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Van Trackers: Fleet Management for Vans

Van tracking is an affordable way to secure a fleet of vehicles while improving efficiency and increasing profits. With high-tech van trackers you are able to monitor a fleet of vans around the clock 24/7 with real-time reporting and protection.

Benefits of Van Trackers
Van Tracker Costs
Types of Van Trackers
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Important Considerations

Not only does vehicle tracking offer security and protection but trackers are now available at affordable rates. Van tracking quotes for advanced systems can start from around £9.99 per month and the form at the top of this page can be used to get started.

What Is Van Tracking?

trackers for vans

Van trackers are small devices that are installed into a company’s fleet to track the whereabouts of each vehicle. Van trackers can track more than just real time location; providing data and information ranging from driver identification to fuel management and a host of benefits are given below as to how van trackers are great for securing and monitoring a fleet of vans.

Van trackers are a great way to not only protect a vehicle but also offer a number of reporting and administration advantages as well, meaning you can take full control of the vans in your fleet.

This guide will explore the functions behind van tracking as well as the ongoing and installation costs attached to implementing trackers for vans. The different types of trackers are also covered along with a comparison of leading UK suppliers.

Benefits of Van Trackers

Marcia Barrington explains how vehicle tracking helps her small business, Marcia's Kitchen, in the video below.


Cut Costs

One of the main advantages of using van trackers is the ability to reduce fuel and cut overall business costs. This is done through:

  • Tracking driver behaviour and reducing idle time
  • Using van tracking systems to calculate the quickest and most efficient routes
  • Monitoring fuel usage through fuel tracking
  • Integrating fuel cards into van tracking system

Van Maintenance

Advanced van tracking systems not only send automated alerts to fleet managers for vehicle MOT renewals but also ensure that vehicles are fit and healthy for the road. This is especially important for those businesses that rely on a fleet of vans to ensure that all vans are running efficiently and do not break down.

Van Security and Reduced Insurance Premiums

Some insurance approved van trackers are supported by the UK police, so if one of your vans is stolen the van tracker will relay real time location data allowing you to work with the Police and track and retrieve your stolen vehicle. Additionally, vans that are fitted with insurance approved trackers are considered to be safer from theft to insurers and so, insurance premiums are less.

Driver and Disptach Management

Van tracking systems allow fleet managers to effectively manage drivers and as such, improve dispatch management operations. For example, fleet managers can use van trackers to better manage delivery activities by locating the position of the closest driver to a last minute deliver destination and relaying new route information to this driver.

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Van Trackers Cost

van trackers cost

Entry-level devices begin from around £9.99/Month. More complex trackers can be more expensive but the price depends on the functionality that your require.

Furthermore, customers can expect for the systems to pay for themselves within the first 3-6 months of using the tracker.

Buy or Rent Van Tracker Systems

Van tracking systems can be purchased outright but most businesses rent tracking systems. The reason why the majority of fleet operated businesses lease tracking systems is because:

  • Businesses have access to constant support from the van tracker supplier
  • Businesses are able to take advantage of new technological enhancements meaning the tracking system technology never becomes obsolete
  • Even after purchasing a van tracker, businesses still have to incur subscription costs for the van tracking software. Therefore, it make more sense to rent.

For more information and full price breakdowns for vehicle tracking costs check out our guide.

Types Of Van Trackers

Van Tracking

There are two different technologies that are used for van tracking and two different van tracking systems. Exactly which one is right for you depends entirely on your business and taking time to choose the correct option or options, is vital for ensuring you get the full benefits of any of the van tracker systems.

RFID Trackers For Vans

RFID technology can be used for vans in warehouse conditions. They work by fitting “tags” onto cargo or vehicles that can be read when passing RFID scanners. This automates the whole process and allows for vehicles and their cargo to be easily tracked.

GPS Trackers For Vans

GPS trackers for vans utilise some of the same technology that your sat nav or mobile phone does. GPS trackers for vans, also known as Global Positioning Systems, track the exact position of a vehicle by using satellite technology. One of the biggest advantages to GPS trackers for vans is the information can be updated in real time and processed accordingly.

