RAM Vehicle Tracking Review: Is it Right for Your Fleet?

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This user-focused system is affordable and easy to use – but is it the right fit for your business? Delve into our in-depth RAM Tracking review to find out

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  • Provides cost management reporting to help you minimise what you spend on your fleet
  • One of the only products to detect crashes and generate accident reports
  • Boasts some of the lowest prices – and best customer service – on the market


  • Its reporting capabilities are somewhat limited
  • Doesn’t come with a driver messaging system
At a glance: RAM Tracking’s system is one of the cheapest on the market – which is reflected in the simplicity of its reporting capabilities. But given its focus on cost management features, it’s a great option for businesses that like to keep a sharp eye on their budget.

Established in 2004 by industry experts, Leeds-based RAM Tracking has made a name for itself as a user-friendly, customer-focused vehicle tracking supplier.

But is its vehicle tracking system right for you? Well, to help you find that answer, we’ve conducted extensive research into RAM Tracking and its competitors, putting every feature, price point, benefit, and limitation under the microscope.

In this RAM Tracking review, we explore the system in detail. We showcase its best functions, shed light on its drawbacks, and elucidate on the kinds of fleet business that it could really work for. Let’s get started!

Quick facts

  • RAM currently has more than 75,000 GPS vehicle tracking units out on the road
  • As of 2022, RAM boasts over 9,500 customers

What are RAM Tracking’s best features?

First off, what is it that really sets RAM apart? Let’s take a look at its standout capabilities…

✔ Cost management reporting

Alongside its timesheet reports, RAM offers some pretty unique financial reporting. Using this savvy feature, you can closely track the costs you’re racking up during each journey, including approximate fuel cost expectations and driver travel time expenditure.

Additionally, businesses that traverse the Big Smoke can set up alerts that ping whenever a vehicle enters or leaves a London Congestion Charge Zone – so you can keep on top of those pesky costs, too.

All this – coupled with RAM’s very generous price tag – makes for a solution that’s ideal for fleet managers who want to keep a beady eye on their money. And, let’s face it, what business couldn’t do with saving a few pennies?

✔ User-friendly tracking

With simplicity on the agenda, RAM’s focus is more on clear live tracking than driver improvement or vehicle maintenance. As such, RAM provides you with a real-time graphic dashboard, which shows you:

  • A live map of where all of your drivers are (as you’d expect!)
  • A live feed of information about all of your vehicles, including each’s driver ID, vehicle registration, speed, direction, and status (i.e. whether it’s active or not)
  • Timesheets that show data on past journeys, including how long each journey was, and the route that was taken

You can also use RAM to keep track of your drivers’ total mileage per day, per week, or even per month. What’s more, geofencing is also included among RAM’s functionalities, which allows you to draw up virtual boundaries that will trigger alerts to your device if one of your vehicles crosses them.

Importantly, RAM’s location data refreshes every 60 seconds, which is pretty rapid by industry standards (some other systems offer slower refresh times of two, or even five minutes).

✔ Unflappable customer support

In our extensive research, we scored RAM 9 out of 10 for its excellent customer support – which just about says it all!

It’s clear that this company puts customer care at the forefront. Firstly, it offers a 30-day free trial, enabling you to try the system out before paying a penny. When you do sign on the dotted line, RAM will send an accredited engineer to install your tracking devices at a time and place of your choosing, free of charge. You’re also given a 14-day cooling off period in which you can change your mind and cancel your subscription, no questions asked. RAM also provides unlimited free training to help you learn how to use the system.

Beyond that, RAM shows itself to be dedicated to answering queries and solving issues with lightning speed. Check out the Trustpilot reviews we’ve plucked out for a few examples!

✔ Crash detection and reporting

According to our extensive research, RAM is one of a very small handful of systems that actually boast impact detection measures. In other words, the system will know immediately when something crashes into one of your vehicles, and it’ll alert you in real-time.

Then, using RAM’s route reply visual report, you’ll be able to see a visual representation of any given journey, and identify where exactly an accident occured. 

✔ CO2 emissions reporting

If you’ve never made any effort to reduce your fleet’s CO2 emissions… well, we’re not angry, we’re just disappointed. In any case, RAM’s got something pretty special on offer: a ‘Green Report’, which tracks your fleet’s CO2 output and monitors the volume of emissions coming from each vehicle.

Say one vehicle has a higher CO2 output than expected, but isn’t travelling any further than it should be. You now know that there’s something you need to fix – whether that’s a fault in the vehicle, or a few fuel-wasting habits that its driver has become partial to. Handy, and eco-friendly!

How much does RAM Tracking cost?

It’s worth being aware that different vehicle tracking suppliers charge differing amounts based on different criteria. Quartix, for example, charges based on the number of features you need, while Movolytics’ prices drop if you opt for a plug-and-play tracker over a hardwired device.

Conversely, RAM’s prices are based on the length of contract that you plump for. Everybody gets the same product, but you’ll pay less for it if you’re willing to commit to it for longer:

Contract lengthCost per vehicle, per month
12 months£14
36 months (3 years)£10.99
48 months (4 years)£9.99
60 months (5 years)£8.99

£8.99 is a stunning price, but that being said, a five-year contract might seem like a mammoth commitment to a new business on its first foray into vehicle tracking. Fortunately, £14 per month for a short and sweet year-long deal shouldn’t necessarily break the bank, either.

And if you’d like to add dash cams to your fleet management arsenal, RAM also offers very reasonably-priced dash cam bundle deals:

Contract lengthCost per vehicle, per month
36 months (3 years)£18.99
48 months (4 years)£16.99
60 months (5 years)£15.99

As we’ve said, RAM is one of the cheapest systems on the market. But if you’d like an easy way to compare it to other suppliers and their prices, why not try out our free service? Simply answer a few questions about your fleet, and we’ll work behind the scenes to match you up with great vehicle tracking suppliers that can meet your unique needs. You’ll then hear from them directly, with no-obligation quotes that are tailored to you. 

