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By Dan Barraclough | Updated: 26 June 2020

It may be one of the biggest website builders on the market, but is Wix the right platform for you? Dive into our in-depth Wix review to find out…

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  • Very cheap – Wix website costs range from free to £22/month
  • Genuinely easy to use and quick to set up
  • Choose from 500+ design templates for a site that's uniquely you
  • All Wix websites are SEO optimised
  • Integrate with 200+ apps to enrich your site's functionality


  • The free and cheapest plans will lumber your website with Wix ads
  • Once committed to a template, you can't change it
  • No option to speak to customer support via phone, chat, or email
At a glance: Wix is a fantastic website builder, whether you're on your first foray into online business or are more experienced. It's affordable, easy to use, and does a lot to propel your site to success – we can't sing its praises enough!

Wix is a website builder with a promise: anyone can build a website. No, really – anyone. No prior tech or coding experience required.

This promise of simplicity has been exceptionally well-received by businesses and individuals alike. The numbers speak for themselves: Wix now boasts 110 million users across 190 countries, and 45,000 new sign-ups per day.

But with competition among website builders becoming increasingly fierce, how does Wix match up? For this review, we put Wix under our microscope of intense research and testing to decipher whether or not it lives up to the hype. And we're delighted to say that, for the most part, it does. Read on to find out why…

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the best way to communicate with your customers and clients is online. Whether you’re looking to sell your products or services over the web, show off your creative work, or simply get your company’s name and details out there – the first thing you need to do is set up a website. Fortunately, DIY website builders enable you to set up your own website quickly and easily – and they’re pretty inexpensive, too.

In these unusual times, we understand that time is money. That’s why we’ve done all the research for you – testing and comparing top website builders on price, ease of use, features, customer support, and more so you don’t have to. We’ve selected and reviewed our five favourite builders for businesses like yours – check out our quickfire comparison here to compare Wix with our other top recommendations. 

What are Wix's best features?

Professional design templates

Wix has over 500 professionally-designed templates to choose from. They have helpfully categorised them into the best templates for the following:

  • Business
  • Online Store
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Music
  • Design
  • Restaurants and Food
  • Accommodation
  • Events
  • Portfolio and CV
  • Blog
  • Health and Wellness
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Community and Education
  • Creative Arts

The way Wix categorises its template designs is a huge bonus – it really helps to narrow the search and ensure businesses remain on trend within their industry. All templates are free to use. You can see their full portfolio here.

✓ Customisation with apps

In addition to a great selection of templates, Wix also has an extensive collection of 200+ apps that can be added to your website. These include social ‘buttons’ to easily link to your social media accounts, the option to add a mailing list sign-up and Google Adsense (to display paid adverts on your site).

What’s more, most of these apps are still available to those only using the free Wix model. This is testament to Wix’s commitment to their customers of all pay grades.

Easy drag-and-drop interface

Wix’s drag and drop interface is the key to its ease of use. It essentially allows you to add images and other assets to your new site by dragging them from a folder in your computer, and then ‘dropping’ them on the new site. You are then free to play around with sizing, filters etc.

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✓ The Wix SEO Wiz

All Wix websites are ‘Search Engine Optimised’, meaning they are highly compatible with Google and other search engines. This means you don’t need to worry about appearing lower in Google searches with a Wix website than you otherwise would. In fact, Wix is the only website builder, aside from WordPress, to be mentioned in the Google Webmaster Guidelines. This doesn’t mean that other website builders aren’t Google compatible, but it shows that Wix is definitely a safe bet..

Best SEO practices is a really broad and ever-evolving topic. Wix has developed the Wix SEO Wiz with this in mind. With the SEO Wiz, you can easily navigate the treacherous SEO waters with your own personalised plan to help make the most of your content.


Less of a creative type? Don’t worry, Wix has you covered.

Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is Wix’s pioneering artificial intelligence software that will design a stunning website on your behalf. It learns about you, and applies this knowledge to create a completely unique site that is perfect for your needs. Sound like your ideal solution? When you first register for your new site, choose to build it using ‘Wix ADI’ rather than ‘Wix Editor’. You can switch to the Editor at any time, and then return to the most recent ADI version of your site using the ‘Site History’ option.

Handy online guides and video tutorials

If you get stuck at any stage in the website-building process, check out the support centre. Their comprehensive online guides and YouTube video tutorials cover a huge variety of material, from advice and FAQs to troubleshooting.

If you have an issue that isn’t explained, you need only Google your query to receive a myriad of advice from other users. That’s the great thing about using a website builder with such an established user base; you have a readymade community of like-minded people to learn from.

Helpful extras

Here are a few other ways that Wix makes life easy for its customers:

  • Websites are mobile friendly, meaning you don’t have to worry about alienating your mobile audience
  • They offer a huge selection of free, high quality stock images
  • Unlimited web pages allow your site to grow as you do
  • All-in-one management allows you to track orders, receive payments etc. all in one place

How much does a Wix website cost?

Many people are still surprised to find out that you can create and manage a great website using Wix completely free of charge. It’s true – Wix operates a ‘freemium’ payment model, giving you the option to use their most basic service for free or to upgrade for additional benefits.