Passive Van Tracker Systems

Van tracking systems do not only track the position of the fleet, they can also collect information related to driver behaviour, fuel usage, cargo, inventory data and many other intricate parts of running a fleet.

A passive van tracking system is one that collects all data for it to be uploaded to the system later. With such an in depth overview of the entire process, the business can be managed and tweaked to gain the maximum efficiency possible.

Active Van Tracker Systems

Active van tracking systems instead update the information in real time allowing instant interaction with the entire fleet if needed. This can be very important for certain areas of the operation, such as traffic management and any possible change of plan.

Van Tracker Suppliers

van tracker companies

There are many different tracking suppliers available, both reputable and not so reputable. Some suppliers are better suited to van tracking than others, however. So here are some of the most highly regarded van tracker suppliers in the UK.

Verizon ConnectVerizon Connect Reveal
Teletrac NavmanTeletrac Navman DIRECTOR
AMS TrackingAMS Fleet Manager
Ram TrackingRAM Van Tracking
Vine telematicsVine Fleet Tracking

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is a company based in Reading with over 38,000 customers worldwide. Their unique software manages to combine efficiency and ease of use while their on demand traffic reports are integrated with the ubiquitous Google Maps.

Supplier Rating: Read Review

One of the most globally used vehicle tracking device is Verizon Connect REVEAL. Different types of fleet business are able to implement and enjoy this system, especially small and medium sized businesses, making it a perfect fit for most. With over 38,000 customers they have been able to track over 757,000 vehicles.

Verizon Connect REVEAL is an ideal solution for those van operated businesses that require live tracking, planning the most efficient routes and improving customers service by updating customers on precisely where their delivery is. In particular, this van tracking system can also report on whether or not the driver is idle, moving, or parked. Idling is a widespread problem which can easily be monitored by Verizon Connect to reduce fuel costs.

Companies such as Corecut have been able to benefit from their services, as any late services and arrivals can help them notify their customers and answer any questions they may have. The Verizon Connect services has also allowed them to compare their driver performances and improve safety, by monitoring speed limit violations.

For large van fleets, Verizon Connect offer Reveal+ which builds upon the functionalities and features of Verizon Connect REVEAL and allows for more in-depth analysis to help gain a deeper insight into driving patterns and identify problematic trends.

Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR brings together the best of all Teletrac Navman services in the one product, operating on a modular basis. Fleet managers can be sure they are getting the most holistic and comprehensive GPS and telematics product on the market, with the biggest customer support network in the industry. This system can be customised to suit you whatever your fleet size and the nature of your business.

Supplier Rating: Read Review

Teletrac and Navman Wireless merged in 2015 to become a telematics giant, leading the way in vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions. Teletrac Navman bring together the strengths of both businesses, allowing fleet managers to select from a truly comprehensive range of GPS solutions that cover every conceivable aspect of GPS fleet tracking and fleet telematics.

The company's unrivalled investment in future research and technological developments means their customers always have access the latest fleet telematics solutions and consequent business benefits to give their fleet an edge.

The Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is the flagship range of fleet tracking products for fleet tracking. It is designed with accessibility and simplicity in mind, and the technology is designed to be able to adapt to fleets of any size.


Most businesses want the best they can get for the least expense possible. Movolytics founders have been pioneers in fleet management technology for more than twenty years. They have invested millions in software development - and have built one of the most cost-effective fleet management platforms out there.

Supplier Rating: Read Review

You want to save money. You want to cut costs. You want more insight on your drivers. Movolytics understand that their customers simply want to save money on fleet management overheads without guessing games or surprise costs.

That doesn’t mean you miss out. Movolytics uses the most accurate fuel tracking software on the market - and you get a dashboard view of fuel spend in real-time. You also get a live map of each vehicle’s location as well as reports on your best and worst drivers in terms of efficiency. Also included are maintenance alerts, driver behaviour dashboards and automated timesheets. It’s end-to-end.

For this you pay zero upfront fees and zero installation costs. You also have access to unlimited free training to help you get the best from Movolytics. All you pay is one fixed monthly fee. Even the tracker installed in your van is under warranty and will be replaced if anything goes wrong. If you’re looking for enterprise-grade technology at entry-level cost, Movolytics could transform your business.


