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The 5 Best UK Vehicle Tracking Providers

Vehicle tracking has become very popular in the UK in recent years and there are now a number of reputable vehicle tracker suppliers to choose from. The right provider for you will depend on your vehicle tracking needs which will vary depending upon the size of system and the level of features you require.

Choosing the best vehicle tracker supplier depends on a variety of factors:

  • Active or passive – do you want your system to only record data for analytics or also to provide real time tracking?
  • Anti Theft – is your device intended for anti-theft purposes or for mileage and location tracking?
  • Standard Location Based Tracking or Telematics – Do you only need to know where your drivers are, or also whether they are driving safely and how much fuel they are using?

Some suppliers sell simple devices for personal use, whereas others offer complex systems suitable for enterprise and use throughout a fleet of vehicles.

It is recommended that potential customers contact more than one vehicle tracking firm to get the best solution for their needs and comparing the pros and cons of a range of providers can aid the decision making process.

Top 5 Best Vehicle Tracking Suppliers In The UK

Each of the five providers listed below offer the highest standard of vehicle tracking and fleet management services. They are listed in no particular order.

Read on to learn more about their specific benefits and features, to discover the right solution for your business. To compare price quotes, you can use this form.

SupplierType of SupplierSoftwarePrice
Vehicle Tracking &
Fleet Management
Verizon Connect Reveal
Vehicle Tracking,
Fleet Management,
Fuel Analytics
& Driver Behaviour
teletrac navman logoVehicle Tracking,
Fleet Management &
Smart Telematics
Vehicle Tracking &
Fleet Management
Vehicle Tracking,
Fleet Management,
Fuel Analytics
& Driver Behaviour

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Do you already have a Vehicle Tracking System?

Comparing Vehicle Tracking Suppliers

If you are looking to implement vehicle tracking within your business you will need to compare vehicle tracker suppliers to ensure you find the best deal for your fleet. Suppliers offer not just different products, but also different all-round and tailored solutions.

Some will offer the physical tracking devices for a cheaper price, but charge more for the annual fees to use their tracking network so considering long term costs alongside short term gains is extremely important, particularly for small businesses or those on a budget.

Some GPS tracking providers may offer you a great deal, but then have hidden costs or not offer the features you need. In any case, it is important to compare tracking providers holistically so that you get a realistic idea of the overall costs.

Finding The Right Supplier For You

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is a renowned vehicle tracking provider, trusted by a great number of fleets both in their home country of America and here in the UK. Like most other fleet tracking suppliers, they offer various devices and software suite features, so you can customise your vehicle tracking solution to your requirements.

Supplier Rating: Read Review

Verizon Connect track over 41 million miles daily, across the world. Their app "Reveal" can be used on a computer or smartphone for easy access to real-time information. They also offer field service software ("Work") which can be used in conjunction with their vehicle tracking products to follow job completion rates.

Movolytics UK

Movolytics have recently invested millions in software development - and have built one of the most powerful fleet management platforms on the market. It has the most modern user interface and puts emphasis on simplicity and ease of use..

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Movolytics joins the dots between fuel waste and driver behaviour. It monitors performance against 150 driving behaviours - in categories like acceleration, braking and cornering - to show you exactly where each of your drivers is wasting fuel. By prompting drivers on how to correct inefficient driving habits as they are happening, Movolytics can reduce fuel costs while gathering in-depth insight on driver performance - right across your fleet.

It’s a comprehensive fleet management platform, enabling you to track vehicle location in real-time, monitor time spent onsite and improve vehicle maintenance. These are standard features across all telematics companies. But Movolytics’ biggest strength is the accuracy of its fuel tracking and ability to monitor fuel spend. While most standard fleet tracking systems estimate fuel consumption, Movolytics uses patented technology to gather information straight from each vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port. That makes for an incredibly accurate picture of fuel use, fuel waste and fuel spend - for every journey you make.

Teletrac Navman

Teletrac are an industry-leading supplier of vehicle tracking and fleet management services, focused on providing the latest and most innovative solutions. They offer smart performance monitoring suitable for any size business seeking to improve logistical productivity.

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Teletrac Navman is the result of Teletrac Inc. and Navman Wireless merging in 2015 to form a superpower of expertise in this industry. Their sophisticated vehicle tracking hardware combined with their accessible cloud-based DIRECTOR software will truly optimise your fleet management and can be scaled to meet demand with the Essential package for small fleets, through to their Enterprise edition for the largest fleets.

Features include everything from real-time GPS location and activity alerts, to street view mapping, maintenance and fuel notifications, and comprehensive data reports. Teletrac even offer a specialised solution for fleets with heavy construction vehicles called Qtanium Connect. Some of their most well-known clientele include Virgin Atlantic, BMW and Domino's.


Quartix offer comprehensive and reliable real-time vehicle tracking solutions, using tracking hardware that is developed in-house with the user in mind. Businesses using Quartix can access fleet management reports online anytime and anywhere, and the user-friendly system provides information on everything from vehicle speed, to alerts when drivers leave a geofenced area.

Supplier Rating: Read Review

Quartix's systems use Google maps technology so it is easy to keep track of your vehicles, from streetview or satellite perspective. Their entry-level system is called InfoPoint and can be implemented for as little as £13.90 a month. Reports can be easily downloaded in Excel format and tracking information is refreshed every 2 minutes.

For an extra £3/mo, businesses can also choose the InfoPlus option. This will provide new data every 1 minute, as well as further details, such as live driver identification.

However the best choice for businesses which rely on their vehicles as part of their service would be the Corporate option. This provides advanced fleet management capabilities with FleetCheck, as well as fuel management and compliance regulation.


Masternaut are the biggest fleet management and vehicle tracking provider in the UK. Their platform Connect brings together a wide range of features from real-time GPS tracking to in-car coaching. This results in a comprehensive solution that is proven to save money, as well as reduce carbon emissions.

Supplier Rating: Read Review

In addition to offering excellent real-time GPS tracking and analysis reports, Masternaut go the extra mile to help optimise your operations. Their SaaS platform (Masternaut Connect) is suitable for all business fleets and promotes safe, eco-friendly driving as well as saving you money.

An engaging aspect of Masternaut Connect is the competitive driver league table, where both you and your employees can see who the most virtuous drivers are. This encourages and rewards responsible and money-saving driving behaviour.

Masternaut's in-cab coaching light-bar is beneficial for this too; an optional dashboard component that keeps drivers aware of bad habits such as harsh driving and idling, which wastes fuel and expense.

If any unusual or unscheduled activity occurs, custom email notifications will let you know straight away, so you can act fast. You can also subscribe to numerous customisable reports that deliver the information you need straight into your inbox.

Finding the Best Vehicle Tracking Supplier for Your Business

There are a wide range of vehicle tracking suppliers in the UK and worldwide. Finding the right supplier for your business depends on your business requirements. Click on one of the logos below to find out more about that particular vehicle tracking supplier:

Vehicle Tracking Providers

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