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Vehicle Tracking with Google Maps

Google Maps has become a legitimate vehicle tracking solution, both for private users who use the service on their phones, and for those businesses who incorporate the service into their own solutions to give their users familiar interfaces and top-of-the-range service.

While it is possible for even large fleets to track individual vehicles using Google Maps and the driver’s phone, most fleet managers would prefer to use a professional fleet management solution that integrates Google apps, to get additional benefits.

Google Maps is surely one of the best tracking tools out there, with the force of the multi-national corporation behind it. But smaller solutions which are specialised in fleet management can take the platform provided by Google and add features relevant to fleet managers, such as geofencing and data storage for later playback and analysis.

Fleet Management Using Google Maps

The following vehicle tracking and fleet management suppliers use Google Maps within their services:

Teletrac Navman
Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR Professional

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Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking With Google Maps

Google has undisputedly become the leading, most reliable authority on mapping in recent years. Vehicle tracking using Google software will show you the real time location of vehicles on the mapping system. Viewing options include the traditional photographic views, to hybrid and high resolution, panoramic street images.

The technology is advanced enough that you are able zoom in on images and see exactly what your driver sees. This is invaluable for any driving business, allowing supervisors to perhaps see hidden entrances and narrow bridges before even the driver sees them. Naturally, this will save valuable time and ultimately money.

Another benefit of vehicle tracking with Google Maps is the ability to see traffic tailbacks and congestion, which will enable your driver to avoid the worst affected roads on route to a job. Should your driver receive a parking ticket, again you are able to assist in any dispute by viewing sign posts, parking meters and double yellow lines. You are also able to play back vehicle routes at a later date.

This system is quickly becoming an invaluable tool for fleet operators in managing drivers efficiently and securely, which can have a massive impact on cost savings for the business. Using vehicle tracking by Google, vehicles can be tracked with incredible accuracy.

This can be achieved using simple tools such as cell phones, home computers and laptops, as long as there is internet connection, and this can be viewed on the user friendly Google map screen.

Features Of Google Maps

Other notable features include the ability to transmit the longitude and latitude coordinates of the vehicles to cell phones by SMS, or to personal computers using GPRS, and also communicate to the driver via SMS. It is even possible to produce graphs and statistics illustrating the path of the vehicle, which could prove an invaluable tool in itself for a variety of reasons.

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