AMS, or Asset Monitoring Solutions Group Ltd, are based in Ipswich and boast the influential backing of BT. Development and innovation are at the heart of their success and their flexible management systems are extremely highly thought of in the van tracking industry.

Supplier Rating: Read Review

AMS Manager also utilises real-time fleet tracking to provide accurate location services. AMS are based in the UK but trade throughout Europe tracking both vehicles and other assets.

They offer services for a variety of business, such as small and medium sized in particular, with some of their customers including the British Red Cross. In particular, they offer great customer support and provide different a range of tracking features which allows the product to be customised to specific business requirements.

Their most popular van tracking system, AMS Fleet Manager, is an easily adaptable solution, with fully integrated fleet management. It fits both smaller and medium sized businesses. Their other models, such as the Fleet Manager OBD, Lite, and Trailer Track are more more simplified and low cost, perfect for smaller businesses looking to start up and manage their fleet.

There are several trackers that can be fitted with AMS Fleet Manager, ranging from the waterproof GPS tracker in their AMS AT, an ideal unit for longer term tracking powered by batteries, to the FMLITE IP67, a tracker that can be used on a range of assets from vehicles to boats.

RAM Tracking

RAM Tracking track over 40,000 vehicles, serving over 3,500 customers. They focus on providing well-rounded, easy to use, vehicle tracking systems and almost all of their customers report a 10-20% uplift in driver productivity.

Supplier Rating: Read Review

RAM tracking's van tracking system is not only easy to use it is also extremely reliable. From builders to locksmiths to couriers, the Ram Tracking van system is very popular among contractors and delivery services. They even offers sim cards for business that operate in rural areas to ensure that your vans can be monitored through GSM mobile tracking when GPS signals are weak.

Their careful attention to detail means that their products are perfect if your business operates in harder to reach areas. They want to provide the best customer service available, with lifetime warranty being offered for the best support.

A very useful feature is their automated email alerts. With these alerts there is no need constantly look at the tracking software reporting dashboard to know what’s going on, instead you can receive customised emaila to alert you of your fleets performance as well as unauthorised vehicle usage and fleet maintenance reminders.

Ram Tracking are able to fit and install the trackers within 30 minutes at your address, six days a week, proving extremely beneficial for ensuring that your vehicles are off the road for as little time as possible.

Vine Telematics

Essex based Vine Telematics offer a variety of options for companies that operate van fleets and are particularly well placed to deal with the specifics of van tracking systems.

Supplier Rating:

Based in Essex, Vine Telematics pride themselves in having the right solution from smaller to larger businesses. With all the components you could ask for in a GPS tracking system, with pinpointing precise location services to accurate recordings of speed and direction, their tracking system helps fulfil your business needs to reducing fuel and fuel costs.

Not only is this beneficial for your business in cutting costs, especially in the long term, but it is also means a reduced carbon footprint and improved employee productivity through increased efficiency.

Regardless of whichever plan you opt for with Vine Telematics, they offer free training for using their product in addition to regular updates of their software that only takes 60 seconds. Their monthly rental plan is best for businesses who want to test the product without the full commitment. It’s not the full product, but it involves the key aspects such as the detailed performance report.

Alternatively, their 50/50 Finance Plan is perfect for businesses that are committed to a long term van tracking system. This program runs over 2 years, with costs being broken down monthly. By the end of this period of time, the product is completely yours, and so you can gain full ownership without paying any additional interest fees. Furthermore, their low insurance rates are another attractive feature of their tracking systems.

Vine Telematics offer affordable, high-quality products, with their services starting from as low as £14/Month.

Next Steps

A van tracker is a specialist device and as such there are many variations in its use. A van tracking system is also a very specific device that can be constructed and tweaked to suit the specific needs of a business. With so many options available, even within the area of van trackers, the choice can be a little overwhelming.

By filling in our simple to use web form, which should take no longer than a minute, you can easily filter out the results that are not suitable to your company’s size, scope, type and budgetary limits, saving you frustration and possible headaches in the future.