15 brilliant HTML5 eCommerce websites

By Dan Barraclough

HTML5 website designs to inspire you…

Websites that use HTML5 offer a great alternative to Adobe Flash which can exclude some users whose browsers can’t run Flash functions, particularly users of Apple products including Macbooks, iPads and iPhones.

If you're struggling for website design inspiration then have a look over the list below, which showcases fifteen brilliant websites using HTML5 to create attractive and exciting content.

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Best eCommerce sites using HTML5

1. Puma


Featuring sharp, dynamic imaging, quick responses and loading times as well slick and easy to navigate content, Puma provides a great users experience for customers whilst retaining the brand’s image for forward thinking, fresh products.

2. Asos

One of the UK’s most popular retailers, ASOS.com has developed a slick new website using HTML5 which offers users a better shopping experience, such interactive fitting and size functions, catwalk videos and better navigation for users.

3. Apple

As one of the cheerleaders for HTML5, it’s no wonder that Apple would incorporate HTML5 into its own store. Providing crystal clear images, impressively fast response times and a great layout, Apple has the perfect site to showcase its products.

4. Diesel

The popular retailer brings its designs to life using HTML5. A cutting edge, on-trend website, it uses the latest features and technology to get its designs across to its customers and give them more unique and interactive content.

5. Lego

The online Lego shop is a site as fun to visit as the products itself. It features an easy to navigate layout with clear and visually striking 3D images which help visitors to gain a better feel of products. Fantastic zoom functions and easy to view user rooms help enhance the shopping experience for the customer.

6. Nixon Watches

Nixon Wristwatches
Helping you to find what you’re looking for easily using beautiful images, easy to navigate menus and a great search function, Nixon Watches is a fantastic modern website which gives users interactive content such as video to enhance their online shopping experience.

7. Tommy Hilfiger

Known for being a leader in the fashion world, Tommy Hilfiger now moves its influence over to the world of online with its striking website, which showcases the designer’s collections beautifully and brings fast and responsive as well as modern functions to designer fashion.

8. OxyDo

The trendy glasses retailer has created a website as slick as its products with fantastic layouts and images teamed with great navigation to appeal to its style conscious fans.

You Could Save by Comparing Web Design Quotes

Do you currently have a website live?

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9. Arsenal FC

The football team’s website, including its online store uses slick HTML5 to provide a striking and interactive service for users and helps to showcase them as an internationally renowned and respected sports team.

10. Currys

As an electronic retailer, Currys should showcase the best technology on its own website with easy to navigate features, fast rolling images and quick responses providing a great shopping experience for customers.

11. Nike

An impactful website for a game changing retailer, American sports retailer Nike’s website combines great imaging, navigation and layout to produce an engaging and direct shopping destination.

12. Nifty Thrify

Nifty Thrifty is a cool American based retailer which looks like a fashion blog thanks to its striking design and layout which provides the perfect appeal for its target audience.

13. Net-A-Porter

The ultimate designer clothing destination, Net-a-Porter stays ahead of its competitors with its smooth, magazine style layout which gives its products the best showcase to potential customers.

14. MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics

Updating its functionality without changing too much of its original style, MAC Cosmetics cater to their fashion conscious fans with slick imaging, easy to search menus and added extras such as video to improve users’ experiences.

15. H&M

The international retailer brings a look book style approach to its website with crisp images and fast responding navigation, making it easy for shoppers to find their ideal clothes and accessories.

Next Steps

To help you to create websites using HTML5 like those listed above, you will need the structure and features of an effective eCommerce platform.

Find out what questions you should be asking when you build an eCommerce website.

If you plan to sell across multiple sites then you might be interested in multi-site eCommerce solutions.

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