Best Water Cooler Dispenser Machines


What are Water Cooler Dispenser Machines?

These are machines that provide and dispense cool water either at home or in the work place. They generally come in two types, those that are bottle less and dispense cooled and filtered mains water and those that dispense water from large replaceable bottles. Bottled water dispensers are normally free standing and require the bottles to be placed into the machines spout down.

Mains water dispensers need to be connected to the mains water supply so that water is provided continually and also to the electricity supply for the running of the cooling unit. Mains machines additionally need to have a connection to the waste system for disposing of any excess water.

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How Do they Work?

A traditional cooler which can be wall mounted or mounted on a worktop will have a reservoir of chilled water so that there is no waiting time for the water to be dispensed. It will also have a button to press which ensures that the water stops when sufficient has been obtained. The water supplied will normally be filtered before being dispensed.

Free standing bottle machines dispense water directly from large bottles which are placed upside down onto a dispenser where the bottle lid is pierced by a probe which enables the reservoir within the machine to fill up. This type of machine is particularly suitable in small to medium work place environments as around one hundred cups of water are available from each of the large nineteen litre bottles, meaning that around two bottles would be used each week. This can be more suitable in a reception or office area than having a dispenser that needs to be connected to the mains water supply.

How do these Different types of Machine Compare?

Because free standing bottled coolers come in varying sizes, you can choose one that suits the amount of space you have available and the amount of use it will get. Tabletop units are suitable for use in the home where there will only be light use, while larger floor standing machines would be suitable for larger offices where they will get more use.

The water bottles used also come in varying sizes and it is therefore advisable to consider the amount of storage space needed for these when deciding on which dispenser to choose. Water fountains tend to be a better choice for sports venues where a large number of people will want to use them as these have suitable disposal for a larger amount of waste water.

Deciding where you get your cooler from and which type to have can be helped by contacting an online comparison website where you can get a free quotation and be directed to the best supplier for your company’s needs. This type of website can also recommend suppliers who will provide not only the cooler but also regular deliveries of bottled water to your premises. Comparing features of bottled coolers and plumbed water coolers can help you decide which is most likely to meet your requirements.

It is necessary to decide whether you want your machine to dispense spring water as chillers with bottled water do or cleaned and filtered mains water as a plumbed system would. You should also decide whether you want it to provide chilled and non-chilled water as both systems do and whether you have space available close to a mains water supply or not.

The one thing these machines have in common is that they will usually come with a one year warranty from the manufacturer which covers all parts while it is usual to be able to purchase an extended warranty from the company you buy it from.

Is there Anything Else that should be Considered before making a Decision?

Providing cooled water by using a plumbed in system rather than a bottled system is more ecologically friendly and also more cost effective. Nineteen litre bottles of water cost approximately £6.50 while mains water is provided at a much lower rate.

Plumbed systems also produce no carbon emissions and do not generate any items that need to be disposed of in landfill sites. These will also ensure that you always have water available without the need to store and replace large bottles of water, making it a more effective way of providing drinking water for large numbers of people.

It is possible to either purchase a mains water cooler which means you would need to cover the cost of servicing it and providing replacement filters yourself or, alternatively, it could be leased where all servicing and filter costs would be included.”

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