personalise your site.

Overall the site is modern, sleek and easy to use. Businesses can find everything they need to launch a website without having to hire a digital agency, creating immediate savings. In turn, their numerous video case studies and examples, allows businesses to grasp the quality of their templates and witness genuine reactions to their product.

Wix logo

Ease of Use

With over 45,000 new users every day and 1.5 million subscribers, Wix have acquired a reputation for establishing long-lasting relationships. The key element to this stems from the easy usability of their website, the vast savings they offer businesses, and the hundreds of free templates users can experiment with without charge. Novices can benefit from the hundreds of visual walk-throughs and tutorials, which can assist them in building their own website within a matter of hours.

Even experienced businesses can benefit from Wix’s service offering, as they can easily explore the finished designs of existing Wix subscribers, pick up design trends within their industries and watch case studies.

Wix offers the following business perks:

  • Mobile friendly websites
  • 40+ Galleries – choose from millions of high-resolutions photos
  • Unlimited web pages
  • Up to 200 Wix apps – designed to improve invoicing, social media and audience connections
  • All-in-one management – track orders, get paid, promote sales and manage your shipping in one place

Wix web builder is incredibly intuitive and easy to pick up. The tutorials definitely help to ease your transition into web design. In addition, their online forum and FAQs can offer instant answers to your queries.

Case Studies

Dedra Allen, star of WE TV’s ‘Cutting it in the ATL’

Dedra Allen

Among Wix’s users is salon owner Dedra Allen. Having started her own salon business from scratch, Dedra wanted to offer other stylists the chance to learn how to create a successful business, as she felt such skills are lacking during beauty training. With Wix’s support she was able to modernise her existing site and introduce classes, where students can simply click and register their interest.

Electric Puzzle Productions

Electric Puzzle

Wix was the first platform that enabled Director Travis Preston to upload his businesses video resume quickly, with each video taking just 2 minutes. The support he has received from Wix has enabled his company to express what they are about and how they do it; increase site visitation and understanding amongst clients, and ultimately improve his business.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Wix comes with many advantages for businesses looking to launch or modernise their existing site:

  • No need for coding and tech experience thanks to drag and drop interface
  • 500+ templates that are free and easily customisable
  • Detailed walkthroughs and tutorials help get you up to speed
  • 200+ Wix apps enable businesses to create the site they want
  • 24 hour support through their online forums, FAQs and step by step tutorials
  • Access to visual case studies and samples of completed site designs by existing users

Although the Wix website comes with many advantages, there are also a few drawbacks to take into consideration:

  • Once committed to a template you cannot switch, so we suggest experimenting with several before making a final decision
  • Free accounts will have advertisements on their site. The only way to remove them is to upgrade to at least a Combo premium package
  • Whilst the site is fairly easy to navigate, unless you know exactly what you are after,it is possible to become lost in the pages as many open into new windows when you click onto them (Wix stories, support centre etc.)
  • No contact email or form – the forum caters for most questions and is quite responsive; however this lack of contact information, especially when you are designing a site to promote your business, can create hesitancy


Wix is a leading web builder provider whose intuitive interface removes the need for coding or tech experience. No matter your design background, Wix’s extensive range of detailed step by step tutorials can guide all users to ensure they receive maximum benefits from the site.

The costs for their premium packages are low in comparison to many of their competitors, which when combined with their offerings of free hosting, domain name, email addresses and access to Google Analytics, means you have all the tools to launch a successful and functioning website.

Admittedly, the prospect of having to upgrade to a paid package to remove advertisements may not be appealing to some. However, overall Wix is an incredibly insightful web building platform that can assist you on all levels of your website launch. It is particularly helpful for individuals wishing to showcase their work, businesses on a budget and for those who wish to experiment with their web design.