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Looking to find a vehicle tracking supplier that fits your business? Feeling a little lost? Our vehicle tracking reviews are here to give you directions

Investing in a vehicle tracking system for your fleet is a no-brainer. But which system is right for your business? After all, each system differs when it comes to reporting, data refresh time, alerts, and more. Meanwhile, the companies that supply them charge different prices, offer varying contract lengths, and even provide differing standards of customer service.

That’s why we decided to conduct thorough, extensive research into the vehicle tracking market. We delved deep into what the top suppliers do best, what they’re not so good at, and the kinds of businesses that could benefit most from each. The result? The extensive reviews and ratings on this page (and across our website).

With the help of these vehicle tracker reviews, you’ll be able to walk (or click) away feeling confident about which vehicle tracking supplier is best for you. But if you'd like to compare the right prices and packages even more instantly, try out our free service – simply answer some quick questions about your fleet, and we'll match you with brilliant vehicle tracking suppliers. They'll be in touch with bespoke quotes and info, all for free!

The top 5 vehicle tracking suppliers

Through our extensive research, we discovered that the best vehicle tracking suppliers are:

  • Verizon Connect
  • Samsara
  • Quartix
  • Movolytics
  • RAM Tracking

See how they fare against each other in the table below:

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Verizon Connect




RAM Tracking

Starting Price


Starting Price


Starting Price


Starting Price


Starting Price


Typical Contract Length

3 years

Typical Contract Length

3-5 years

Typical Contract Length

12 months

Typical Contract Length

1 or 3 years

Typical Contract Length

1-5 years

Want to learn even more about these suppliers and their vehicle tracking systems? Read on for our detailed vehicle tracking system reviews:

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Verizon Connect

Our top pick for closely monitoring your fleet

Owned by Verizon, a telecommunications giant based in the United States, Verizon Connect commands huge respect as a vehicle tracking system that basically does it all.

In particular, we're super impressed by how easy this system makes monitoring your fleet. Verizon's live tracking dashboard is easy to understand at a glance – colour-coding vehicles according to whether they're moving, stopping, or idle. Plus, you can create bespoke dashboards filled with the reports you want to see, and customise them for a quick-glance view. Verizon Connect collects a massive variety of data from your vehicles, but it also does its best to make that data easy to digest – and that's no mean feat.

When talking about fleet monitoring, it'd be remiss of us not to mention Verizon Connect's fantastic alerting system, which we believe to be one of the best on the market. You can set up real-time alerts for diagnostics updates, driving hours, late starts, long stops, idling, speeding, and loads more, keeping you abreast of what's going on in your fleet as it happens.

Is Verizon Connect right for me?

We'd recommend Verizon Connect primarily to larger fleets with good data handling capability. Such fleets will be able to use Verizon Connect to delve right into the nitty gritty of a fleet's inner workings. Smaller fleets, however, might find the sheer volume of data collected by the system unnecessary (and there's the rather hefty price tag to contend with).

With its focus on monitoring and alerting, Verizon Connect is a particularly great option for fleets operating in the construction industry – but, really, we'd recommend its business vehicle tracking to large fleets across all sectors.

How much does Verizon Connect cost?

All that insight doesn’t come cheap. Verizon’s vehicle tracking system is one of the most expensive on the market, ranging from $50 to $250 per vehicle, per month (you'll need to request a quote for tailored UK pricing) – but given how much you get in return, this price is definitely justified.


  • Keep track of how your drivers are doing with individual driver performance scores
  • Enables easy integration with third-party satnav devices
  • Doesn't charge an installation fee


  • Only the more expensive subscriptions support fleet maintenance information
  • Long typical contract period of three years


Our top pick for optimising your drivers' routes

Still a relatively young company – it was founded in 2015 – Samsara is already a major player in the vehicle tracking industry.

