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Motorbike GPS Tracker Comparison Guide

Motorbike GPS Tracker Comparison Guide

The purpose of vehicle trackers is to monitor and track a vehicle with information such as how many miles they do, and where they go. However, the majority of generalised vehicle trackers suitable for cars, lorries and other vehicles, simply aren’t suitable for motorbikes.

What is a Motorbike Tracker?
How do Motorbike Trackers Work?
Crime Reduction
Choosing a Tracker
Motorbike Tracker Reviews

What Are Motorbike Trackers and Why Do You Need Them?

Motorbike trackers monitor the location of a motorcycle just like a standard vehicle tracker. They can give you the information about where your bike is 24 hours a day. The result is heightened security, potential reductions in insurance premiums, and peace of mind. Additionally, in the event your bike is stolen, a motorbike tracker will aid the police in recovering it.

However, in order to do this a motorbike tracker needs distinct features that make it different from a regular vehicle tracker. A motorbike tracker needs to address the unique problems of a motorcycle or scooter:

  • That it is small and exposed to the elements, so it needs to be weatherproof and discreet.
  • A motorbike can be easily stolen or removed, even without starting the engine, by physically manoeuvring.
  • Motorcycles can be hidden, for example in a shipping container or in an underground carpark, limiting standard GPS signals.

Therefore, a motorbike tracker is different from a standard tracker in that it will be able to withstand the driving rain and wind of motorbike usage, ideally provide you and the police with real-time tracking, be discreet, provide alerts when there is unauthorised movement, and run from its own battery source (rather than the bike’s battery).

How Do Motorbike Trackers Work?

A good quality motorbike tracker uses a combination of GPS satellite technology and mobile technology to ensure complete tracking coverage whether the bike is on the road, or hidden out of view. However many now go above and beyond even this, to include VHF tracking.

VHF stands for Very High Frequency, and is tracking using radio waves in their most basic form. This form of tracking and communication is in fact the ‘tech’ behind the maritime band at sea, and is used in all sorts of applications including Air Traffic Control.

The reason VHF tracking is ideal for motorbikes is that it works even when GPS and mobile technology fails. Through a small antenna on the device it can transmit over an enormous area. Given the small and concealable nature of motorbikes, most importantly, a VHF tracker can transmit reliably through walls, concrete, and even metal. In short, these trackers can still work when others have their signal jammed – either intentionally or not.

Furthermore, a good motorbike tracker will use geo-fencing and movement detection to keep an eye on the bike, or a fleet of bikes, at any one time.

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Motorbike Crime – Why Motorbike Trackers are Essential

Motorbikes are frequently not only an individual’s pride and joy, but increasingly a business asset. With congestion in British cities rising, there is a strong trend for motorbike-based fleets where possible. Companies such as Deliveroo have had great success using motorbike and scooter fleets.

Motorbike crime is a big concern whether you’re a private individual looking after your method of transport or beloved hobby, or whether you need the motorbikes to run your business.

A recent survey by the National Crime Intelligence Service highlighted some worrying trends. Using police reporting figures, they have shown that more motorcycles are illegally obtained via theft than those that are bought new. In addition, they have reported that it can take a criminal a mere 20 seconds to remove the bike.

Additionally, the Home Office released figures this year which show motorbike thefts have risen by a staggering 44% in London alone. It’s thought that this is in part due to the increased numbers of bikes on the road, but also due to the fact the car industry has come up with tougher theft-prevention techniques. It’s time for the motorbike industry to do the same. In short, if you want to keep your motorbike or fleet of motorbikes safe, you need a dedicated motorbike tracker.

Choosing a Motorbike GPS Tracker

GPS technology can be used to track motorbikes just as it can to track other types of vehicles. There are some things to watch out for when choosing a tracker for your motorbike though, as normal car trackers can't be installed on bikes.

Commercial grade vehicle trackers, such as those used by fleet drivers, feed into a central system to be monitored by a fleet manager. They are usually professionally installed in a car or truck and are powered by the car battery. The wires connecting the tracker to the battery run inside the dashboard. None of these components are manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions and so they cannot be used on a motorbike, where they wouldn't be protected from wind or rain.

This means that if you are looking to track the motorbikes in your fleet, you need to be looking at special motorbike tracking devices.

Motorcycle GPS Tracker Reviews

Tracker MonitorPatented VHF technology |Supported by the UK police force
Demon Evo AlarmApproved by Thatcham (Cat 6) | Alerts in case of movement without ignition
BiketracApproved by Thatcham (Cat 6 & 7) | Alerts in case of road accidents

When choosing a motorbike GPS tracker, you can either opt for a specialised motorbike supplier or a mixed fleet supplier. Which solution is better suited to your fleet will depend on how many vehicles you have and what the ratio of cars to motorbikes is. Some suppliers will be able to give you a discount or put together a tailored tracking solution based on your specific fleet requirements.

