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Fleet Logistics Fleet Solutions- 2018 Review

Fleet Logistics Fleet Solutions- 2018 Review

fleet logistics review

Fleet Logistics Fleet Control Solutions Review

Fleet Logistics is a fully independent, privately owned European fleet management company. It specialises in providing quality fleet management solutions to a wide range of organisations, catering to their unique needs and requirements.

The Company, which has been established over fifteen years, serves both large national and international fleet operators, currently managing a fleet of 119,000 vehicles across twenty countries. Fleet Logistics is Europe’s largest and longest-running company in the fleet management business and is the top choice of businesses look to improve the efficiency of fleet management and reduce their total cost of ownership.

Fleet Logistics review
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Products and Features

As well as providing industry-leading fleet management services, Fleet Logistics also provide clients with state-of-the-art IT solutions designed to increase transparency and control, improve service quality and deliver driver satisfaction. Two of their most popular solutions are Fleet.portal and Fleet.portal is designed to provide fleet owners with consistent and standardised real-time reporting and is their newest solution, designed to provide drivers with an overview of their vehicle information to improve satisfaction.

Known forIndustryModelsFeaturesPrices
Real Time Fleet Reporting• Logistics
• Fleet operators
Fleet.portalDetailed dahboard with real time reporting
Personalised Driver Portal• Fleet operators
• Long haul driving
Fleet.onlineVehicle information & mileage data avialable thorugh an app

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Real-Time Fleet Reporting

Fleet Logistics’ Fleet.Portal provides operators with a comprehensive dashboard, from which they can manage all aspects of their fleet operation, regardless of how many countries they operate in. The fleet management portal was designed to give fleet operators a better insight to their fleets and greater control over the operation of their vehicles.

As it currently stands, Fleet.portal is made up of four key elements. The first is an extensive suite of operational and strategic real-time reports, which give fleet managers, complete transparency into all aspects of their fleet. This includes their total cost of ownership, carbon footprint, the makes and models of all vehicles and any third party suppliers.

The second element of the portal is what’s known as reporting cubes. These provide two distinct data channels, which fleet managers can analyse and compare.

The third element is a search feature, which is designed to give fleet managers the opportunity to find detailed fleet data, such as who is the main driver of a particular vehicle. In this part of the fleet management portal, managers can also access and modify driver records. This allows them to add new employees or update existing employee information.

The final element is a reporting facility, which alerts fleet managers to certain events that may require action.

If you are looking to gain greater control over your vehicle fleet and would benefit from quality real-time reporting and analytics, this highly sophisticated portal will be a great asset to your business.

Personalised Driver Portal

Fleet Logistics driver portal

Fleet Logistics also provide a free driver app to fleet drivers, which provides them with access to personalised information about their vehicles such as their vehicle details, mileage data and support services.

Initially the portal could only be accessed via the Fleet Logistics Mobility Control App on Windows smartphones, however it was updated last year to provide access to Apple and Android phone users too.

As well as accessing detailed vehicle information, drivers can also the portal to communicate with Fleet Logistics, keep their mileage records up to date, access information about preferred suppliers and find answers to any questions they have. The portal is open 24/7 giving drivers access to the information they need at any time of day or night.

One of the key benefits of having access to this portal is that it allows for improved quality of driver data. The more accurate driver data is the greater chance you have of reducing costs and improving productivity.

Last year, Fleet Logistics updated the portal and accompanying app so that drivers could now use it to take photos of any accidents they have and make a record of the details. They also added a new feature that supports employees who have a cash allowance of fuel card managed by Fleet logistics, giving them access to details of their fuel cards and allowance.

If you are looking for a way to improve the quality of your driver and fleet data, whilst also providing drivers with an overview of their information and your company policies, it is most definitely worth enquiring about the app and portal, when signing up to use Fleet Logistics’ fleet management services.


Business owners that require advanced control over their vehicles will greatly benefit from using Fleet Logistics’ Fleet.portal. Not only will it give them access to information about their drivers but also the total cost of ownership of their vehicles and other key analytics. Using quality real-time, fleet managers are able to make more informed decisions for their businesses.

As a way of encouraging vehicle drivers to improve efficiency and increase the accuracy of data, it is also highly recommended that you look into using the personalised driver portal, As well as providing vehicle drivers with information about their performance, the online portal will also give them access to your company fleet policies and support information, to help improve their driver experience.

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