But what makes it so good for route optimisation? Well, it's all in its ‘optimise route' and ‘calculate departure times' functions. After you've listed all the jobs you need to be completed, these features will use your fleet's average stop duration, travel times, and live traffic conditions to automatically determine the order in which your jobs should be completed and provide an itinerary of departure times to ensure that the shortest possible distance is travelled, and in the quickest possible time.

Samsara also shines when it comes to driver and vehicle safety. It offers incredible synchronisation with vehicle maintenance reports, giving a quick view of your fleet's overall health – you'll always know when a vehicle needs an inspection, service, or insurance renewal. Even its messaging system is safety-oriented: it's the only system that prevents drivers from viewing messages while they're driving, asking that they pull over before taking their focus off the road.

Is Samsara right for me?

Owing to its excellent scheduling and dispatch functionalities – and its driver messaging, which enables you to alert your drivers to changes in real-time – we'd recommend Samsara to fleets operating in the transportation industry, whether they be transporting goods or people.

That being said, Samsara's myriad of fleet management features could make it a good fit for a variety of businesses. If you're not sure which provider is right for your fleet, we might be able to help more directly. Simply tell us what your business needs, and we'll match you with the vehicle tracking providers that can best cater to your needs. They'll then be in touch with quotes tailored to you. It's quick, easy, and – best of all – free!

How much does Samsara cost?

It's worth saying that Samsara scored well in our cost analysis – you get a lot of bang for your buck. Samsara's prices are as follows:

Hardware£99–£359 per device, upfront (depending on your contract length, and the hardware you choose)
Software£10.83–£23.75 per vehicle, per month


  • Provides live tracking at its best – data refreshes every 30 seconds, which is the quickest on the market.
  • Scored 7.5/10 in our cost analysis – you get a lot of bang for your buck with Samsara
  • Boasts lots of features tailored to improving driver safety


  • Promotes self-installation, which some companies will find difficult
  • Longer contract lengths of 3–5 years may not be suitable for newer businesses


Our top pick for helping you to grow

With almost 20 years of vehicle tracking experience under its belt, Quartix is a very reputable supplier.

More so than its vehicle tracking features, what really sets Quartix apart is its focus on providing a flexible, transparent, and supportive service. Firstly, Quartix offers three very clear-cut pricing plans, all of which are nice and cheap – leaving your business more money to invest in other areas of growth. Plus, Quartix's contracts are only 12 months long, giving you the flexibility to reconsider your contract, upgrading to a better plan (or making other changes) at more regular intervals.

Though Quartix's focus is mainly on providing the core vehicle tracking features, it does boast some rather impressive capabilities – including extensive trip history reporting to help combat fraudulent insurance claims, and dedicated CO2 emission reporting, which you can use to run a greener fleet.

Is Quartix right for me?

With short contracts and attractive pricing, it goes without saying that we'd recommend Quartix to growing fleets. Newer businesses in particular are bound to appreciate the level of customer support they'll get with Quartix.

But we'd also say that Quartix is ideal for fleets of cars – think taxis or retail delivery services. Why? Well, Quartix's user-friendly interface makes quickly notifying customers of ETAs easy.

That being said, it has to be pointed out that Quartix doesn't have a built-in driver messaging system, which could prove a hindrance for delivery or taxi drivers that rely on real-time updates being relayed to them.

How much does Quartix cost?

Quartix's prices are as follows:

PackagePrice (per vehicle, per month)


  • Quartix's dedicated CO2 reporting is unique to this market
  • Customer support scored an impressive 9/10 in our research


  • The cheapest package comes with limited reporting features and a slow data refresh time of 2 minutes
  • Doesn't offer a driver messaging system
  • No theft prevention alerts

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Our top pick for keeping track of fuel consumption

Founded by fleet management experts, Movolytics is known for its sleek and user-friendly interface.

