RAM Vehicle Tracking Systems Review 2020

By Julia Watts | Content Manager

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RAM Tracking Review

Multi-award-winning vehicle tracking specialists RAM Tracking boast an impressive 15 years in the fleet management industry. They have a rapidly-growing customer-base – with over 8000 customers and 60,000 vehicles tracked with 2,391,991,550 miles processed in the last 18 months.

At RAM Tracking, it is clear their customers come first. Major investments into regular 360 feedback from both customers and staff has resulted in the business being awarded regularly with gold/exceptional Customer Service levels by independent assessors Investor in Customers, as well as 5/5 stars for Excellent Services levels with TrustPilot.

RAM Tracking has been designed to be quick, simple and easy to use – backed by powerful reports helping fleet managers and business owners to make key decisions using up to date accurate data. Customers have instant access to vital stats about their fleet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever they are in the world. With both live and historic information being captured and accessible through a secure, bespoke portal you can ensure that you’re never reactive, or on the ‘back foot’ with RAM Tracking.

The introduction of GDPR brings major concerns about the security of the personal data and vehicle tracking. RAM Tracking have invested in one of the most secure servers available, Amazon Web Services (AWS), to make sure the personal data processed is always protected.

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Case Study 1: How RAM Helped John Mills Ltd (JML)

JML is one of the nation’s biggest brands, offering diverse, unique and innovative products. Founded by John Mills in 1986, the brand has grown enormously, and supply their products to thousands of stores throughout the UK and Ireland.

RAM Tracking was installed on a range of JML’s vehicles in order to help reduce speeding, monitor vehicle idling, reduce private mileage and save costs on fuel, as well as increasing overall productivity – watch and see how they saved 15% on fuel consumption with RAM Tracking.

RAM Services

Providing top of the range business vehicle tracking is at the core of what RAM Tracking do. Continuous development of software means customers know they have complete control of their fleet wherever they are, with the latest software available. With real-time visibility, live updates, alerts and historical data capture, our customers can drill down into their fleet stats to make influential business decisions.

Maximising productivity whilst minimising business costs through functions like; live tracking, geofencing, electronic timesheets, route replays, mileage reporting, speeding league, and the free to download RAM Smartphone App enables our customers to improve all areas of the business as well as saving them an average *£71 per vehicle per week (figures collected from RAM Tracking “Do The Maths” Calculator).

Not yet convinced? RAM Tracking have recently invested in dash cams specifically for businesses, helping our customers to boost their duty of care levels, driver behaviour and speed up insurance claims – whatever the size or sector of your business, there is a dash cam solution to fit.

Known forIndustryFeaturesPrices
Vehicle Tracking SaaSBuilding & TradesCloud-based tracking solution with a focus on tracking vehicles and mobiles assets on site and en route
Delivery & TransportCloud based vehicle tracking solution with a focus on minimising delays
Other sectorsMobile app means all features and data are accessible on the go

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RAM Web Tracking Industry Use:

Building and Trades

RAM vehicle tracking can be tailored to fit any business including the building and trades sector, our software focuses on getting vehicles onsite when they are supposed to be there. Fleet Managers have full control knowing the precise time their vehicles arrived on-site.

Once customers sign up, there is a quick and easy onboarding process. RAM engineers install their tracker unit in a discrete place, generally behind the dash. These monitor the vehicles’ positions and transmit them back to their servers using GSM. The data is stored on the servers and processed to provide easily accessible information. Alerts can be set up to flag any problems such as excessive idle time, unauthorised routes, and so forth. Data can be accessed any time anywhere.

Product features include:

  • Easy and intuitive system
  • Hidden trackers fitted onsite
  • Vehicle position shown in real time
  • Data sent via GSM
  • Data can be accessed securely on the web
  • User-adaptable reports
  • Automated alerts

Delivery and Transport

The focus for the Delivery and Transport business sector is minimising any delays. RAM Tracking’s route-planning and traffic forecasting can save valuable minutes of time and fuel off. Accurate monitoring means that you can provide customers with accurate ETA so that they are ready for you when you arrive. RAM claims that most of their customers enjoy a 10-20% improvement in productivity. However the product is the same.


RAM Tracking provide a cost-effective, easy to use, cloud-based vehicle tracking solution with award-winning customer service. Customers see impressive benefits when it comes to providing evidence to HMRC, reducing speeding fines, enhancing Duty of Care and fuel savings.

With over 8000 customers nationwide and over 60,000 trackers installed, RAM Tracking work with businesses from a range of different fleet sizes and industries, who are all seeing the benefits and savings of their reliable, accurate vehicle tracking system.With RAM you can either purchase or lease the tracking, giving you full control and flexibilty of the solution that works best for your business. There are no hidden charges and as a RAM customer you will receive unlimited free training and unlimited free system upgrades. For a reliable solution that will help streamline your business operations, RAM Tracking are definitely a fitting choice.

Next Steps

As the only tracking company to be awarded Gold status by the IIC for exceptional customer service levels, RAM Tracking is certainly worth considering – especially if you are looking for a straight forward no-hassle solution. Vehicle Tracking can seem like a complex piece of kit but it need not be and we can help. If you complete the web form you will receive a number of quotations directly from vehicle tracking suppliers that are tailored to your specific business needs. This is a great time saver so what are you waiting for?

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