Installing Vehicle Tracking Devices

By Julia Watts | Content Manager

When it comes to vehicle tracking devices, tracker fitting should be a top priority. For many, it’s not even a consideration, but taking the time to decide where best to install your vehicle tracker is vital.

You should also consider if you feel confident doing it yourself, or would like an expert to do the job for you.

Where in my car should I install my tracking device?

Exactly where a GPS tracking device should be installed depends on a few elements. Discretion can be a major factor, so your first consideration should be the size of the tracker.

Interference from other equipment might also be an issue.

You should position the tracker away from other electronic devices and perform some tests before installing.

Advanced technology means that trackers have become smaller so they’re likely to fit comfortably anywhere.

Suggested places to install your vehicle tracker

Where to install a vehicle tracking device

As you can see above, some recommended places to install GPS Tracking Devices include:

  • Under a car seat
  • In the boot
  • Behind the radiator
  • Underneath the car body
  • In the glove compartment

Remember, discretion can be an important installation factor – not only for your business, but for security. You should ensure the tracking device cannot be easily seen or removed in order to prevent loss, theft or damage.

Any external fitting also needs to be weather-proof and hardy to work properly.

Another aspect to consider with vehicle tracker installation is ease of access. For some trackers, the batteries in the device will need replacing every once in a while, so you wouldn’t want it locked away in an inaccessible position.

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How to install car tracking devices

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

Some vehicle trackers can be simply placed inside a car or attached magnetically, but most will need hard wiring in. Following the manufacturer’s instructions in full is the best way to avoid any issues when you install GPS tracking devices.

Ensure you have all the parts before you start. Taking time to make a full inventory can save a lot of time and frustration.

Careful positioning

The main priority during hard-wiring installation should be to make sure wires aren’t pinched and cannot be damaged by closing doors.

Professional fitters

It may be a good idea to have your vehicle tracking device installed by an expert. The importance of full security coverage can outweigh the costs of professional installation. Some insurance companies also require your tracker to be installed professionally.

Larger fleets might be able to get a discount for bulk work anyway, and some companies even offer this service for free with the purchase or lease of a device. In this case, the location and method of installation is taken care of, so you won’t need to worry about making these decisions yourself.

Derek Ryan explains how Verizon Connect (formerly known as Fleetmatics) install their vehicle trackers in the video below:



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The benefits of installing a professional vehicle tracking system

When a company invests in a vehicle tracking system, the risks of theft decrease. But even if your vehicle is stolen, it can be traced and recovered 99% of the time. What’s more, the improved security of your fleet will mean a reduction in vehicle insurance costs. For large fleets, this adds up to a significant amount of money saved in the long run.

Companies that cut corners on security tend to pay the price. Implementing sound measures, including proper vehicle tracker installation, is highly recommended by both the industry and police.

Next steps

The tracking device market is a competitive one. With so many suppliers offering a variety of different devices, it’s hard to decide on the ideal product for you. Offers that might suit larger companies are rarely the same ones that suit smaller ones.

By filling in this short form, you can filter out those devices that are not right for your business’s size, scope and budget. Fleet security has so many benefits, so take advantage of our free quote system to find the best deal for you.

If your business has a fleet of vans, then this fleet management article on types of van trackers should provide additional context.

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