Van trackers: fleet management for vans

By Lucy Crossfield | Editor

Van tracking for your business is really a no-brainer. You can maximise efficiency, improve security and increase your profits. If you have a fleet of vans and don’t currently use a tracking device, you’re missing out – plain and simple.

Given the tech involved and the number of benefits they bring, you might expect van trackers to be an expensive piece of kit. In fact, it’s a really competitive market. You can get advanced tracking systems for as little as £9.99 per month. Fill in the quick form at the top of this page to find out how much yours might cost, or read on to find out more.

What is van tracking?

Van trackers are small devices that are installed into a company’s fleet to track the whereabouts of each vehicle in real time, but you’d be forgiven for thinking this is their only purpose. In reality, they can provide a wealth of useful data and information, from driver behaviour to fuel management. We’ve broken down their core benefits below.

trackers for vans

What are the key benefits of van trackers?

At a glance: the 3 key benefits of van trackers

✓ Cut costs and increase efficiency

✓ Simplify van maintenance

✓ Increase safety and security

1. Cut costs

Increased efficiency = increased profits. That’s where a van tracking system can really help. A tracker can:

  • Monitor driver behaviour and reduce idle time
  • Make dispatch processes more efficient by easily matching the closest driver with the target destination
  • Calculate the quickest and most efficient routes
  • Track and optimise fuel usage through fuel tracking
  • Integrate fuel cards into van tracking system
  • Lower your insurance premium (provided the tracker is insurance-approved) due to reduced risk of theft

2. Simplify van maintenance

Advanced van tracking systems not only send automated alerts to fleet managers for vehicle MOT renewals, they also ensure that vehicles are generally fit and healthy. Any business that relies on a working fleet of vans will understand the stress of a broken-down vehicle, and a good vehicle tracker can help prevent this.

3. Increase security

Many insurance-approved van trackers are also supported by the UK police. If a van fitted with such a tracker is stolen, the tracker will relay real time location data allowing you to work with the police to find your stolen vehicle.

Case study: how van tracking has helped Marcia’s Kitchen

Marcia Barrington explains how vehicle tracking helps her small business, Marcia’s Kitchen, in the video below.

Marcia Barrington explains how vehicle tracking helps her small business, Marcia’s Kitchen.

Marcia Barrington explains how vehicle tracking helps her small business, Marcia’s Kitchen.

Van tracker systems: buy or rent?

You can buy van tracking systems outright, but most businesses opt to rent tracking systems. More businesses choose to lease their vehicle tracking systems for a number of reasons, including:

  • Renting a system means you have constant support from the van tracking supplier
  • You can get access to updated versions, so your system is always the most advanced
  • Even if you purchase a van tracker, you still need to pay a monthly subscription cost for the software

All in all, renting just makes more sense for the majority of businesses.

For more information and full price breakdowns for vehicle tracking costs check out our complete guide.

How much do van trackers cost?

Entry-level devices begin from around £9.99 a month. More complex trackers can be more expensive, but the price depends on the functionality that you require.

You can expect the system to pay for itself within the first three to six months of use.

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Do you already have a Vehicle Tracking System?

What are the different types of van trackers, and which do you need?

Van Tracking

RFID or GPS? Active or passive? Read on to find out what kind of vehicle tracker you need

There are two different technologies in van tracking: RFID and GPS. You can also choose to have a system that is ‘passive’ or ‘active’. Let’s break down what that all means for your business:

RFID trackers for vans

RFID technology is ideal for vans in warehouse conditions. It works by fitting ‘tags’ onto cargo or vehicles that can be read when passing RFID scanners. This automates the whole process and allows for vehicles and their cargo to be easily tracked.

GPS trackers for vans

GPS stands for ‘Global Positioning Systems’. GPS trackers track the exact position of a vehicle by using satellite technology. It’s the same technology that you have on your phone or sat nav. A big advantage of GPS trackers for vans is the information can be updated in real time.

Passive van tracker systems

Van tracking systems do not only track the position of the fleet, they can also collect information related to driver behaviour, fuel usage, cargo, inventory data and many other intricate parts of running a fleet.

Van tracking systems not only track the position of the fleet, they can also collect information related to: driver behaviour, fuel usage, cargo, inventory and more.

A passive van tracking system collects data to be uploaded to the system later. It provides an in-depth overview of the entire process, which can then be managed and tweaked for maximum efficiency.

Active van tracker systems

Active van tracking systems update information in real time, so you can interact with your whole fleet instantly. This really helps your business remain agile if there is an unforeseen issue or change of plan.

Top 6 van tracker suppliers

van tracker companies

We’ve whittled down all the van tracker suppliers to just six, each with its own unique benefits

Vehicle tracking is a really competitive market, which is great news for businesses looking for their own tracking solution. Some have really mastered their van tracking offers in particular – let’s take a look at our pick of the top six suppliers:

Verizon ConnectVerizon Connect Reveal

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Teletrac NavmanTeletrac Navman DIRECTOR

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AMS TrackingAMS Fleet Manager

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Ram TrackingRAM Van Tracking

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Vine telematicsVine Fleet Tracking

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Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect track over 757,000 vehicles worldwide. Their unique software combines efficiency and ease of use, and their on-demand traffic reports seamlessly integrate with Google Maps. Verizon have over 38,000 customers worldwide, including large corporations such as Corecut.

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One of the most globally used vehicle tracking device is Verizon Connect REVEAL, and it’s easy to see why.

