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Matrix Vehicle Tracking Systems Review 2018

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Matrix Vehicle Tracking 2018

Matrix was founded in 1996 and is the South African based telematics wing of MiX. The company’s focus is on consumer telematics and personal safety and it offers a range of products and services for vehicle tracking, fleet management, and driver safety. An innovative technology company, Matrix has developed a range or original products.

Matrix claims its USP is a combination of technological innovation, putting customers at the centre, and trustworthiness. Its branding includes the tag line ‘right by your side’ which promises to support customers throughout their driving experience and offers them peace of mind.

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Products and Features

Matrix provides fleet management, vehicle tracking and driver safety solutions which are underpinned by Matrix Telematics technologies.

Known forIndustryModelsFeaturesPrices
Vehicle tracking and recovery• Various industriesMatrix MX1GSM triangulation based vehicle tracking and recovery
Matrix MX2GSM triangulation based vehicle tracking and recovery including driver identification

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Matrix Vehicle Tracking

Matrix tracking solutions are available for consumers and for fleets. These may be off-the shelf solution of tailored to specific requirements of fleet managers. Essentially they all allow vehicles to be located, routes replayed, and trips analysed globally. While most fleet solutions are tailor made, they are underpinned by Matrix hardware products MX1 and MX2. Note that these are marketed in south Africa as stand along products.

Matrix MX1

matric vehicle tarcking core securityMX1 is a vehicle tracking and recovery service developed originally for use is South Africa. It uses FastTrac which is a GSM triangulation protocol that operates over mobile networks and which Matrix claims will locate a stolen vehicle in less than half a minute. Stationary vehicles can also be located. Note that it only works when GSM coverage is available. GSM triangulation is used to locate the vehicle and it location is transmitted over RF. It carries its own back-up power supply. The service includes dedicated recovery teams in association with the police force.

Additional benefits include:

  • Insurance approved and can lower insurance premiums
  • Enable tracking where GSM coverage is available
  • No additional costs for vehicle recovery

Matrix MX2

,atric vehicle tracking security enhancer

MX2 provides all the features of matrix MX1 with the additional benefit of enhanced security. This is provided by including driver identification technology which identifies when a vehicle is being used by a non-authorised person. This is achieved by installing a Driver Identification Device (DID). The system also allows the vehicle to be tracked over the internet and includes a battery tamper alarm and options for a panic button.

Additional benefits include:

  • Insurance approved and can lower insurance premiums
  • Early warning system
  • Vehicle tracking over smartphone
  • No additional costs for vehicle recovery


In the UK you can’t simply go out any buy Matrix MX1 and MX2. Although similar technology is used for European vehicle tracking, both MX1 and MX2 address the specific needs of the South African market. However the parent company MiX offers a wide range of solutions that are orientated at specific industries.

All MiX solutions are tailored to specific needs depending on the particular sector. These include Oil and Gas, Emergency Services, Construction, and Bus and Coach Operators.

Next Steps

Unless you are looking for vehicle tracking and vehicle recovery solutions in South Africa, neither MX1 or MX2 will be appropriate to your needs, but the MiX Telematics offerings may be appropriate. To find out more, just fill in the web form and you will receive several quotations directly from the manufacturers tailored to your specific business requirements.