How Video Production Can Help Your Business

video production for business

Video marketing is the way forward – can your business afford to miss out?

Video is an important digital marketing tool for growing your business. When done professionally, it can bring more attention to your business and increase sales, with 87% of video marketers saying video had increased traffic to their website.

But, be warned. Sloppy videos end up with sloppy results. Unless you have the skills yourself, it’s worth finding the right video production team to avoid damaging your brand image.

If you'd like to know more about how video can vamp up your business, check out our very own below…

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the process of promoting your products or services through a video format – that’s our short answer. 

Our longer response would say that video is one of the most persuasive ways to market your brand, allowing you to drive sales, raise awareness, and engage with customers. Video marketing involves collecting piles of customer data to ensure you send out the right message, and distributing your videos on a variety of channels including social media, emails, and landing pages.

The concept of video marketing is simple enough, but the execution is anything but. There are many steps to think about when creating a marketing video, including writing scripts, scouting locations, obtaining permits, casting talent, hiring lights, adding music, and carrying out post-production edits – the list goes on. 

There are lots of things to think about when it comes to video production, and it can be difficult to juggle an average shoot along with your other digital marketing efforts. This is why it’s best to use professional video production services to get the best results for your business.

Why is video marketing so important for my business?

You already know that video marketing is an effective tool for promoting your business online, but what are the specific benefits? Video can help you in many areas – it can help bolster your brand’s image, improve your conversion rate, foster customer engagement with your business, and more…

Creates a clear brand perception

Brand perception is what customers think your business represents. Consumer perceptions of your brand come from the way you communicate your brand, values, products, or services to the wider world, so it’s important you get this right.

Corporate video production is the most effective avenue for doing just that. Video marketing offers more creative freedom than copywriting or plain imagery, allowing you to share your brand message in more original, memorable, and shareable ways. Remember, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand more!

According to a survey by HubSpot, 43% of people said that branded videos were the most memorable form of content – more so than branded photographic or written content. This proves that people not only enjoy videos, but also that they stick in people’s heads for longer, which is ideal for creating accurate, long-lasting perceptions of your brand.

The point we’re trying to make here is that video production for business isn’t all about generating sales (though it does play a big part). Video can get your brand out there, as long as you target the right platform. 

If you want to share your video to lots of users, for free, then you can’t look further than video’s best friend, YouTube. 

Did You Know?

In the US, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds in an average week than all the nation’s TV networks combined.

Improves conversion rate

Conversion rate (CR) is the number of conversions – which could be clicks, sign-ups, or sales, depending on your website – divided by the total number of visitors to your website. It’s an important metric: a high CR shows that your website is persuasive, and is encouraging users to click links or buy products. Implementing video can see your conversion rate skyrocket – remember when we said that including video on your landing pages can improve CR by 80%?

Video can improve the click-through-rate of your campaigns, too. Your click-through-rate (CTR) is the number of clicks on your link, divided by the total number of people who saw it. Research shows that adding a video to your marketing emails can boost their click-through-rate by a whopping 200-300%

Generates engagement with your website

You already know that video can help boost your conversion rate, while helping users to form accurate perceptions of your brand – but it can also generate a buzz around your business. A well-crafted video can get users talking about your brand, liking your posts, and – most importantly for growing a business – sharing your content.

The easiest way to generate engagement with your website through video is by posting on social media. However, before you start posting any old YouTube video to your Facebook business account, you should know that native videos work best on social media.

Native video is content that is shared directly from the social media channel, e.g. by using the ‘add video’ button on Facebook, rather than by sharing links from other video sites. Native video uploads to Facebook have 10 times higher reach compared to shared YouTube links.

video production for business

Expert Market recommends

With so many video production teams out there, it can be difficult to pick the right company to help market your brand. As always, we’re here to help – here’s our top pick.

Yell Business offers professional video marketing services, suitable for all budgets and advertising ambitions. Its video production team takes care of everything from script writing to post-production edits, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business. 

Yell also provides drone footage, the option to bring on your own director, and expert animation services – pretty much the whole video production package. Read our full Yell Review for more detail.


  • Videos are mobile friendly and look great on all devices
  • You’ll be assigned a digital specialist to help you throughout the process


  • SEO services could be stronger

Yell Video Marketing pricing



What you’ll get

Video Motion

Free (plus £15 monthly hosting and syndication fee)

  • 60-second video
  • Editing
  • Production
  • Text narrative

Video Plus

£999 (plus £15 hosting and syndication fee)

  • 60-second video (plus 3x 45-second videos)
  • Professional shoot
  • Voiceover and scriptwriting

Video Premium

Bespoke pricing

  • Two-minute video (plus 3x 60-second videos)
  • Up to eight-hour shoot
  • Custom graphics and animations
  • Project director

Next steps

While we do recommend using Yell Business for your video production needs, it’s always a good idea to compare your options before committing. Creating a sleek video for your campaigns is vital for marketing success, so it’s equally important you pick the right video production team. That’s where we can help.

We can match your business with the right video production experts to suit your needs – whether you need a five-second Instagram post about cats, or an in-depth rocket science tutorial video. To get matched up, all you need to do is tell us your video requirements, and you’ll get quick, comparable, free quotes from a range of video pros.

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