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What is a Water Dispenser Cooler?

Water dispenser coolers are appliances that chill or heat water to a certain temperature and then dispense it into either pre-provided cups or the user’s own. They are most commonly used in office or commercial settings, although appliances are available for home use. There are two kinds of water dispenser coolers; plumbed-in dispensers which cool or heat water from the existing water plumbing system on-site and bottled water coolers which provide water from a plastic bottle (usually of a 19 litre plus capacity). Larger, plumbed-in dispensers are common in office settings, whereas those who require a water dispenser cooler for the home will usually purchase a counter-top or bottled system.

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Office Water Coolers

Businesses are required by law to have a constant availability of fresh, clean drinking water. Although tap water is sufficient, most businesses find water dispenser coolers a convenient and more satisfying way of fulfilling this obligation. Which style of water cooler (plumbed-in or bottled) is entirely down to the company’s personal preference, but plumbed-in is generally a cheaper option for offices which require water coolers on a long-term basis. Bottled water systems charge per bottle as well as the fee for hiring the machine itself (unless the machine is bought outright). The cost of bottled water often fluctuates according to the weather, increasing in the summer months, whereas a plumbed-in system is connected to the mains supply and therefore remains a fixed price. Filters can also be added for a cleaner taste.

Water dispenser coolers can be hired on short or long-term contracts with payments made on a monthly or yearly basis. They can also be bought outright, although if an office makes use of a bottled water system they will have to pay for either a fixed number of bottles each month or a pay-as-you-go system, paying for additional bottles when they are needed.

Home Water Dispenser Coolers

Water dispenser coolers are also available for the home. These are generally bought outright, with bottles bought on a requirement basis when using a bottled system. However, the latest technology can provide all the functions of a water dispenser cooler in a filter or tap fitted directly into your kitchen.

Water filters are compact counter-top machines that deliver cooled, filtered water and are plugged into the mains. Water cooler taps can be added to your existing kitchen sink and deliver a constant supply of cooled or heated water. These vary in price and may initially seem a considerable expense, but can often prove the most cost-effective option on a long-term basis in the home.

Water Dispenser Cooler Prices

Prices vary from machine to machine. Buying a basic, plumbed-in machine for office use outright will generally cost from around £250, while more advanced machines can cost up to around £400. Bottled water systems start from around £170 but incur additional charges through the continual purchase of bottles of water.

Both forms of coolers can be hired on a weekly or monthly basis. Typical prices start from £10 a week. Basic counter-top water coolers for the home can cost from around £90-£130. The installation of a water cooler tap starts at around £200-£300.

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