Verizon Connect REVEAL is a scalable option that can benefit a business of any size. It’s an ideal solution for van-operated businesses which require:

✓ Live tracking of vehicles and help planning the most efficient routes

✓ The ability to update customers on precisely where their delivery is, easing pressure on customer services and generally improving customer experience

✓ Reporting on whether or not the driver is idle, moving, or parked. Idling is a widespread problem which Verizon Connect can easily monitor to reduce fuel costs

✓ Monitoring of vehicle speed and driving style to improve safety and brand reputation

Companies such as Corecut have been able to benefit from their services, as any late services and arrivals can help them notify their customers and answer any questions they may have. The Verizon Connect services has also allowed them to compare their driver performances and improve safety, by monitoring speed limit violations.

For larger fleets, there’s Reveal+. Reveal+ builds upon the functionalities and features of Verizon Connect REVEAL, allowing for more in-depth analysis and a deeper insight into driving patterns.

Teletrac Navman

Teletrac and Navman Wireless merged in 2015. The result? Teletrac Navman, a telematics giant with size and combined experience very much on their side. One of the most innovative suppliers around, they also have the biggest customer support network in the industry.

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The Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is their star performer. It brings the company’s unrivalled investment in future research together in the one, easy to use product, which operates on a modular basis. The Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is perfect for any company that requires:

✓ Real time in-vehicle alerts for drivers, so everyone is on the same page

✓ A quantitative measure of driver performance

✓ Assistance in finding the best routes at any given time, allowing you to plan for road traffic accidents etc.

✓ Automatic reminders about MOTs and other updates

The company’s unrivalled investment in future research and technological developments means their customers always have access the latest fleet telematics solutions and consequent business benefits to give their fleet an edge.

The Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is designed with accessibility and simplicity in mind. It can be customised to suit your needs, no matter your fleet size and industry.


Movolytics have been pioneers in fleet management technology for more than twenty years. They’ve invested millions in software development, and have built one of the most cost-effective fleet management platforms around today.

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You want to save money. You want to cut costs. You want more insight into your drivers’ behaviour. Movolytics really understand how to make high-performing solutions for affordable prices. Their products are ideal for any business that requires:

A live map showing the whereabouts of every vehicle in the fleet, making it easy to get a sense of where everyone is at a glance

✓ Customers are kept in the loop – you can set up an auto-alert for when your driver arrives, and give them the option to track your driver

✓ More efficient fuel usage – in fact, Movolytics’ patented fuel technology claims to cut your fuel spend by at least 10%

✓ Reporting on driver behaviour and engine idle time to maximise efficiency and safety

You’ll also have access to unlimited free training to help you get the best from Movolytics. If you’re looking for enterprise-grade technology at entry-level cost, Movolytics could transform your business.


AMS (Asset Monitoring Solutions Group Ltd) boast the backing of BT, the largest telecommunications company in the UK. Development and innovation are at the heart of their success, and their flexible management systems are very highly regarded, and they have a number of high-profile clients including the British Red Cross.

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We particularly rate the ‘AMS Manager’ system. It’s a reliable option for any small or medium size business which is looking for:

✓ Loads of options to customise a system to your needs – perfect for more unusual businesses

✓ Next level customer support, rated five stars

✓ A great insight into driver behaviour, and training to help them break bad habits

✓ A way to maximise operational efficiency through agile, real-time planning

Their other models, such as the Fleet Manager OBD, Lite, and Trailer Track are more more simplified and low-cost, perfect for smaller businesses looking to start up and manage their fleet.

There are several trackers that are compatible with the AMS Fleet Manager. From the waterproof GPS tracker in their AMS AT, an ideal unit for longer term tracking powered by batteries, to the FMLITE IP67, a tracker that can be used on a range of assets from vehicles to boats.

RAM Tracking

Multi-award winning RAM Tracking boasts simple, easy to use vehicle tracking software combined powerful data – helping over 8,000 businesses revolutionise their fleet management. Rated by our customers as Excellent on TrustPilot, customers also report a 10 to 20% uplift in driver productivity after installing RAM Tracking.

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RAM Tracking’s van tracking system is simple, easy to use and built using the very latest software and the most secure servers so, you have the confidence that your data is always secure.

Awarded ‘Gold’ for Exceptional Customers Service levels, RAM Tracking have the right processes in place to keep customers happy. While fit for all businesses, RAM Tracking is extremely popular among contractors and delivery services. They are an excellent supplier of choice for businesses looking for:

 The most reliable option possible – RAM products come with a lifetime guarantee.

✓ Assistance in remote locations – RAM offer sim cards for business that operate in rural areas for where GPS signals are weak

✓ A hands free approach to vehicle tracking – RAM will install the devices for you for free, and you can set up automated emails to alert you to any issues

✓ Accurate financial reporting for each logged journey

Ram Tracking are able to fit and install the trackers in under half an hour at your business address, meaning you can get up and running in no time.

Vine Telematics

Vine Telematics offer affordable, high-quality products, with their services starting from as low as £14/month, and are particularly well-placed to deal with the specifics of van tracking systems.

Supplier Rating:

Vine offer free training with all of their products. They could be the perfect supplier for you if your business is looking for:

✓ The ability to budget well – Vine systems provide highly accurate data to help profit/loss analysis

✓ A system that is simple to maintain – Vine regularly update their software in only 60 seconds

✓ The option to switch between personal and company mileage with ease

✓ Reduced insurance premiums

Vine’s 50/50 finance plan is perfect for businesses committed to a long term van tracking system. This program runs over two years, with costs broken down monthly. At the end, the product is completely yours, and so you can gain full ownership without paying any additional interest fees.

Next steps: how to get your van tracker

As we’ve already discussed, van tracking is a competitive market – as such, it’s well worth shopping around to make sure you get the best deal for your business.

With so many variables involved, it’s hard to predict an accurate price for your fleet without some basic info. Fill in this short form to help us get a sense of your requirements. You’ll receive tailored quotes from Expert Market-approved suppliers and start reaping the rewards of an effective van tracking system in no time at all.

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