However, this company is way ahead of the curve when it comes to comprehensive fuel reporting. Its patented technology gathers accurate data on fuel usage, carbon emissions, and RPM straight from each vehicle's engine. You can then view all of this data on a real-time fuel consumption dashboard – which also shows you how much fuel your fleet is wasting, and how much money this wastage is costing your business. This empowers you to slash your fuel costs and save yourself some real money.

This comprehensive fuel reporting tech isn't the only thing that Movolytics does differently. Rather than using GPS to record your vehicles' locations, Movolytics pulls data directly from the vehicle itself, providing more accurate information instantly. This is truly unique, and something we at Expert Market haven't seen on the vehicle tracking scene before.

Is Movolytics right for me?

Owing to that super comprehensive fuel usage reporting, we think Movolytics is a great fit for fleets that operate in the transportation industry (though you should stay away if your company transports food, as Movolytics doesn't provide cargo temperature monitoring).

And with excellent timesheets and incredibly accurate location data, we'd happily recommend Movolytics to fleets in the construction industry, too.

In any case, Movolytics is definitely one that new businesses with small fleets should investigate – that tiny price tag is hard to argue with!

How much does Movolytics cost?

Movolytics' prices are as follows:

Type of tracking devicePrice (per vehicle, per month)
Self-install plug-and-play device£7.49
Hardwired device£14.49 (over 36 months)


  • £7.49 per vehicle, per month is the cheapest price on this list
  • Tracks 150+ driving behaviours to calculate your drivers' safety scores
  • Sends live traffic alerts so you can reroute drivers away from jams


  • Doesn't provide theft prevention alerts
  • Not ideal for fleets that transport perishable goods, as it doesn't monitor cargo temperature

RAM Tracking

Our top pick for managing your fleet costs

Founded on the principles of customer support and technical innovation, the guys at RAM have quickly built a successful business, with over 75,000 GPS vehicle units out on the road.

A key benefit of using RAM Tracking's system is that it provides cost management reporting – and as far as we can see, it's the only brand on the market that offers a specific cost savings report. RAM's financial reporting enables you to closely monitor the costs associated with each journey your drivers make, from fuel costs to driver expenditure. As a result, you'll be able to hone in on any costs that can be cut, saving your business valuable cash.

Another string to RAM's bow is that it's also the only product on this list to provide direct crash report data. Set up alerts that let you know immediately when a vehicle impact occurs, and look back on visual representations of any given journey to see where and how an incident took place.

Is RAM Tracking right for me?

It's our opinion that RAM Tracking is a great fit for small car fleets, such as those in the maintenance and repair industry. But we would also encourage any small to medium business to check RAM out – it's affordable, and offers one-year contracts (nice and short!).

It has to be said that RAM's reporting is rather limited. Let's take the example of driving style monitoring. For its driving style reports, RAM only gathers data on vehicle speed, while other systems report on braking, acceleration, cornering, and more, and provide an individual safety score for each driver.

However, if you're new to the world of vehicle tracking, this simpler approach may well be perfect for you – you don't want to be overwhelmed by a swath of data that you have no idea what to do with, after all.

How much does RAM Tracking cost?

RAM Tracking's prices are as follows:

Contract lengthPrice (per vehicle, per month)
1 year£14
3 years£10.99 (or £18.99 for dash cam bundle)
4 years£9.99 (or £16.99 for dash cam bundle)
5 years£8.99 (or £15.99 for dash cam bundle)


  • Dedicated ‘Green Reports’ track each vehicle’s CO2 output
  • Customer support scored very highly in our analysis
  • Provides insightful crash report data


  • Offers fewer sophisticated reporting functions than other suppliers
  • Doesn’t have a driver messaging system

Expert verdict

As you can see from our GPS vehicle tracker reviews, there’s a business vehicle tracking product for everyone; whether you’re looking for a basic overview of vehicle location, or planning to overhaul how you manage your fleet. Each of the vehicle trackers reviewed above bring something different to the table – the key is working out which most closely aligns with your priorities as a fleet manager.

