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By Dan Barraclough | Updated: 15 July 2021

How can professional web design boost your business? Read on to find out…

In this digital age, creating a website is vitally important for your business to succeed. Be warned, though – poor web design can damage your brand image and affect your site’s visibility on search engines, leading to unsatisfied customers and lost sales.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you nail your website’s design. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about the benefits and pricing of professional web design, along with information on how to get free web design quotes from the country’s best agencies.

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How does professional web design work?

The web designers will first create a digital blueprint for you to review, known as a ‘wireframe’, allowing you to make suggestions on about how to best represent your brand image.

They’ll then create the entire site and handle all the maintenance going forward, including fixing bugs or updating your homepage. Don’t worry, you can still ask to have access to the content management system (CMS) if you'd like to regularly update your blogs or web page content yourself.

We can help you find web design quotes quickly and easily – all you have to do is tell us what you need from your website, and we’ll match you up with trusted designers that suit your requirements. They’ll then be in touch with more information and no-obligation quotes for you to compare. It’s quick, easy, and free to get started.

Did You Know?

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to your site if they find your website difficult to navigate.

The benefits of web design

Hiring a web design agency is the easiest way to ensure your website looks professional, keeping customers coming and allowing you to focus on other areas of your business. Below are the top benefits of working with the best web design agencies

Creates a strong first impression

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48% of people cited web design as the number one factor in determining a company’s credibility. So, a sleek and professional-looking website will instantly improve your brand image in the eyes of visitors, which in turn improves trust and guides users into the conversion funnel. A poorly designed or amateurish looking website gives the impression that you don’t take your business seriously.

✓  Improves the user experience and increase sales

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Your professionally-crafted website will not only look and feel great on all devices, whether they’re mobiles or desktops, but it’ll also load quickly. Speed is really important, especially considering the fact that an improvement in page loading speed from eight to two seconds can boost your visitors’ conversion rate by 74%.

✓  Saves time

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Building a website yourself can eat into your busy working schedule, even if you already have the experience. That’s why hiring a web designer to handle everything can sometimes be the most suitable option, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

✓  Helps your business outshine the competition

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With billions of websites on the world wide web the world, you need to make sure that yours doesn’t fall by wayside when it comes to battling with the competition. Hiring an expert to design your site can help it to stand out from the crowd, driving more internet traffic to your products, blog posts, services, or whatever it is your business aims to achieve.

✓  Helps your business outshine the competition

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How to choose the best web design company

In order to maximise the potential of your new website, you need to choose a web design agency that understands exactly what you need. To do so, you must ask them the right questions, including:

Have you previously designed sites for my specific industry?

In other words, do they know what features and layouts will work for your business? Can they provide references from satisfied clients that are easy to contact? Are their previous clients still using their design? Are the designers still maintaining their clients’ websites?

How will you charge for your services?

The type of invoice you’ll need to pay may have an effect on your choice. For instance, the cost of hiring a freelance web designer will depend on whether you’re being charged for the whole project as a one-off fee, or by the hour. Also, does their previous work justify the cost they have quoted? How much will it cost to maintain the website (for example, hosting and domain name management, and support costs)? These are all important questions to consider when you get a web design quote.

What ongoing maintenance will you offer?

How readily available are the web designers in case something goes wrong? Will you need to pay extra for ongoing maintenance and back-end support? How quickly can the web designers get out to help you if the issue can’t be resolved over the phone?

What else is included in my web design quote?

When getting web design quotes, you can ask the designers to do more than just create a website. Your site must be mobile friendly, so make sure that responsive web design is part of the plan. SEO is also really important for your website, so it’s worth asking how they plan optimise your website for search engines. Their designs should also be optimised for the different web browsers and devices that your customers will be working with.

Who is my point of contact?

Some web design agencies may have a team of people to work on your website, including account executives, project managers, designers, developers, writers, and SEO professionals. Therefore, to speed things up and to make your life easier should you have any questions about the project, you should find out who your point of contact is within the web design agency.

Who are your references?

Just as you would when hiring someone to work for your business, you should be able to find someone who can vouch for this agency. It’s unlikely, but if an agency hesitates to put you in touch with certain clients, that’s a bad sign.

Web design prices and rates

When talking about how much a website costs, there are many different factors at play. For instance, how much you spend on your new website will depend on the overall size of the project, the type of features you require, and whether you’re paying by the hour, by the day, or as a one-off fee. In other words, it’s difficult to pin down an exact price.

The UK’s top web design agencies – such as Yell and Web.Com – will offer you bespoke quotes once you’ve explained what type of website your business needs.

As we said, getting web design quotes is the easiest way to get a clear price for your new website, which is something we can help with. Tell us what you need by filling out our quick form webform (it only takes a minute), and we’ll find the right web designers to suit your website wants and needs.

They’ll then contact you directly with information about how they can help, along with no-obligation quotes for you to check out and compare. It’s free to get started, and couldn’t be easier.

Next steps

We’ve shown you how important web design is to the success of your business in the digital age. By the same token, poor web design can have damaging effects. That’s why we always recommend hiring expert help if you can – it’ll ensure your business owns a website to be proud of, while enabling you to focus on other areas of your business.

The easiest way to get started is by comparing free web design quotes, which is something we can do for you. All you need to do is tell us what you’d like from your new website on our quick form, and we’ll match your business with web designers that best match your requirements. They’ll get in touch with you to explain their services in greater detail, and offer free, no-obligation quotes for you to compare.

Dan Barraclough

Dan’s a Senior Writer at Expert Market, specialising in digital marketing, web design, and photocopiers, amongst other topics.

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