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GreenRoad Vehicle Telematics Review 2018

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GreenRoad was founded as GreenRoad Technologies UK Ltd in 2004. Its aim was the application of mathematical modelling and leading edge technology to predicting and reducing risky driving. Today the company is a leading provider of driver performance fleet management services.

The GreenRoad driver and fleet performance management service leverages cloud and mobile technology and aims at engaging drivers directly in order to deliver significant changes to driver behaviour. The system also provides fleet tracking, reporting, mapping, and optimisation.

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Products and Features

GreenRoad solutions combine in-vehicle technology, smartphone apps, driver and management reporting, along with a driver behaviour change management programme to deliver lasting driver behaviour change. This is backed up with the GreenRoad fleet elite programme.

GreenRoad Advanced Tracking provides real time fleet location tracking and route optimisation.

Known forIndustryModelsFeaturesPrices
Driver safety solutions• Long distance drivers & HGV fleets
• Courier fleets
GreenRoad TelematicsA comprehensive driver behaviour optimisation solution
Fleet EliteA driver motivational award programme
GreenRoad Central mobile app Mobile device app providing information on driving style
Fleet management solutions• Various sectorsGreenRoad Advanced TrackingIntegrates GPS Insight fleet tracking with GreenRoad Telematics

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GreenRoad Telematics

greenroad telematics

GreenRoad telematics solutions provide businesses with information and tools to maintain their fleets at high levels of efficiency and maximise driver safety. The system integrates GreenRoad Central Video which captures videos of safety events and transmits them to a GreenRoad Central portal; coverage includes 30 seconds preceding and 30 seconds following each event. Events are analysed to see whether they could be corrected by the driver or whether they are the result of external factors. Only events due to unsafe driver behaviour are saved.

GreenRoad insurance partners recognise the merits of the programme and offer special incentives to participants in the GreenRoad telematics programmes.

Fleet Elite

greenroad fleet elite

Fleet Elite is a driver performance programme which awards drivers who have shown sustained high levels of driving performance and safety. This also recognises drivers who return high fuel efficiency and demonstrate excellent eco-driving. The programme is motivational and prestigious and drivers that are recognised benefit from the enhancement to their professional status.


GreenRoad Central App

greenroad vehicle tracking app

The GreenRoad Central mobile app gives drivers access to their key performance data anywhere and anytime. There are versions for Apple iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the appropriate app stores.

The information provided by the app includes:

  • Current and historic safety score
  • Team ranking
  • Idling time
  • Trip details over the previous seven days
  • Tips on improving driving

PRICE: Free to download

GreenRoad Advanced Tracking

GreenRoad Advanced Tracking builds on GreenRoad Telematics to provide a comprehensive fleet management platform.

GreenRoad Advanced Tracking Solutions

greenroad advanced vehicle tracking

GreenRoad Advanced Tracking uses the GPS Insight fleet tracking service to provide fleet managers with detailed information on fleet performance. This is designed to improved fuel economy, optimise the utilisation of assets and enhance productivity. This adds an additional level of functionality to GreenRoad performance and safety solutions.

Features of GreenRoad Advanced Tracking include:

  • Interactive displays showing single vehicles, vehicle groups or entire fleet
  • Colour coding for identification
  • 2D and 3D mapping
  • Vehicle history
  • Automatic alerts
  • Customisable dashboard and enhanced reporting


If improving the quality of driver performance is your priority, then it would seem that there are few driver enhancement solutions on the market that are a comprehensive and well thought out as GreenRoad. The GreenRoad Fleet Elite programme is innovative and an excellent way to engage your drivers in the project. Highly motivational, it also allows your drivers to build on their own credentials. The result is a better work force, improved efficiencies, and reduced costs.

GreenRoad Advanced Tracking makes use of the premier fleet tracking software provider GPS Insight to deliver a powerful and comprehensive fleet management package. Pricing is only provided on an individual basis.

Next Steps

While it is hard not to be impressed by GreenRoad, it is important to see if its price point is suitable for your business. Finding the right telematics solution of your fleet is an important task, and one that you can’t afford to get wrong.

We invite you to submit the web form to receive a number of quotations from fleet tracking solutions suppliers that are tailored to your specific requirements. This will save you a considerable amount of time and will help your decision process.