Vehicle Speed Monitoring Systems For Cars

By Julia Watts | Content Manager

Speed Monitoring Systems For Your Fleet

Monitoring the speed of each vehicle in your fleet can be carried out with any quality vehicle tracking and speed monitoring system. A GPS tracker will provide a reasonably accurate estimate of vehicle speeds and will transmit them to a central hub where they can be read in real time and are recorded for future reference. Here we examine some of the main reasons why you should consider introducing speed monitoring and how to find the right speed monitoring system for your business.

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Reasons For Introducing Speed Monitoring To Your Fleet

The Cost of Speeding

When your drivers speed they are costing you extra money. Fuel usage, safety risks and speeding fines will all increase, as well as vehicle wear and tear. Meanwhile, your company reputation may take a hit.

Higher Fuel Consumption

There is a clear link between the speed at which you drive and the amount of fuel you use. Although it depends on whether you are driving a petrol or diesel vehicle, and the size of the vehicle and capacity of the engine, on average just by driving on a motorway at the speed limit of 70 mph rather than as many people drive at 85 mph, you can reduce your fuel consumption by up to a quarter (25%). Project that to your whole car fleet and you can see that you are wasting a considerable amount of money.

Increased Risk Of Accidents

Speeding is also dangerous. There is a proven correlation between speeding and accidents. This holds for all kinds of roads and for a wide range of speeds. The fact is that the faster you drive the less time you have to respond to emergency situations. Although the relationship is complex, broadly speaking at normal road speeds for each one kilometre increase in speed you increase you chance of having an accident by 3 percent, and for high speeds greater than the speed limit the risk is even greater.

Legal Implications

Of course there are the legal aspects too. If you drivers are caught speeding then although they are likely to be personally responsible for paying their fines, penalty points can affect your insurance premiums and too many will mean that you will have to spend time and money on recruiting and training new staff.

Increased Wear And Tear

An additional cost is increased wear and tear. Although most modern vehicles are able to sustain high speeds without coming to harm, tyre wear increases with speed as the tyre gets hotter. Cornering at speed, braking hard, and rapid acceleration all cause your tyres to wear out faster.

Company Reputation

If your vehicles are branded, then your business reputation is at stake if your drivers speed. Whether the effect is conscious or subliminal, if your vehicles are seen speeding or breaking any other rules of the road, it will have a negative impact on how your business is viewed.

Save by Comparing Vehicle Tracking Quotes from Leading Suppliers

Do you already have a Vehicle Tracking System?

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Speed Monitoring Systems

Vehicle speed monitoring systems are easy to implement. Each vehicle of your fleet will be fitted with a car speed monitoring device in the form of a GPS tracker. This will estimate the speed of the vehicle by taking GPS location readings and measuring the time between them. GPS speeds are generally more accurate than the speed displayed on the speedometer with the only real source of error occurring on steep inclines and declines.

The speeds are relayed to a central hub, generally over GPS mobile networks. They are analysed using software which compares the recorded speed with the prevailing speed limit at that location. When cars exceed the speed limit, and alert is flagged which can be sent to the business in the form of a text alert or email message. At any time your fleet manager can monitor the speeds of each car in the fleet.

The Impact of Car Speed Tracking

Implementing a GPS speed tracker will have a significant impact on your drivers. Just being more aware of their speed is likely to make them less likely to speed, and knowing that the fleet manager can check and record their speed every mile of the journey will certainly make them think twice before exceeding the speed limit.

The results will be:

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Fewer speeding tickets
  • A reduced accident rate
  • Reduced wear and tear on your vehicles
  • A positive impact on your business reputation

You should also benefit from reduced insurance premiums. While some insurance companies might reduce your premium just because you have installed speed trackers for cars, making fewer insurance claims will have a big impact as you are more likely to retain your no-claims discounts.

An Added Benefit – Reduced Idle Times

An extra benefit of speed monitoring devices for cars is that they can be used to identify idle times; that is times when the engine is running but the car is stationary. Unless your fleet use cars with stop start technology, when your driver expects to be stationary for longer than a minute the most economical action is to turn off the engine.

While your speed monitoring system will show when the car is stationary, many can also monitor whether the engine is running. It is a relatively simple matter to convert this data into idle times and identify drivers who persistently leave their vehicle idling. Often all it needs to correct this behaviour is a little extra driver training.

The Next Steps

The benefits of speed monitors for cars and other vehicles is clear. They will save your business money along with several other plusses. There are many car speed monitors on the market and choosing the best one can be a time consuming exercise. How would you feel if your work could be done in less than 1 minute? Fill in Expert Market's web form, and we will send you several free car tracker quotations direct from the suppliers, tailored for your specific requirements.

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