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Taxi Tracking Software

In recent years, vehicle tracking software has transformed taxi fleet management.

The technology is easy to use, quick to download and cheap to install. It allows dispatchers and taxi fleet owners to keep tabs on their vehicles and manage them effectively.

Knowing where your drivers are can save you time and money.

You can improve the time it takes to get to customers and reduce fuel costs too.

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Taxi tracking software enables drivers to log jobs and receive directions. It allows live and historic reporting and, in some cases, training software.

Telematics is an advanced feature of taxi tracking software. Telematics systems act like a black box which allows owners and fleet managers to track taxi driver behaviour. The technology records if drivers accelerate or brake too hard, or leave the engine idling for too long.

The benefits of telematics software are clear: the software can guide performance, reduce the likelihood of accidents and provide a more comfortable ride for customers.

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Digital Dispatch
Autocab International
TDS with Envoy Software

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Taxi Software Costs

There are a number of different kinds of taxi dispatch system. These can range from smart-phone enabled software to high-end installations. The cost to buy outright can vary from £200 – £1,000 for more high tech systems. Another option is to rent the software from vehicle tracking companies. Firms who rent can avoid expensive upfront costs while getting full software and hardware support.

Benefits of Taxi Fleet Management Software

There are numerous benefits in having a good tracking system for a taxi fleet of vehicles. Depending on the taxi software selected these could include:

   Drivers arrive at pickup points faster because the network of vehicles is better controlled

   Dispatchers can assign and reassign drivers quickly to improve resource allocation.

   Fuel costs are kept as low as possible thanks to improved efficiency.

   Monitoring taxi driver habits reduces the chance of accidents.

   Better driving improves customer experience.

   Drivers perform better because they are being monitored.

   Customer loyalty increases by tracking the best and quickest routes.

   Track large fleets as well as small ones and deal with high volume bookings easily.

   Check how long a driver has worked, how many jobs they’ve done and whether they need a break.

   Avoid congestion charges in areas like London.

   Get accurate details of pickup times and routes in case of a dispute.

Worried that your drivers may find tracking software intrusive?

This is a common problem that is easily overcome in most companies who are introducing tracking software for the first time.

Communicate to your drivers that the tracking software is not being introduced out of mistrust but for the variety of benefits it offers to the business. The better the business does, the better it will be for the employees.

There are also direct employee benefits to vehicle tracking, such as less paperwork to fill out and proof of working hours to guarantee they always get the right amount of pay.

If your drivers use their vehicles in their downtime too, assure them that they will not be tracked during these hours, or any time that they are unaware (covert tracking is illegal). Many vehicle trackers have a privacy buttons feature for this purpose.

Save by Comparing Vehicle Tracking Quotes from Leading Suppliers

Do you already have a Vehicle Tracking System?

Need a Vehicle Tracking System?
You could save by comparing quotesJust tell us your requirements, it only takes a minute

Taxi Dispatch Software — Top Providers

There are so many options for taxi companies that want to monitor the performance of their drivers. They can help manage a complex fleet and boost performance by improving response times, increasing business and reducing fuel costs.

MTData Taxi Tracking Software

MTData taxi dispatch software

MTData are one of the big players in transport management software. Their provision for taxi fleets include basic GPS location, tracking and advanced tools like driver performance (breaking, speeding, fuel usage) monitoring. The software uses 3G and 4G technology to ensure drivers stay connected at all times. Business owners can match KPIs against actual performance to enhance successes.

Autocab Taxi Tracking

autocab taxi tracking

Autocab is an international company that specialises in taxi fleet management software. With over 20 years of experience, they are well regarded in the industry. Their system can be used on most smart devices and includes a wide range of hardware.

Digital Dispatch

digital dispatch

Digital Dispatch is UK based with taxi booking solutions for large and small fleets. Their Pathfinder dispatch software can handle fleets of up to several thousand. The firm has an app for customers so they can order cabs from their phone too.

Taxi Dispatch Systems with Envoy Software

taxi dispatch systems envoy

Using Envoy software, the Taxi Dispatch Systems offer a broad range of fleet management tools. Their tools can improve efficiency and cut costs for fleets of all sizes.

Verdict on Taxi Management Software

Most taxi fleet management software on the market today are designed to improve vehicle performance. They reduce costs in both time and consumables such as fuel. Company owners now have the option to rent the software or buy it outright. Renting on a per car basis gives business owners greater control.

Next Steps

There’s no doubt that installing taxi tracking software has great benefits. The next step is to find the right vehicle tracking supplier for your business.

Describe your business needs to Expert Market and our team will get in touch with personalised recommendations for you, complete with price quotes for you to compare and contrast.

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