HGV Route Planner Buyer Guide – 2019

HGV route planner

What Is An HGV Route Planner

HGV, or heavy goods vehicles, are particularly prone to traffic, vehicle restrictions and other obstacles when travelling around the country and further afield. A HGV route planner is an electronic search engine that allows a company to circumnavigate problem areas. This is particularly useful for those managing larger fleets.

Its origins go back to the 1970s when primitive computer systems were accessed by call centres who could access various data to supply their customers with any relevant information the system contained for the planned route. Needless to say this was not the most efficient system or up to date information but with the advent of the Internet, the lorry route planner was able to come of age.

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Benefits Of A HGV Route Planner

There are several areas in which a lorry route planner can be of help to a company. Which benefits can be utilised by such a system depends largely on the type of business that is accessing it.

Avoiding Traffic

For almost all businesses that use this system, the avoidance of traffic is probably the most common benefit. As technology has enabled the uploading of data and access to that data in real time, the ability to avoid traffic has become much easier. It is entirely possible that a road can be blocked one minute and a driver will be advised by the next.

The time lost by a company to traffic has a major effect on profitability. For some of the largest companies this can run into the millions, so a system that can help a business avoid such delays and frustrations can be essential to its future.

Avoiding Extra Costs

There are many hidden costs that are incurred when travelling around the country and these can add up rapidly and significantly for a company with a large fleet of vehicles, especially HGV vehicles. Toll fees and HGV running costs can, however, be avoided by accessing a HGV route planner.

These fees can be considerably higher in certain countries so if your business engages in international travel, it might be a considerable advantage to utilise a thorough lorry route planner.

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HGV Route Planner Avoiding Low Bridges

Particularly for HGV and other large models, width and height restrictions, or even weight, can cause enormous delays and even cause vehicles to become stuck on narrow rural roads. By accessing a freight journey planner (UK), a route that avoids such obstacles can save a company the loss of vehicles, fines and even serious accident.

Fuel Costs

Any company, large or small, in any sector that uses some means of transportation, knows how expensive running a fleet of vehicles can be. In the 21st century the price of oil is unstable and hard to predict. For companies that manage fleets of HGVs, the sheer weight of the vehicles and cargo magnifies these costs considerably.

By consistently accessing the quickest route, the fuel expenditure for a company can be cut hugely, as well as emissions. The larger the fleet a company has, the more significant these savings will be in the long run.


In all sectors, especially competitive markets, customer satisfaction is paramount to a company’s success. By using a HGV route planner, or indeed any relevant route planner, a company is able to deliver on time, consistently and efficiently. Roads are notoriously unreliable but keeping the customer informed as to the whereabouts, by contact or offering a tracking system online, makes for a far happier experience and greater customer satisfaction.

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Types Of Lorry Route Planner

There are a few variations to the range of route planners that are available today. All, however, serve similar functions and purposes. Which one suits your operation best depends on the size and type of business in question. See our web form for further advice

Journey Planners

These services are used to calculate destination time and the most efficient route. This is the most popular and simplest system to utilise for a variety of businesses but may not be suitable for larger HGV fleets, which might require further information.

Multi Route Planners And Scheduling Packages

More suited to the specific needs of large orders for HGV fleets, this system requires more complicated planning. Usually the business would take a large order and calculate the most cost efficient way to deliver. This way a company can negotiate problems such as load size, opening hours and time of delivery. This system is best suited to operators with more experience of such systems.

Next Steps

As you may have ascertained from the information above, there is no one size fits all option in regards to choosing a HGV route planner. With so many intricate options available it can be a little overwhelming when trying to choose the one that is right for your size, requirements and budget.

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By filling in our simple form, which is simple to use and should take no longer than a minute, you can compare the options that are right for you, saving you frustration and reducing the risk of purchasing the wrong system.

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