Movolytics Fleet Tracking Review 2020

By Julia Watts | Content Manager

Movolytics Vehicle Tracking

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The founders of Movolytics have been pioneers in fleet management technology for more than twenty years. Movolytics have invested millions in software development – and it shows. This is arguably the most comprehensive fleet management platform on the market.

For sure their fuel tracking is the most advanced out there – giving you an incredibly accurate breakdown of fuel consumption based on engine data. More than that, Movolytics is a tool that will help you cut fuel costs, improve driver efficiency, and simplify back office tasks such as invoicing. Installation is free, there’s a lifetime warranty on all hardware and customers get unlimited training gratis.

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Products and Features

Movolytics provides an expansive set of features. Ideal for fleet managers who want a one-stop-shop for fleet management and vehicle tracking. It’s a highly scalable product that will flex to meet the size of your fleet – and is priced accordingly. As a service business, the more you drive, the more you can expect to gather insight that can shape your overall business strategy.

Save Time

Movolytics features a live map that shows you the exact location of your drivers – anywhere, anytime. You can also quickly see where drivers have been, where they are going and when they are due to arrive. That can dramatically simplify dispatching.

For businesses that have to respond to emergency callouts or last-minute jobs, Movolytics can be particularly useful. Open the live map to find your nearest available driver, send them the most fuel-efficient route by SMS, get confirmation from the driver that they are en route, share an accurate arrival time with your customer and get an SMS alert when your driver arrives on-site. Powerful stuff.

Save Admin

Back office tasks like verifying timesheets, invoicing customers and dealing with invoice disputes slow you down. Movolytics can make it simpler, smarter and faster. The product records data on every journey your vehicles make – destination, arrival time, departure time and more. Within a matter of clicks you can pull reports on any driver or any vehicle across any date range. That makes it easy to provide proof of service to customers and cross-check drivers’ timesheets. In fact you could do away with timesheets altogether. Movolytics will also help you to keep on top of your vehicle maintenance schedule, sending you reminders when it’s time to complete key vehicle checks.

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Save Carbon

For many businesses, environmental sustainability is becoming a major part of their CSR policies. Movolytics gives you a breakdown of carbon emissions across your fleet and encourages you to drive greener. (Saving you money in the process.) In the modern age customers and suppliers are more keen to engage with eco-engaged businesses, meaning there’s a chance Movolytics could help you win new business.

Total Insight on Fleet Performance

Movolytics tracks every vehicle, every driver and every journey. You can build a comprehensive picture of driver performance with a dashboard view of fuel spend as well as daily, weekly and monthly reports on everything from miles driven to the number of inefficient driving events. Police unauthorised vehicle use, replay any journey your vehicles have made and get comprehensive insight on the movements of your fleet. Movolytics is compatible across smartphones and mobile devices – giving you access to your data anywhere, anytime.

Case study: Clancy Group

Clancy Group, one of the largest privately owned construction firms in the UK, switched to Movolytics to reduce fleet and fuel costs. The firm has a solid network covering civil engineering, energy, water, rail, highways and renewable – with more than 1,500 vehicles and 10,000 items of plant.

Since implementing Movolytics, Clancy Plant – the transport arm of Clancy Group – is able to monitor the exact activity of each vehicle. Keeping tabs on schedules is easy thanks to geofencing, which enables Clancy Plant to create automated alerts that are triggered when drivers enter specific zones. There are also automated reminders that prompt staff when key vehicle maintenance checks are due – invaluable given the size of Clancy Plant’s fleet.

But perhaps the most cherished of Movolytics’ features is the reporting facilities, which make it easy for Clancy Plant to gather business intelligence on fleet trends as well as individual driver performance. The clarity and accuracy of these reports enables Clancy to make confident executive decisions and drive business strategy.

“Movolytics is a vital part of our business, giving us detailed information on bad driving habits, speeding events, idling, total on-site times, length of journeys and mileage. By revealing exactly how much each bad driving event costs our business, Movolytics is allowing us to spot trends and put actions in place to decrease our fuel spend.” – Bernie Stack, Director of Clancy Plant Ltd.


Movolytics has created some of the most sophisticated fleet management technology on the planet. It gives businesses owners complete insight on fleet performance and is a one-stop-shop for reducing fuel spend, improving driver performance and building a more reliable customer experience. The platform is easy to use, it’s bursting with data and the team behind it continue to invest in a rock-solid customer experience.

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