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Transport Management System - 2018 Guide

transportation management system

What Is Transport Management Software?

Transportation Management Systems or TMS is a subset of Supply Chain Management, SCM, that is used to facilitate an efficient interaction between the warehouse of a company and its delivery service. By linking the whole process with the relevant software, a business can execute an economical route planning method, make each order visible to both company and customer and manage stock.

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Benefits Of A Transport Management System

There are several levels of process that such a system can enhance. This will depend on the type and scale of business you operate in. While transportation management systems may not be worth the cost for smaller businesses, which will benefit mostly from more basic vehicle tracking systems, larger operations with bigger fleets can probably profit from an integrated transportation management software and recoup their costs quickly.

Route Planning

By planning the route of each vehicle, a company can minimise delivery times and avoid extra charges, such as those incurred at toll booths. Traffic avoidance can make a huge difference the efficiency of each delivery and allowing the customer to track the item or items involved can lead to greater satisfaction and loyalty.

Fuel efficiency is also a great benefit to larger fleets of larger vehicles. By using less fuel, a company could save a fortune in the long run.


Flexibility for delivery services can be extremely useful. With transportation software, a company can change plans in an instant with little or no negative impact. This allows for a far greater service to the customer whose needs can be tailored for and allow the whole process to be easily adjusted to unforeseen circumstances.


As each part of the process is overseen and recorded, the delivery can easily been viewed in detail and its entirety. This allows the procedure to be tweaked and altered to optimise efficiency while also making sure each person on route is accountable for any errors or other problems.

Save by Comparing Vehicle Tracking Quotes from Leading Suppliers

Do you already have a Vehicle Tracking System?

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Best Transportation Management System Suppliers

There are many reputable suppliers of Transportation Management Software available to would be customers. These are a few of the most highly regarded on the market.


freightview transportation management software logo

With its focus on small to medium sized business, Frieghtview are highly thought of in the trade. Although not the largest company in the industry, their service has been described as second to none while the flexible nature of smaller enterprises can expect the same kind of practice from this software supplier.

Easy to use and boasting a fast set up time, Freightview are also compatible with PC and Mac. For potential customers that are not entirely convinced, they also offer a free 30 day trial.

U Route

u-route transportation management software logo

Powerful and user friendly, U Route is one of the more widely used Transportation Management Systems on the market. Better suited to more flexible operations and those that may have outgrown such practices as spreadsheets, U Route still maintains an easy to use interface.

The sheer scale of the software is as impressive as its ease of use and its monthly payment system based on usage may suit certain companies better than others. For this reason, U Route is usually utilised by small to medium sized businesses with the potential to out grow other simpler systems.


viamente transportation management software logo

Viamente’s route optimisation is at the heart of its success. Easy to use and extensive, this is the perfect software for companies with a range of devices that need to be easy integrated into the system.

The Viamente transportation software is also extremely proficient at allowing dispatchers to keep track of every element of the process and its ability to be set up and ready to go has allowed it to become a favourite with many.

JDA Software

jda transportation management software logo

As one of the largest Transportation Management System suppliers in the world, JDA offer one of the most reliable and highly thought of systems on the market. Supplying some of the largest companies on the planet, including the vast majority of the top 100 consumer goods merchants, this is a company that can cope with the most complicated of operations.

JDA Software has managed to acquire some of the most innovative suppliers in its many years as a transportation management systems provider and as such are thought to be at the very forefront of the industry.

Next Steps

These are just a few of the most recommended suppliers of transportation management systems available. With such a vast array of options it can be confusing and a little overwhelming understanding where to start.

By filling in our simple to use web form, which should not take any longer than a minute, you can focus on the suppliers and software that are relevant to your company’s size, scope and budgetary requirements.