Verizon Connect is an excellent choice for in-depth monitoring, while Samsara is great for optimising routes and so boosting productivity. Quartix promises dedicated, flexible, and transparent customer service, while Movolytics is wonderful for recording (and, in turn, cutting) fuel usage, and RAM Tracking can help you to keep track of – and minimise – your daily fleet costs.

If you'd like more help in deciding which system is right for you, why not try out our free service? Simply answer a couple of questions about your fleet, and we'll match you with suppliers that are right for you. They'll then be in touch with no-obligation quotes and packages tailored to you – you won't have to lift a finger!

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Business vehicle tracking: FAQs

If you’re just getting started on your vehicle tracking journey, we’ve answered some of the top questions you should be asking.

What are the benefits of vehicle tracking?

The benefits of business vehicle tracking systems seem pretty self-explanatory – they give you the ability to track your vehicles, keeping tabs on where they are throughout the business day (or night).

But that's not the only data they collect. With a vehicle tracking system, you'll be empowered to improve the way you manage both your fleet and your drivers – dispatching jobs efficiently, cracking down on staff who idle or drive dangerously, managing maintenance and repairs… the list of business vehicle tracking benefits really does go on and on. Let's take a closer look at just some of them.

A complete overview of road activity

Vehicle tracking is all about getting an overhead picture of where your drivers are and how they’re behaving on the road. The amount of data the tracker collects depends on how sophisticated the system is. While some only track the journey, engine on and off times, and driver speed, others can give you insight into driver behaviour, such as break times, and whether they’re breaking the speed limit. 

Fewer calls to drivers

Thanks to vehicle tracking systems, you won’t need to call your drivers up to see where they are or whether they’ve finished a job. Simply take a look at the dashboard and search for a vehicle – you’ll quickly be able to see whether they’ve arrived at a destination or moved on. Sophisticated fleet management systems even allow you to send messages straight to the driver, which means you can all communicate through one system.

Improve customer service

Great customer service is all about communication. Vehicle tracking systems enable you to see where a vehicle is located, and calculate how long it’s going to take to get to its destination. This means you can call up a customer to tell them how far away a service person is, or keep them updated if a priority job comes up and you need to divert a driver elsewhere. 

Reduce insurance costs

Because you’re monitoring driver behaviour all the time, there’s less chance of your team taking a risk on the road. Vehicle trackers also mitigate theft, and because they provide you with the exact location of each vehicle, you can quickly provide tow trucks with exact breakdown location details.

What is a tachograph?

A tachograph is a device that drivers use to log their driving hours. It is a legal requirement for all commercial vehicles, as it prevents drivers from working past the number of hours set by UK and EU driving authorities. 

What is geofencing?

A geofence is a virtual boundary that you can set up using a vehicle tracking device. Once set up, it’ll alert you if a vehicle crosses the boundary. This is great for security on building sites, and if you want to ensure that your drivers don’t make any unplanned detours. 

How we Analyse and Rate Vehicle Tracking Providers

At Expert Market, it's our aim to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date, and transparent product and service reviews possible. So, to help you better understand the top vehicle tracking options out there, we've conducted in-depth, extensive research into the vehicle tracking market and its top companies. Here's how we did it:

Independent researchersWe worked with 2 independent researchers

survey…who surveyed 200 companies like yours, gaining insight into what they want most from vehicle tracking…

Ratings…and rated each provider based on 500 different areas of investigation – covering everything including customer support, key features, prices, add-ons, and more.


We take the integrity of our research seriously. If you've got any questions at all about our research process, feel free to get in touch with Julia, our vehicle tracking specialist, at

Julia Watts Content Manager

Specialising in the complex realms of telephone systems, business energy, vehicle tracking, asset tracking, and fuel cards, Julia writes content that cuts through the noise to help you find the right solutions and technologies for your business. Having spent five years working across the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, she loves helping exciting ventures – big or small – to flourish.