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The Best Telematics For UK Fleets & Vehicles - 2019 Review

What Does Vehicle Telematics Mean?

Vehicle telematics is essentially the in-depth method for tracking a fleet of vehicles. Telematics GPS systems collect data on a wide range of metrics, to help fleet managers get the most out of their business.

When attempting to define telematics it is important to understand the technology that it utilises in the process. Rather than the simple GPS location method, which most vehicle tracking systems and security devices use, telematics can also use RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification).

The RFID and GPS methods can be either passive or active. This means the data collected can be uploaded at a later time (passive) or managed in real time (active). Active systems allow for greater control but tend to be more expensive.

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Benefits Of Telematics Services

The benefits of using telematics services are manifold. What you could be using telematics for depends on the industry you operate in as well as the size of your fleet. The following are a few examples of how telematics could benefit your business.

  • Fuel Costs - Vehicle telematics is an extremely useful tool for managing the fuel costs of even the smallest fleets. By monitoring driver behaviour the system can advise employees on excessive speeding, harsh breaking and erratic behaviour in general. Along with route management, this can save an awful lot of money on fuel costs in the long run.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums - Due to the fact the telematics tracking system is also being to monitor driver behaviour, insurance premiums can be lowered significantly. Aside from the obvious advantages of less frequent accidents and damage to the vehicle in general, the adherence to speed limits and avoiding of erratic or aggressive driving means insurance companies are able to accurately monitor appropriate premium costs for the entire fleet.
  • Security - Unlike the most basic security systems in which a vehicle’s location can be tracked and little else, telematics devices will also advise you of any unauthorised use by informing you, in real time, of a vehicle’s movement out of work hours or appropriate areas. This kind of responsive system can lead to a higher level of security and a greater chance of recovery of vehicle and cargo.
  • Data Storage - Data storage is probably the most accurate telematics definition. On every level of the process, telematics tracking, navigation by telematics and security, being able to store vast and detailed information about your operation is central to the success of telematics devices and systems. With such an array of information at your fingertips, adjusting even the smallest parts of your business is a simple process and can significantly improve efficiency in all areas.

Telematics Service Providers

A telematic service provider is essentially an I.T. partner for your business and as such you should be sure you are coupled with the best supplier for your business. These are some of the highest regarded suppliers available, although by no means the only ones.

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Do you already have a Vehicle Tracking System?

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airbiquity telematics

With over 30 million vehicles signed up, Airbiquity have become quite a force in the telematics world. Their trademarked Chorea cloud platform is highly regarded and they offer flexible deals that can be easily integrated into current systems.


agero telematics

For over 40 years Agero have been providing vehicle services at the highest level. A truly worldwide operation, Agero have over 75 million customers on their books and are particularly well renowned for their security and roadside assistance services.


connexis telematics

One of the newer kids on the block, Connexis have positioned themselves at the cutting edge of telematics service providers. Their Android based multimedia platforms are very highly thought of, while their data management system is a genuine world wide phenomenon.


verizon telematics

Verizon are a huge company with operations in many different sectors. With their telematics services, however, they have carved out a reliable and innovative array of options. Truck telematics is one of the most complex areas of telematic systems but Verizon offer a service that allows even the largest of fleets to be easily managed.


wireless car telematics

With 15 years of experience in the telematic service business, WirelessCar are owned by the Volvo Group, the world’s second largest manufacturer of heavy commercial vehicles. With a background like that you can rightly assume that WirelessCar offer one of the best truck telematics systems on the market and as such have become a global force in the industry.

Next Steps

Whether you are looking for telematics service providers for large or small fleets, the options available to you are numerous and varied. With so many reputable, and some not so reputable, suppliers out there, it can be rather difficult to compare those that are best for your company’s size, scope and budget.

By filling in our simple web form, it should take you no longer than a minute, you can compare those that are right for you, saving you time, frustration and possible headaches in the future.