Squarespace Review 2019

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By Dan Barraclough

First launched in 2004, Squarespace has made remarkable progress in the last decade. From humble beginnings it has built up a company with over 500 staff and more than a million users of its highly regarded website builder tool.

With a view to helping companies build professional yet easy to navigate websites, they are a major force in the industry, winning many awards and plaudits from insiders and customers alike.

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Products and Services

Squarespace sites are all well designed but it is in eCommerce that it comes into its own. Squarespace blogs are suitable for even the most complex pages but the flexibility for further enhancement, which is vital for most businesses, is key to Squarespace’s popularity.

Businesses of all sizes can utilise the high end look that Squarespace hosting offers, leaving you to focus on the building of the website and running of your business. This includes all security requirements as well as upgrades. What’s more, if you decide to export your site from their platform you will not be penalised.

Squarespace pricing begins at $8 per month for a personal website and $18 per month for the business package. The commerce option, however, is not cheap at $26 per month, but the high quality of each design does provide a high level of value if web presentation is a priority for your business.


Look and Feel


Put simply, Squarespace template designs are among the most beautiful, clear and well crafted on the Internet. Although they do not offer the sheer volume that other website builders might, you are unlikely to find a higher quality of design anywhere else.

This is not to say that the options are sparse, 32 templates does offer a degree of choice, but quality rather than quality is the company’s philosophy here. E-commerce is particularly well catered for within this relatively small number of choices but with the ability to customise and their modern look, most will not find the relatively small number of choices a problem.

Ease of Use


Although it was once regarded as somewhat cumbersome, Squarespace have updated their site to such a degree that is now considered as suitable for beginners in the field. With its intuitive drag and drop system it is easy to jump in without a great deal of website building experience.

On the down side some persistent bugs do occur with the drag and drop method and the sheer amount of options can be somewhat overwhelming if you lack familiarity in website building. Most, however, will find that with some practice they can manage even the most complex of websites over time.

Squarespace trial

Advantages and Disadvantages

Aside from some of the most professional and stylish looking templates available online, each design is easily customisable and responsive to various content, including videos and slideshows. Squarespace hosting is sufficiently confident that their customers will be satisfied with their service that they allow each website to be exported to other platforms without penalty.

  • Professional looking templates
  • Efficient 24 hour support
  • Responsive designs
  • Simplistic customisation
  • Export ability

This is not to say that are not some issues with the service. When looking at the template options of Squarespace vs WordPress, for example, despite the quality of Squarespace designs, they are some way behind their more popular rivals. What’s more, although the platform can support any language, the interface is only available in English, which can make it difficult for international users.Other disadvantages include:

  • Drag & drop bugs
  • Complexity of options
  • Patchy support service
  • Relatively few template options
  • Language limitations


Put simply, the best Squarespace sites are beautifully designed and present value for money should professional websites be important to your business. The three packages on offer, Personal, Business and Commerce are all worthy of praise but it is the eCommerce package that stands out as particularly impressive. The options the commerce package comes with, such as real time shipping, an integrated e-commerce function and accounting as well as unlimited online sales, make it suitable for just about all e-commerce businesses.

Despite the issues with drag and drop and the lack of options compared with some other providers, the Squarespace platform is well worth trying, particularly if you business requires online sales functions. Professional, innovative and beautifully designed, we would certainly recommend Squarespace as one of the best website builders around. If you are unsure of its suitability, they do offer a free two week trial so you can get an idea of what the platform has to offer before committing.

Dan Barraclough

Dan’s a writer for Expert Market, specialising in a range of cool topics. He loves web design and all things UX, but also the hardware stuff like postage metres and photocopiers.

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