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Crystal Ball Vehicle Tracking- 2018 Review

Crystal Ball Vehicle Tracking- 2018 Review

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Established in 2005, Crystal Ball specialises in providing enterprise level vehicle tracking, mobile tracking and lone work protection solutions to businesses in the UK, Europe and Asia.

The company, which is based in Manchester, has designed an intuitive web platform that makes it easy for businesses to track their vehicles, mobile workers and assets online. The system can be accessed on any device, at any time, from anywhere in the world, providing the user has a connection to the internet. Crystal Ball tracking is something all businesses can benefit from in regards to increasing productivity, reducing overtime claims and fuel expenses and improving safety compliance.

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Products and Features

Crystal Ball offers a range of web based tracking solutions to small businesses including fleet tracking, mobile tracking and lone worker protection. The solutions have been expertly developed over a number of years and are fully supported by Crystal Ball. Whether you’re looking to cut costs, increase productivity or improve your employees’ safety, they will have the perfect tracking app for your business. Each solution comes with a number of flexible plans, allowing businesses of all sizes to benefit cost effective vehicle tracking solutions.

Known forIndustryModelsFeaturesPrices
Vehicle Tracking• Vehicle tracking
• Long distance driving
FleetTrackerIntegrates data dashboard, alarms & automated timesheets
Lone Worker Protection• Long distance drivers
• Construction
• Healthcare
Mobile Lone Worker ProtectionProactive protection & compliant with legislation
Mobile RescueProfessionally managed solution

Crystal Ball Fleet Tracking


If you are after a powerful, yet user-friendly vehicle tracking solution, Crystal Ball’s FleetTracker will tick all the boxes. From just £10 per month you will be able to use the Crystal Ball tracking solution to manage your remote workforce and get a better insight into your employees’ working days.

FleetTracker will provide you with real-time location updates and the engine status of all your vehicles using Google or Navteq maps. It will also capture journey information, which you will be able to playback at a later date and send out automated alerts when vehicles pass into specific areas or break road speed limits.

One of the great things about Crystal Ball is that they offer a number of different plans to suit all businesses. All plans include installation, phone support, email support and unlimited system users. Below we’ve outlined the current price plans for the Crystal Ball vehicle tracking solution.

  • Purchase FleetTracker – Hardware cost £249 / From £10 per month
  • Lease FleetTracker – Hardware cost included / From £18.50 per month
  • Rental FleetTracker – Hardware cost included / From £20 per month

If you are looking to improve the productivity of your fleet, reduce fuel usage and ensure employees are where they say they are this Crystal Ball tracking solution will be a valuable asset to your business.

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Lone Worker Protection

Mobile Lone Worker Protection App & Mobile Rescue

crystal ball lone worker protection

Launched in 2011, the Lone Worker Protection app is the latest tracking solution from Crystal Ball. The app is designed to safeguard the welfare of lone workers and help employers comply with Health and Safety legislation.

The smartphone-based application allows lone workers to raise an alarm in an emergency and place themselves into a Welfare Session. Using GPRS and NFC technology, employers can pinpoint the location of their lone workers and provide emergency assistance. The app is also designed to automatically dial a pre-set emergency number so monitoring teams can assess the situation and an SMS is sent out, providing accurate location details.

Another benefit of the Lone Worker Protection app is that it triggers an alert when lone workers fail to check in. This allows businesses to take a pro-active approach to monitoring their employees’ well-being.

The Crystal Ball Lone Worker Protection app has been tested to British Standard BS8484. It not only helps to keep employees safe but also allows employers to demonstrate their duty of care towards lone workers and address legislation such as the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007.

The Mobile Lone Worker Protection app is available for as little as £6 per month per handset. Businesses can choose to take out either a twelve or twenty four month contract. Crystal Ball also offers the Mobile Lone Worker Protection app, along with Mobile Rescue. This plan costs £11 per month per handset and is available on a minimum twenty four month contract.


Crystal Ball provides smart mobile and vehicle tracking systems that help small businesses to manage their workforce more effectively. The intuitive single web based platform is ideal for all your workforce management needs and will prove to be very beneficial to your operations.

Not only can these Crystal Ball tracking solutions help you to improve the productivity of your workforce but they can also help you to keep your operating costs to a minimum. Knowing where your employees are at all times (during working hours) will allow you to maintain their safety and improve compliance with the relevant H&S laws. Using tracking solutions will also enable you to exceed customer expectations by providing more accurate arrival and delivery times, enabling you to increase their loyalty to your brand.

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