How Much Does Video Production Really Cost?

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By Dan Barraclough | Published: 3 February 2020

From smartphone flicks to Hollywood hits, every video has its price – but how much will your company’s cost?

Corporate video production is recording new heights of popularity these days, with more and more marketers getting behind the camera to get their message across. But why is this the case?

Marketers love producing videos because consumers love watching them. According to Google, six out of ten people would rather watch online videos than television. 

However, it's hard to say how much your video will cost. If we had to put a price on it, we’d say you ought to spend around £1,000 per finalised minute of film (including crew, equipment, and location hire) if you want a high-quality end product.  But that's a very rough estimate.

Let's get this article started, shall we? Below you'll find more detail on the types of video production, crew and equipment hire costs, and our recommended supplier.

video production costs

Video production prices breakdown 

If you need a video production costs estimator, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done our research, and found the average price you can expect to pay for the different areas and phases of corporate video production. These pricing guidelines range from the average cost of a small business project, to the price tag you can expect for an enterprise-sized production. The prices for each video depend on the type of gear you'd need, the video length, and the locations you'd pay for.

Video type costs

As you know, the cost of your video depends on the type you need. We’ve calculated the average cost of a television advert, product explainer, and business overview video, which are the most common types of corporate video.

Business overview (£3,000+)

According to wyzowl, 93% of businesses who use video believe it has increased user understanding of their service. In other words, using video to showcase your business will help to develop your brand perception, which should help you create fruitful marketing campaigns.

Product explainer (£3,000+)

90% of internet users say that product videos are helpful in the purchasing-decision process, while the wyzowl survey we mentioned earlier also found 36% of businesses receive less support queries as a result. As you can see, explainer videos are worth every penny – need we explain more?

TV advert (£10,000 – £500,000)

A medium sized business with a growing audience would normally pay around £10,000 for a professional television advert. On the other hand, the McDonalds, Nikes, and Netflixes of the world are likely to spend up to £500,000 for their large-scale TV adverts.

Crew hire costs

The cost of the production crew will depend on their location and experience, but also on the type of gear you need. While every video creative will have their own daily rates, we’ve calculated the average day rates charged by each of the crew members you might find on a shoot, which all contribute to the overall pricing estimates above.

Crew member

Day rate

What do they do?

Commercial DOP (Director of Photography)

£650 – £2,000

The head of the camera department, the DOP works with the director to shoot the action on set.

Documentary DOP

£400 – £1,200

Same as above, but on documentary shoots.

First Assistant Director

£200 – £400

Controls the set, making sure the shoot stays on schedule; acts as the go-between for all the departments.

Commercial Video Editor

£400 – £1,000

Watches, cuts, and places together all the footage from the shoot to create the final film.

Drone Operator

£500 – £1,400

Flies a drone with a camera attached, and in some cases will operate both at the same time.

Sound Technician

£300 – £700

Also known as Sound Recordists, Sound Technicians are responsible for recording and mixing all the sound on set.


£300 – £600

Head of the electrical department; responsible for all the lighting on the production.


£200 – £600

Builds and looks after the equipment supporting the cameras.

Don’t let the numerous day rates put you off; most corporate video shoots only require a few of the crew members mentioned in our table. That’s where requesting bespoke quotes from a video production team with clear pricing packages can really help – you know exactly what you’re going to pay at all times.

video production lights cost

Gaffers take care of all the lighting on set, ensuring your actors look even more marvellous on screen

Conceptual work (£500+ per day)

If your video contains any sort of narrative, you’ll need to start with some storyboards to help define each scene and develop the overall flow of the video. If you wanted to outsource the script-writing on top of the storyboards, you’ll need to pay a separate fee of approximately £400+ per day for a scriptwriter.

Equipment hire (£500 – £10,000)

The standard video starter pack for a small shoot usually includes things like cameras (shock horror), lights, microphones, audio cable, and memory cards, which are all usually paid for by the day. For the cooler gadgets required for high-budget shoots – like gimbal stabilizers, tripod dollies, drones, and 360-degree cameras – you’ll need to fork out considerably more.

While you can create videos yourself, it's best to hire experts to make sure it looks professional

Location hire (£300 – £5,000)

For most corporate videos, you can simply film from within your office building. If you want to film externally, then you’ll likely need to pay a permission fee, or spend money on hiring facilities like toilets or specialist lighting.

Actors (£400+ per day)

Camera-shy colleagues? Then you’ll need to hire actors for your corporate video, with prices depending on their experience and reputation.

