Vehicle Speed Monitoring Systems For Cars

Our absolute favourite vehicle tracking system is Verizon Connect. It offers the best live tracking on the market, and the sheer amount of information displayed on the easy-to-use dashboard makes it second-to-none.

A GPS tracker will provide reasonably accurate estimates of vehicle speeds and transmit them to a central hub, where they can be read in real time and recorded for future reference. Here we share some of the main reasons why you should consider speed monitoring, and show you how to find the right system for your business.

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Reasons for introducing speed monitoring to your fleet

The Cost of Speeding

When your drivers speed, it’s you who pays the price. Fuel usage, safety risks, and speeding fines will all increase, as well as vehicle wear and tear. Meanwhile, your company reputation may also take a hit.

Higher Fuel Consumption

There is a clear link between the speed at which you drive and the amount of fuel you use.

Did you know that you can reduce your fuel consumption by 25% just by following the speed limit? It may depend on the fuel type and the size of your vehicle, but you can drastically lower your fuel usage simply by driving safely. It’s as easy as remaining at a steady 70 mph while on the motorway—resisting the urge to punch it to 85 mph. 

Project that to your entire fleet of vehicles, and you can see just how much money you stand to save.

Increased Risk Of Accidents

It goes without saying, but driving at any speed comes with its own set of risks. It's also widely known that the faster you drive, the less time you have to respond should an emergency arise.

Indeed, for every km/ph increase in speed, the chance of an accident increases by 3%.

Did You Know?

Using telematics to help manage fleet operations has shown to lower crash rates by 20% 

Legal Implications

Of course there are the legal aspects too. If you drivers are caught speeding then although they are likely to be personally responsible for paying their fines, penalty points can affect your insurance premiums and too many will mean that you will have to spend time and money on recruiting and training new staff.

Increased Wear And Tear

An additional cost is increased wear and tear. Although most modern vehicles are able to sustain high speeds without coming to harm, tyre wear increases with speed as the tyre gets hotter. Cornering at speed, braking hard, and rapid acceleration all wear your tyres out faster. 

Company Reputation

If your vehicles are branded, then your business reputation is at stake if your drivers speed. According to research conducted by RAC, a third of motorists exceed the speed limit, even when that limit is 60 MPH. Whether the effect is conscious or subliminal, if your vehicles are seen speeding or breaking any other rules of the road, it will have a negative impact on how your business is viewed. 

Did You Know?

Telematics aid your business by cutting down speeding on long-haul routes by 42% 

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How can vehicle tracking providers help monitor speeding

Vehicle speed monitoring systems are easy to implement. Each vehicle of your fleet will be fitted with a car speed monitoring device in the form of a GPS tracker. This will estimate the speed of the vehicle by taking GPS location readings and measuring the time between them. GPS speeds are generally more accurate than the speed displayed on the speedometer with the only real source of error occurring on steep inclines and declines.

The speeds are relayed to a central hub, generally over GPS mobile networks. They are analysed using software which compares the recorded speed with the prevailing speed limit at that location. When cars exceed the speed limit, an alert is flagged which can be sent to the business in the form of a text alert or email message. At any time your fleet manager can monitor the speeds of each car in the fleet.

So you’ve heard the ins and outs about why fleets need vehicle speed monitoring systems. But what about your fleet and your needs? Fleets differ in terms of their size and demands—vehicle tracking providers vary just as much to meet those needs. 

Choosing the right provider can seem like a tall order and you want to get it right. We’ve done the legwork and highlighted three of the best vehicle tracking solutions on the market today. Let’s take a look and see if we can find the right one for you. 

Verizon Connect

If we are talking fleet management, Verizon Connect is an undeniable top contender for all-round best. Its top-notch live tracking offers all the information needed to take full command of your fleet—making sense of that data is made easy and making decisions in the best interest of your fleet is even easier.

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The way drivers handle their vehicles can impact your business in many ways—mostly negatively if certain behaviours are allowed. Heavy weights can be good for physical fitness, but a heavy foot on the pedal is very bad for the financial fitness of your fleet.

Thankfully, Verizon Connect does the heavy lifting in terms of breaking down costly driving behaviours into easy to read, daily summary reports. Fully customisable reports and dashboards let you focus on the information most important to your business to make the most out of your fleet. 

Receiving detailed reports on how well your employees are driving is all well and good. But, what if you want to take a more active approach? Verizon Connect is good at that.

With the best alert features on the market, poor driving can be addressed on the spot. If your driver exceeds the speed limit in a given area, you’ll know. Better yet, your driver will too with in-cab alerts that buzz when they drive aggressivelyin order to correct dangerous driving habits in real time. 