If your website is anything more than a hobby, it is definitely a good idea to upgrade to a paid Wix plan. Not only will you be able to access great additional features (see below) and the most exclusive apps, but crucially your site will not display the automatic Wix advertising that comes with the free and cheapest models. This is essential for creating a site that looks professional and credible. What’s more, even the most ‘expensive’ models are incredibly cheap compared to commissioning a web designer at £200 upwards with ongoing costs, too. A fully-functioning, sleek website could be yours for only a few pounds a month:

Connect Domain1GB Bandwidth, 500MB Storage£3/month
Combo2GB Bandwidth, 3GB Storage, Free Domain£6/month
UnlimitedUnlimited Bandwidth, 10GB Storage, Free Domain£8.50/month
Business & Ecommerce10GB Bandwidth, 20-50GB Storage, Free Domain, Online Store (100% commission free), £75 ad vouchers etc£13-22/month
VIPUnlimited Bandwidth, 20GB Storage, Free Domain, Online Store, Email Campaigns, Priority Response£18/month

Is Wix right for my business?

We know that Wix is an excellent way into the wonderful world of ecommerce for startups, or sole traders just starting out in business. But how do Wix's pros and cons translate in terms of your venture specifically? Check the relevant statements below to find out…

“I don't want to spend too much”

You're in the right place! With Wix price plans ranging from £3 per month to £22 per month, Wix offers a remarkably inexpensive way to create a website. And if you were keen not to spend anything at all, that's possible too – Wix offers a totally free plan, so you can build your website without spending any money.

Be warned, though, that on both Wix's free plan and its ‘Connect Domain' plan (its cheapest paid plan, at £3 per month), your website will have to host Wix adverts. So if you're looking to provide an ad-free experience for your customers (or make some money through your ads with Google AdSense or similar), then you'll want to opt for one of Wix's more expensive plans. Not that they're expensive, per se – next up is the ‘Combo' plan, which costs just £6 per month.

“When it comes to websites, I have little to no technical experience”

Don't worry. During our testing, we found Wix's interface to be genuinely user friendly; suitable for those with no prior web design experience. Wix also provides extensive online guides and video tutorials to guide you through the process of making your website, and answer any questions that might arise.

However, you should be wary that – although those guides are very comprehensive – Wix gives no option to speak to a support advisor over email, live chat, or phone. Instead, it displays open tickets for known faults – in other words, online requests for faults with the builder to be fixed – which you can follow to stay informed of their progress.

“I want to be able to customise my website to suit my brand”

You'll definitely be able to create a website that's unique to your business with Wix. It offers over 500 design templates to choose from, grouped by industry to help you find a look and feel that suits your offering. You should know, though, that once you've committed to a template, you can't change it – so be sure to experiment with a few before making your decision.

As well as this, Wix also offers 200+ possible app integrations to enrich your site's functionality, so it should be able to do everything you want it to.

“I want to get my website up and running ASAP”

We can confirm that it's possible to make a Wix website very quickly. All you need to do is fill in a few details, choose a template, and modify it to represent you or your business. You could be up and running in a couple of hours.

“I want to give my website every chance at success”

Want your site to be seen by as many people as possible? All of Wix's websites are SEO optimised, meaning that they're optimised to rank highly on Google search results pages for relevant search queries.

Plus, Wix's huge user base means that feature updates are constant, and advice on supercharging your site is always readily available from the Wix community.

Wix logo

What do Wix's websites look like?

It’s not surprising, given all the above information, that Wix has a wealth of high-quality example websites in their ‘Get Inspired’ section. Here are some of our favourites:

Wix website
Wix website
Wix website
Wix website

As you can see, these websites are all very different. However, the emphasis on bold visual design is common across all Wix templates. Imagery was once overlooked in favour of written content, but today’s audience expect a stunning visual experience. Just look at the success of image-based social media platforms like Instagram and Tumblr.

Choosing a design that makes the most of images is a great way to make sure your website is in line with current trends. What’s more, Wix has a really great selection of free stock imagery to complement your own.

Expert verdict

At this moment in time, Wix is the most popular website builder on the planet – and with good reason. Its intuitive interface and commitment to guiding each person through the process means that anyone really can build a modern, sleek and professional website.

In our view, the positives of Wix absolutely dwarf the negatives. The costs for their premium packages are low in comparison to many of their competitors which, when combined with their offerings of free hosting, domain name, email addresses and access to Google Analytics, means you have all the tools to launch a successful and functioning website.

The fact that Wix offers a free version means you have nothing to lose by setting up an account. You can upgrade to the best plan for you later on, and start taking full advantage of everything Wix has to offer. We’re convinced you’ll love it as much as we do.

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What other website builders could I consider?

It's perfectly natural to want to compare your options before settling on a single platform for your website. If you'd like to continue researching, we'd recommend looking into the following website builders too:

SquarespaceBest for creativesVisit Squarespace
WeeblyBest for total beginnersVisit Weebly
ShopifyBest for ecommerce entrepreneursVisit Shopify
BigCommerceBest for big growth ambitionsVisit BigCommerce
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