Is RAM Tracking right for my business?

So, you know what RAM can do – but is it right for you? Check the statements that apply to your business to find out…

“I run a customer-facing car fleet.”

RAM’s focus on user-friendly, easily digestible vehicle location tracking makes it a great fit for fleets of cars, such as those in the maintenance and repair industry, or couriers and taxicabs.

Why? Well, RAM’s uncomplicated live tracking makes it easy for businesses to share key information with their customers – for example, the ETA of the driver who’s coming to serve them (simply type in your customer’s postcode, and an ETA will pop up), and any delays that driver might be experiencing.

One thing to be aware of, though, is that RAM doesn’t come with its own driver messaging system – which could make rescheduling jobs or changing a driver’s route at the last minute a bit tricky. 

“I’m looking for an affordable option that gives me the core insights.”

You’re in the right place, because that’s RAM Tracking all over! RAM is super user-friendly, charges some of the lowest prices on the market, and keeps tabs on your vehicles without stacks of complex reporting. That said, it does come with one or two bells and whistles – namely its unique cost management reports and road incident data.

Put simply, if you want an easy-to-use option that’ll help you improve your fleet operations without leaving you drowning in data, RAM comes highly recommended!

“I want in-depth, wide-ranging reporting on my fleet.”

If this is the case, RAM Tracking may not be the right system for you. Generally, its reporting is quite limited – which is absolutely fine if you only really need those core capabilities.

But if you’re hungry to finetune and optimise your fleet using a veritable buffet of nitty gritty data, you should try looking at a system like Verizon Connect or Samsara: these offer more sophisticated reporting, but are – of course – more expensive. That’s the trade-off.

To show you what we’re talking about, let’s compare RAM to, say, Verizon Connect, and take driving style monitoring as our example. To give you a snapshot of your drivers’ behaviour on the road, RAM simply analyses their speed. Verizon Connect, on the other hand, provides visual data on speed, harsh braking, quick starts, and hard cornering – and assigns each driver their own safety score.

Whether all that is necessary information to you, though, is another question. If supercharging driver safety is on your list of to-dos, RAM might not be for you. But if it’s not a priority, keep reading!

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What do RAM Tracking’s customer reviews say?

Us explaining RAM’s best features, disadvantages, and pricing is one thing – but you just can’t get the full picture without listening to what RAM’s current customers have to say about it. That’s why we’ve taken to Trustpilot, and collated a snapshot of the most useful user reviews on RAM’s page.

An overwhelming majority of RAM’s reviews are positively glowing, with 87% of over 400 reviewers rating the company ‘excellent’, and a further 9% branding it ‘great’. And as you read them, one thing becomes clear – RAM’s customer care is truly excellent:

“Excellent service all round from RAM Tracking. Contacting them through to installation took nine days, very very happy and we think it beats the competition hands down! Every person we have dealt with at RAM Tracking has been helpful, informative, courteous and efficient.Well done all – keep up the good work.”

  • Rosemary, RAM Tracking customer
“Contacted RAM Tracking on Tuesday with an issue which was found to be a faulty tracker. The replacement was sent out, and received and fitted on Wednesday – happy bunnies.”

  • Jan Meikle, RAM Tracking customer
“From the initial call right through to the trackers being fitted, the service has been excellent. The information available on these trackers far exceeds other suppliers’ basic offerings, and will improve our ability to track costs as well as locations. The sales person wasn't pushy either, which would put me off even the best companies. Highly recommend.”

  • Jodie, RAM Tracking customer

That said, RAM Tracking has accrued a small number of negative reviews. One example cites a larger than expected fee, and a few glitches with the system’s tracking function:

“Needed to have a unit removed when sold a vehicle, made the request online, and over a month later was told that I need to pay a large sum for the removal – information that should have been supplied at the time of the request.

“Tracking is also causing problems; I tried to trace the location of a vehicle only to be told that it was in “private mode” and that there was no info. Another vehicle was parked on the drive of a house, but was showing as driving at 17mph.”

  • Robin Wilcox, RAM Tracking customer

That said, it’s worth pointing out that, at the time of this writing, only 4% of reviewers have given RAM fewer than four stars. That’s a huge achievement by all means.

Expert verdict

With its insightful, user-friendly vehicle tracking, RAM could work very well for customer-facing fleets of cars… as long as you’re not looking for swathes of in-depth data reporting. In fact, we’d say that RAM’s lack of really sophisticated reporting is its key drawback.

Having said that, if you’re keen to better manage and minimise your day-to-day fleet costs, RAM is definitely a system to investigate – no matter which industry your fleet operates in.

While we’re impressed by RAM’s accident reporting and ‘Green Report’, what has dazzled us most is RAM’s incredible standard of customer care; this is evident not only in the flexibility and low prices it offers its users, but also the myriad of heart-warming reviews those users have written about the service they’ve received.  

However you feel about that, comparing your vehicle tracking options before settling on one option is an absolute must. That’s where we come in. 

Simply answer a few questions about your fleet, and we’ll match you with trusted suppliers that can provide what you need. They’ll be in touch with no-obligation quotes, tailored just for you! It’s quick, easy, and free – perfect!

What other vehicle tracking systems could I consider?

Still not sure whether RAM is right for you? Try comparing it to other top suppliers by checking out our reviews:

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How we analyse and rate vehicle tracking providers

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Independent researchersWe worked with 2 independent researchers

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