Verizon Connect review

Verizon Connect logo and software interface


  • Boasts an intelligent, intuitive interface
  • Provides updates across your vehicles and assets in real-time
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Advanced reporting and analytics options


  • Pricing isn’t as transparent as we’d like it to be

At a glance

Verizon Connect represents vehicle and asset tracking software at its finest.

Since you’re here, we’ll assume you already know a thing or two about Verizon. As one of the UK’s leading telematics providers, the company needs no introduction.

Nor, as it turns out, does Verizon Connect – the latest version of Verizon’s intuitive vehicle and asset tracking software for UK businesses. If we did have to introduce Verizon Connect, though, we’d say this:

If you want more control over your business’ assets, staff, or expenditure, it’s for you. If you want to bring more efficiency, responsibility, and accountability to your team, it’s for you. And if you want to save yourself some money, time, and hassle while you’re at it, then – you guessed it – it’s for you.

So read on, and we’ll tell you why. Or, you can request a free quote for your fleet.

What can Verizon Connect do?

Verizon Connect offers an impressive tableau of features for businesses of all sizes. Scroll down to get acquainted with what they can do for you.

Real-time vehicle tracking

With live map integration and colourful, user-friendly dashboards, Verizon Connect connects you to all of your drivers out on the road. Sign into the app with just a tap, from any device, from anywhere with an internet connection.

You can colour code your vehicles by job, letting you see at a glance what each of your vehicles is up to – and in real-time, too. Who’s lagging behind their expected ETA? Why has Barry stopped for lunch in the middle of a job? Verizon Connect lets you know exactly where your cars, staff, and other valuable assets are when out in the field.

Automated tachograph reporting

Come again?

If you haven’t heard of this feature before, that’s probably because it’s Verizon Connect’s most recent – and frankly, quite revolutionary – reporting tool. Verizon Connect automates the remote download of key info from your vehicles’ tachographs (or tracking devices, for the uninitiated).

Put simply, this is huge. Why? Well, we know that industry regulation means you have to file regular reports with up-to-date data from your vehicles. It’s to help make sure your drivers aren’t being overworked, and that you’re doing things by the book. Not turning in this data can spell big trouble for your business.

With Verizon Connect, though, you’ll get that data at your fingertips in real-time – and you won’t even need the vehicle to be physically present. That’s right – you just hit a button, and download the files over the internet. There’s no disruption to the driver, and you remain completely compliant. Phew!

Job management and planning

Verizon Connect also comes with industry-leading territory planning tools. The app automatically splits up the zone you cover into work areas, then assigns drivers to jobs based on their location, schedule, and vehicle capacity. This helps get jobs done in the best order, while burning less time, fuel, and calories!

Traffic reporting tools

When it comes to traffic congestion and road closures, you can’t afford to play guessing games. Get live information about any roadworks or route blockages that could affect the day’s jobs, and plan accordingly. Because your team should only have to drive between the lines – not read between them, too!

Asset tracking and analysis

When running a business, you’ve got enough on your plate without having to worry about expensive gear going missing. But don’t stress – Verizon Connect offers advanced asset tracking software for all your most prized professional possessions.

See not just where your assets are, but where they’ve been – and how you could be getting more value out of them. Your assets are the lifeblood of your business – why risk losing them?

How does Verizon Connect help?

Verizon Connect offers big benefits for your business, empowering you to:

 Drive down expenses

 Improve driver safety

 Better your customer service

 Increase fuel efficiency

 Stamp out unauthorised use of vehicles

Enhance fleet productivity

 Recover stolen property quicker

 Increase customer retention rates

 Comply with industry regulations

 Ditch the paperwork

What do customers say?

The Box Cleaning Company

This Hertfordshire-based commercial cleaning company chose Verizon Connect to help reduce driver idling, and to stop misuse of its 20-strong fleet of company vehicles. The move paid dividends, slashing fuel costs and improving route efficiency across the board.

Office Manager Rosalyn Elderton estimates that the company is saving a whopping £200 a week with Verizon Connect. And that’s not to mention the better reporting, increased productivity, and smaller carbon footprint.

“Whenever one of our vans is still for more than two minutes since ignition time, it immediately turns yellow on Live Map, which also indicates how long the vehicle is idling for.”

“As our drivers are now aware of being monitored in real-time, we are noticing a sharp decrease in idling practices. Fewer drivers are now using their vans for side jobs or personal errands.”

  • Rosalyn Elderton, The Box Cleaning Company

How is Verizon Connect priced?

Verizon provides its tachographs on lease, so you won’t have to actually buy your fleet tracking devices. This means no hefty upfront costs to get started.

And from the software side of things there’s no stress either – you’ll lease that too. Verizon Connect is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which means it’s as flexible as your business needs it to be. You’ll benefit from regular updates, and ongoing support from Verizon’s world-class customer service team.

So… how much does it cost?

Well, as you can imagine, Verizon isn’t the most forthcoming about pricing on its website. How much it’ll set you back will depend on your contract length, fleet size, and the depth of features you’re after. On average, costs can start from as low as a few pounds per vehicle, per day.

For a more precise idea, though, request a free fleet management quote from an Expert Market-approved vehicle tracking supplier.

How to get started with Verizon Connect

If you’ve got fifteen minutes to spare, Verizon offers a free demo of Verizon Connect for potential customers. And if you like the look of it, Verizon’s trained engineers will pop round to your garage and install your new tachographs for you.

You won’t need to install anything on your computer, either. Verizon Connect is browser-based, so you can access it on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet with minimal fuss. And if you’re not the most tech-savvy person, don’t worry – Verizon’s friendly team will walk you through the training at your own pace.

All it takes is 30 seconds to request a free fleet management quote and get set up with a top UK fleet management supplier.

Next steps

Here at Expert Market, we don’t subscribe to the idea that ‘big is always better’ – we just look for the best value for UK businesses.

However, when it comes to global gadget goliath Verizon, ‘bigger’ isn’t just ‘better’ – it’s the best.

Verizon Connect is the result of years of innovation – a tried and tested tracking tool for teams of all sizes, from Torquay to Tyneside. It’s easy to use, and offers unparalleled versatility when it comes to adapting to the unique needs of your business.

Got this far, and still not sure which vehicle tracking system is right for your business? We can help. Just fill out our quick quote-finding form, and start comparing quotes from top UK suppliers today. Who knows how much you could save?

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