Given how complete and advanced Verizon Connect’s features are, it's not surprising to find that it has a high price tag to match. For that reason, Verizon Connect is suited for larger fleets in need of a solution that collects large amounts of data. 


Samsara holds its own as one of the top vehicle tracking solutions on the market today. Speed and safety seem like two things that don’t mix. But, Samsara’s quick live mapping refresh times and its strong focus on the wellbeing of your fleet are two things that definitely do—to great effect! To Samsara, the small details matter, especially when the health of your drivers and your fleet are involved. 

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It's no secret that speeding is dangerous. You know this, we know this, and so does Samsara. In fact, no other vehicle tracking provider helps you do more with information surrounding this open secret. Samsara’s safety trend reporting hands you in-depth data on impactful, but correctable driving behaviour that is affecting your business.

Want to know the percentage of time that your drivers are pushing past the speed limit, or how many times your drivers have harsh accelerated in a given time period or over a span of 1,000 miles? Samsara fills you in on the actions of your fleet down to the detail. 

Just like Verizon Connect, whenever a driver exceeds the speed limit, you are the first one to know. Samsara alerts you if one of your vehicles hits a certain speed or goes over the speed limit by the amount of your choosing.

But what sets Samsara apart is it’s driver messaging system that prevents drivers from reading messages while driving. Once you are alerted to your employee’s erratic driving, you can communicate directly in real time, so that your fleet is safer in real time as well. 

Samsara offers a well-rounded fleet management system that is one of the sure-fire leaders in the industry today. Given its advanced features, Samsara is a pricer solution for fleets that might not need all of the features that Samsara provides.

But if you do need its sophistication, Samsara’s price model was rated highly during our cost analysis—you definitely get more for your money. Though Samsara is well placed to benefit businesses of different sizes and types – the transportation sector is where it truly shines.


Aggressive driving is widely known to have the  potential to cost you in more ways than one. Why should the price of your vehicle tracking system add to your financial worries? Quartix understands these concerns. Though it is an affordable option, looks can be deceiving—Quartix is high on value and low on price. Quartix provides core vehicle tracking features that keeps costs low, but also keeps the return high at the same time.

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If the other options are out of your price range, but your fleet is in need of quality fleet management features to transform your business—Quartix is a great choice.

Daily insights and reports keep you up to speed on the speed and acceleration of your fleet as it carries out your day to day operations. With Quartix’s speed analysis reports, vehicles that consistently go over the speed limit can be sought out and safer driving prevails. 

Quartix monitors the driving style of your employees by keeping track of the speed, acceleration and braking habits of your fleet. Crucial driving information is measured and Quartix provides the overall performance of your drivers. The more you know about how your drivers behave on the road, the easier it is to improve the overall quality of your operations. 

The perception might be that low-cost options are limited options—Quartix begs to differ. Quartix provides fleets with the essentials, which still have the power to expand your business.

Quartix is a fleet management solution that grows with your fleet. Even if your needs outgrow what Quartix can provide, its short contract length of 12 months allows you to break away for the good of your business. Quartix prides itself on looking out for the good of your business, as well as its bottomline. 

The impact of car speed tracking

Implementing a GPS speed tracker will have a significant impact on your drivers. Just being more aware of their speed is likely to make them less likely to speed, and knowing that the fleet manager can check and record their speed every mile of the journey will certainly make them think twice before exceeding the speed limit.

The results will be:

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Fewer speeding tickets
  • A reduced accident rate
  • Reduced wear and tear on your vehicles
  • A positive impact on your business reputation

You should also benefit from reduced insurance premiums. While some insurance companies might reduce your premium just because you have installed speed trackers for cars, making fewer insurance claims will have a big impact as you are more likely to retain your no-claims discounts.

An Added Benefit – Reduced Idle Times

An extra benefit of speed monitoring devices for cars is that they can be used to identify idle times; that is times when the engine is running but the car is stationary. Unless your fleet use cars with stop start technology, when your driver expects to be stationary for longer than a minute the most economical action is to turn off the engine.

While your speed monitoring system will show when the car is stationary, many can also monitor whether the engine is running. It is a relatively simple matter to convert this data into idle times and identify drivers who persistently leave their vehicle idling. Often all it needs to correct this behaviour is a little extra driver training.

The Next Steps

The benefits of speed monitors for cars and other vehicles is clear. They will save your business money, keep your drivers safe and help your business maintain a sterling reputation while on the road. There are many car speed monitors on the market and choosing the best one can be a time consuming exercise. How would you feel if your work could be done in less than one minute? Fill in our web form, and you’ll receive several free car tracker quotations direct from the suppliers, tailored for your specific requirements.

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