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This article will give you an overview of what to look for when choosing the best water cooler for your business.

Water Cooler Options

Water coolers are a great way for businesses to help create a comfortable environment for their employees and guests. There are a range of coolers available on the market including stand alone models, plumbed in coolers and machines that also dispense hot water.

Stand alone coolers, which are sometimes known as bottled water coolers, are suitable for areas where there is no access to mains water. You simply purchase a bottle to fit on top of the machine. Plumbed in coolers do not have to be installed directly adjacent to mains water supply as they can be plumbed in up to fifty metres away. In the long term, plumbed in coolers tend to be cheaper than bottled water coolers.

Other water supply options available include water fountains, which are best suited to high usage areas such as in gyms or schools. If you are short of space many suppliers offer desktop coolers, which can be attached to the mains supply but that take up a minimal amount of space.

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Cheap Water Coolers

The cost of a water cooler depends upon the type of cooler you buy and how you purchase it. Water coolers can either be purchased or leased. Purchasing is generally cheaper in the long run, whereas leasing allows the flexibility of being able to change models and maintenance support.

Buying a plumbed in water cooler can start from around £200 for a basic model. Leasing will cost you from £2-4 per week.

Bottled water coolers can be rented for around £1 per week plus VAT, with some suppliers even offering free rental although you are likely to be tied in to purchasing bottles from them. To buy a bottled water cooler can start from £100.

Water fountains tend to be slightly more expensive costing a few hundred pounds to buy, with rental prices starting in the region of £4 per week.

Cost of Consumables

There are a number of consumables that contribute to the running costs of a water cooler. These include filters, plastic or paper cups, cup dispensers, replacement bottles, drip mats, and sanitation kits.

Replacement bottles for standalone models are usually around a few pounds each. Cups cost in the region of forty to a hundred pounds for two to five thousand items, with paper cones being the cheapest and recycled cups the most costly.

The dispensers to hold the cups cost about £20.

It is important to keep your cooler clean and safe, so for this reason you will need to invest in a sanitation kit.

Lastly there is the cost of maintenance if the machine breaks down. You may wish to enter into a maintenance agreement with your supplier which can increase costs slightly.

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