Quartix Vehicle Tracking Review 2018

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The Best Quartix Vehicle Tracking Solutions For 2018

Quartix was founded in 2001 by a small group of seasoned professionals. Using their own in-house developed technology they developed and launched the Quartix vehicle tracking system. The technology is based on advanced tracking hardware and sophisticated software, and customers can access real time data through the Quartix website.

Quartix tracking has received high acclaim. The system is now installed on over 250,000 vehicles which includes 8,500 fleets and six major insurance customers. There is a network of over 200 installers across the UK. There are two pricing models available: purchase plus service, and rental plus service.

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Products and Features

The Quartix Vehicle Tracking System utilises in-house developed telematics hardware. Supplied as a self contained small box measuring just 90mm x 55mm x 24mm, it is installed by Quartix and hidden from view. The unit has a three wire connection and there are inputs available for external peripherals such as driver identification iButton. The device has been designed for reliability and is fault tolerant with built-in redundancy. Key features include GPS vehicle tracking and mobile communications. Data is accessed through the Quartix website.

Known forIndustryModelsFeaturesPrices
Fleet Tracking• Vehicle tracking solutions for every industryInfoPointEntry level vehicle tracking
InfoPlusIncludes several advanced features such as driver performance and Geofencing
CorporateFully featured solution which includes FleetCheck


quartix infopoint vehicle tracking

InfoPoint is the entry level system. As all Quartix products it utilises the same hardware described above. Prices start from £12.90 per month.

Features include:

  • Update every two minutes
  • Timesheets available online and by email
  • Route reports
  • Google maps with Streetview and traffic
  • Reports in Excel format


InfoPlus includes all the features of InfoPoint but with more frequent updates at every minute. If you require information and alerts on driving style, speed, idling times and Geofencing, then this is your ideal choice. It also provides basic information for fleet management. Prices start from £15.90 per month.

Additional features include:

  • Reports on driving style, speeding and idling
  • Geofencing and alerts
  • Reports on fleet utilisations and capacity
  • Driver identification is available as an option


Corporate system includes all the features of InfoPoint and InfoPlus with additional features aimed at advanced fleet management capabilities packaged as FleetCheck. These include detailed fuel management information; driver management including risk assessment, e-learning programmes; and highlighting high risk drivers; and fleet maintenance schedules & alerts including mileage and tyre reports. This is the preferred solution for organisations looking for a comprehensive yea affordable fleet management solution. Prices start from £19.50 per month.

Additional features include:

  • Driver management tools
  • Fuel management tools
  • Fleet maintenance checks
  • Fleet compliance policies checks


The Quartix Vehicle Tracking System is a cost effective solution for fleet tracking. Simple and straight forward, it is a great choice for companies that don’t have a strong background in fleet management. The minimal rental contract is just three months, so it is possible to check whether it delivers what you require without too heavy an investment.

Unlike many suppliers, Quartix pricing is transparent with no hidden extras. It is easy to see exactly how much it will cost. While it isn’t the most sophisticated solution on the market it is likely to provide all the functionality that smaller fleets and many larger fleets require. If it fits your requirement profile, then we recommended that you take a closer look.

Next Steps

The Quartix Vehicle Tracking System is an impressive solution, but is it the right one for your business? To discover more, please complete the web form and we will ensure that you receive quotations from a number of suppliers that are designed to meet your specific business needs. not only will it save you time, it could save you money too.

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