The Best Architecture Websites: Constructive Advice for Building a Website

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These days, if you don’t have a good website for your construction business, you’ll be the architect of your profit margin’s downfall. A recent survey found 75% of internet users judge the credibility of a company based on its website – and when it comes to building client relationships, trust is everything.

Your architecture firm could have the coolest designs around, but if your website has shoddy images, slow page loads, and spelling mistakes, you will struggle to turn visitors into clients.

With an architecture website, you’re displaying your company ethos and vision online. This means you need to show the same level of creativity on your website as you do on your building site. And besides, everyone loves a sleek website, don’t they?

Luckily for you, we’ve got six of our favourite architecture websites for your inspiration, and after that we've added some helpful tips to help your website tower over your rivals'.

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But for everyone else, let’s get started…

1. Snøhetta

Combining whitespace with interactive design, each project bursts into colour when you hover over the image. It’s an effective use of space, too, with overlapping imagery all the way down the page. This gives a snapshot into Snohetta’s keen eye for design and space – two crucial elements in architecture.

2. Diller Scofidio + Renfro

With its epic projects taking priority, Diller Scofidio + Renfro doesn’t let you miss a thing when it comes to its talents. There is no messing around here. What’s more, each design is labelled with a monochrome box – simple, yet powerful.

3. Bjarke Ingels Group

You’ll enjoy Bjarking up this tree, with a diagram which smartly reshuffles depending on the menu you select. In this case, we’ve gone with ‘location’, which turns the diagram into an interactive planet. In short, it’s an awesome user journey. And it’s not just a pretty face, either, with each click taking you into immense detail on each project. Go ahead and dive in.

4. Minimalissimo

Why do we love the Minimalissimo website? The clue is in the name. Its minimalist design, from the logo to the layout, draws your eyes exclusively to the firm’s projects. The images are large with extremely high resolution, providing a crystal clear cascade of imagery down the page.

5. Worky

Looking for some inspiration? Worky’s website is the place for you. With towering images as the backdrop for some impactful text, you’re under no illusion that the firm believes in its own abilities. Further to that, we love the site’s three pronged attack of ‘Best Ideas, Solution and Result’. Self confidence? We can Worky with that.

6. James Merrell

Stunning countryside constructions are James Merrell’s bread and butter, as you can see from the website above. With a simple slideshow, you’re taken though each of the firm’s creations, all more breathtaking than the last. We love this website because of its use of untouched nature, contrasted with modern designs – it’s clear, simple, and beautiful.

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Website design tips

Now you've seen some excellent examples, check out our top tips for constructing an architecture website worthy of winning any client…

Let your projects shine

As an architect, your projects are the most important aspect of your job. Would-be clients want to see what your firm can do before committing any cash, and that’s why your designs need to take centre stage on your website.

Think of your architecture website as your CV. By highlighting your best projects, you’re drawing attention to your best skills and experience – and that’s what potential business partners want to see.

We’ve explained what to do, but how do you actually make your projects stand out? Firstly, your website should have whitespace behind your imagery. Using whitespace will help your images shine, as well as declutter your website.

Remember, your website is a window into your business, and this design technique will make a great impression with your visitors.

After creating a clear background for your projects, we also recommend using high resolution photos. Doing so will enhance your visitors’ experience. Just think – if you’re using low quality photos, people are likely to lose interest in your website, and subsequently, your firm.

Be interactive

Keeping visitors engaged is important for any website, let alone for architecture sites. Interacting with people builds brand trust, and that’s a big deal. You want clients to feel confident in your abilities –plus, an interactive website is just more fun to use.

Aside from using complex coding tricks like scroll features and slideshows, there are some simple elements you can add to your website in order to keep visitors interested. This is particularly important for architecture websites, because you want to build rapport with clients as quickly as possible.

When designing your website, think about adding social media share buttons, an FAQ, an articles section where visitors can share their thoughts, or a blog so your readers can keep up to date with your latest news.

These features may sound simple, but they really help to foster an online community, which can help improve your firm’s image.

Add personality

We’ve said your projects should take precedent on your website, but it’s important that your personality comes through as well. After all, your firm is made up of people, and human relationships are what successful architecture companies are built upon.

Adding an interesting block of content describing who you are, and what your creative vision is, will add a splash of personality to a typically mundane, corporate world. Both your website and architecture designs are important, but any future client will appreciate putting a face to the facade.

Social proof

On the same note as brand trust, social proof shows your architecture company is one you can rely on. The simplest way is to add client testimonials – have you recently made a client very happy? Then why not show the world wide web?

Also, it’s likely that a potential client is browsing many different architect websites, so it’s important to hammer home why they should pick yours – and who better to back up your brand than the clients you’ve worked for?

Now, let’s check out some of these tips in action, with six of our favourite architecture websites from this year…

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