Tracker Motorbike Monitor

Tracker Monitor

Tracker Monitor

Tracker Monitor is a fantastic motorbike tracker using solely VHF technology. It is not affected by signal jammers, such as a shipping container, or high rise buildings, in the way that traditional GPS trackers are. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in motion sensor which will be triggered even when the motorbike is moved without the ignition being started.

Overall Rating:
The Tracker Monitor for motorcycles is Thatcham insurance approved and receives support from all UK police forces. A Tracker Monitor will ensure you have tracking coverage across the UK but also in parts of Europe. With subscription comes access to the Tracker Direct 24 hour emergency call centre. Tracker Monitor motorbike trackers can be fully installed for £361 and come with various subscription packages starting at £169 for one year.

Datatool Motorcycle Tracker

Demonevo Motorbike Tracker

Datatool Demon Evo Alarm

The Datatool Demon Evo Alarm is a motorbike specific alarm. Retailing at upwards of £50 and being easy to self-fit, it’s an affordable option for protecting your motorbike. The Demon Evo is suitable for motorbikes and scooters with a 12v battery. The alarm plugs in to the bike’s battery and is activated through a motion sensor.

Overall Rating:

In addition, the Datatool Demon Evo Alarm can detect if there is a rise in the voltage output of the battery if the engine has started without authorisation, and can also sense if the bike is in motion even without the engine starting (for example if placed in a van by thieves). The loud alarm will deter would-be thefts and can also be triggered remotely via remote control.

Road Angel Group Motorcycle Tracking Device



The Biketrac motorbike tracker is an advanced piece of kit that will help ensure the security of your bike. Like the Tracker Monitor, it is Thatcham approved which should prove favourable to your insurance premiums. The Biketrac unit is small and discreet and works by being wired to your motorbike battery.

Overall Rating:

Another benefit to the Biketrac is that there’s no chance of the tracker draining your bike battery simply because it has its own inbuilt back-up. Once you’re wired up you’ll be able to use the Biketrac online portal to keep a track of your bike including mileage, routes, speed and location with a 3 month history.

This is real-time monitoring using GPS technology that has a high success rate in returning stolen bikes to their owners. Furthermore, Biketrac sends notification of a suspected incident or accident providing extra peace of mind. The Biketrac costs £299 plus installation, and then requires a monthly subscription of £9.99 per month thereon.

Prices & Options for Motorbike Trackers

Motorbike tracker prices will vary depending on the sophistication of the system and monthly subscription charges are normal.

Motorcycle Tracking Devices Prices

The price of a GPS tracker for business bikes can vary depending on the way it is purchased and what features are available. Motorcycle tracking devices are not limited to simply being tracking devices, as they can also include messaging systems, an integrated alarm and the ability to remotely disable any stolen bike. Prices to purchase an individual tracker can start from under one hundred pounds. If a company has a number of bikes, it may look to leasing trackers for the company.

The main benefits of leasing are that the cost is spread over several months and that the business can upgrade or increase the number of trackers as the needs of the business dictate. Leases are available for between two and five years with the former being the more expensive. For a five year lease, prices can start at under a pound per bike per day with options such as remote disabling facility adding to the cost. GPS trackers can also be purchased for any bicycle the company uses for less than one hundred pounds per tracker.

Prices For RFID Trackers for Motorbikes

RFID trackers can be purchased for motorbikes and bicycles. In London the so called "Boris Bikes" are fitted with RFID tracking technology. RFID tracker systems require a tracker to be fitted to the bike and then a scanner is required to locate the vehicle. RFID can give a much more accurate location of a bike than traditional GPS trackers.

The costs vary; some more expensive trackers include GPS and RFID technology. The most basic RFID trackers can cost from under £100 increasing up to £300-£400. There will generally be an annual payment to be made to the suppliers for the system too.

Motorcycle Security System

Motorbikes are prone to theft, and as a result businesses should ensure that motorbikes are secure. Some Motorbike trackers have anti-theft functionalities installed which make them an ideal solution to safeguard motorbikes.

As an example, the best motorcycle GPS trackers will be able to notify fleet managers and the police of when motorbikes have been moved without ignition, or when they have moved outside of a specific geo-fence. In some cases, highly advanced GPS tracking systems will immobilise the motorbikes to further prevent theft and ensure motorcycle security.

Motorbike Alarm Systems

In addition to the theft alert system, mentioned above, motorbike trackers can also be fitted with anti-temper alarm systems to reinforce motorcycle security and deter theft.

Next Steps

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