Post-production (£500 – £3,000)

The production process continues well after the shoot has wrapped. In fact, post-production is one of the most important phases, involving editing, colouring, sound mixing, and the addition of visual effects and soundtracks.

Travel expenses

Flights to your video shoot could cost as much the entire production itself (depending on where you’re going, of course). If you’re filming in the UK, you’ll need to think about trains, buses, and Ubers for the gear and crew.

Figuring out how much you’ll need to spend can be hard, especially if you don’t know much about the specs and gadgets. That said, the easiest way to pin down an exact price is by telling us what you need, and then comparing bespoke quotes from top UK video production teams that have been picked especially for you. It’s totally free to get started, and only takes a minute.

Our recommended video production supplier

With so many video production teams out there, we thought we’d make things easier for you by recommending a leading name in the corporate video business. 

Yell Business takes an all-hands-on-deck approach to filmmaking, providing expert crew (if you need them) for all phases of the production process, from scriptwriting to post-edits.

Why do we recommend Yell? Unlike other production services, Yell offers three pricing options to choose from, making it suitable for any sized business or budget. 

Read our Yell Video Marketing review

Key features

Dedicated digital specialist consultant

Drone footage

Mobile-friendly video footage

The option to have your own director


If you’d like to hear from video production teams like Yell, then it couldn’t be easier to get started. All you have to do is share some details using our webform, and you’ll receive quotes tailored exactly to your video requirements. Best of all, it’s free to try, and only takes a minute!

Types of corporate video production

Audiences spend 200% more time on websites if they contain a video, and videos are shared 1,200 times more than links and text. That’s what corporate video production can do for your business. But what is it, exactly?

In a nutshell, corporate video production involves the making of a video by a business or corporation. These videos are mainly used to generate brand awareness, or they can also be used for training staff, recording live business events, or simply communicating with your colleagues.

The most common types of corporate video include:

  • Company profile videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Staff training videos
  • Video tours
  • Internal communication from the company’s head honchos

Whichever type of video you need for your business, it’s nearly always easiest to outsource the whole task to a video production team (unless you have the expertise in-house already). Sure, it might be cheaper to create your own quick video, but chances are it won’t look too sleek – which can be damaging to your brand.

If you’d like to hear from trusted video experts, then all you have to do is share some quick details with us about what your business needs. We’ll then match you with the video production teams that can best cater to your needs, and they’ll be in touch with quick, easy, free quotes.

Video production money-saving tips

Keen to start your video venture? Great! But as you know, there are many aspects to think about when creating a video, so it’s important you know where and when to save time and money. 

That’s where our three Fs come in – we’ve got a f-f-few industry tips to help make your production process easier, and hopefully more affordable.

Failing to prepare is preparing to…overspend

The more you prepare in advance, the less time the production team will need to spend organising the shoot, and the less money you’ll need to spend on daily rates. Try to make your brief as detailed and precise as possible, allowing the experts to get cracking with minimal hold-ups.

Flexibility conquers all

Creating videos involves plenty of back-and-forth between the client (your business) and the production team. Certain shots may take longer than you first thought, or indeed cost a lot more than you anticipated, which means you might need to ditch some of your original (and expensive) ideas to ensure the video stays on schedule and budget. Remember: the crew has the expertise, and usually knows best!

Find the resources

There are many different costs to consider when producing a video, but you don’t need to splash the cash on every single aspect we’ve mentioned in this article. Do you really need an actor when Joe from Accounts could step in? Does your video necessarily need to be located in Hollywood, when your office building could suffice? You may have some hidden talents and resources right there within your business. Use them!

Next steps

Video production costs in the UK depend on many factors: it’s a cliché by now, but unfortunately true. You can skimp out and use your smartphone to create a budget flick for next to nothing, or you can spend a little more to produce a professional video that will enhance your brand.

But don’t forget our broad rule of thumb – you should aim to spend roughly £1,000 per finalised minute of footage. Of course, no two videos are truly the same, which means the easiest way to get an accurate price for your business video is by requesting tailored quotes from video production experts – which you can do by sharing some quick details with us using our web form.

With video production, you nearly always get what you pay for – you can spend a fiver and flop, or you can allocate a sizeable chunk of your marketing budget to guarantee a box-office hit. Why is that important? Because a poorly produced video will reflect badly on your brand. So, whatever you choose to spend, just remember that you can’t put a price on brand trust.

Dan Barraclough

Dan’s a Senior Writer at Expert Market, specialising in digital marketing, web design, and photocopiers, amongst other topics.

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