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CMS SupaTrak Vehicle Tracking System Review

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CMS SupaTrak Vehicle Tracking Systems Reviews

CMS SupaTrak is a Swindon based vehicle tracking firm with over 20 years’ experience of providing hi-tech software solutions tailor-made for the transport industry. They are equally comfortable dealing with small fleets as they are larger ones and count major corporations such as Royal Mail and Network Rail amongst their clients.

The solutions that CMS vehicle tracking provide enable transport, haulage and delivery companies to monitor their fleets effectively, keeping up to date with a host of parameters including odometer readings, mileage and fuel consumption in real time. A comprehensive support network that operates 7 days a week throughout the year and the flexibility to opt for a leasing agreement or outright purchase means that fleets get the service they need at the level they want.

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Products and Features

CMS offers their comprehensive SupaTrak service as well as a Lite version that is suitable for smaller businesses on a tighter budget. Both are available through a pay as you go contract where you pay a monthly or annual amount or you can opt to purchase the system outright. The CMS SupaTrak can be easily integrated with other services such as Ecotrak to provide a full range of information that allows fleet managers to monitor and control individual vehicles. Also available are a range of tracking software packages such as Safer Driving Assistant that can help businesses reduce unwanted driver behaviours and improve fuel and vehicle economy.

Known forIndustryModelsFeaturesPrices

CMS Vehicle Tracking

• Fleet Tracking
• Haulage
• Waste Management
CMS SupaTrakAvailable as SupaTrak Light
for smaller businesses
CMS EcotrakCan reduce fuel costs by
up to 10%

CMS Driver Coaching

• Long distance drivers
• Taxi fleets
CMS Safer Driving AssistantDashboard device logs
stats for each driver

CMS Vehicle Tracking

CMS SupaTrak

The CMS SupaTrak technology is a full GPS tracking system that operates using the cloud which means vehicles can be monitored in real time and information accessed at any moment during the day or night. The fleet can be monitored on any mobile device that is connected to the service and gives a map view down to street level which shows where all vehicles are at one particular moment.

The system can produce a range of reports which can either be accessed online or sent to an individual manager’s email. From the history of a particular journey through to completing and submitting timesheets, the CMS vehicle tracking technology is designed to make things immediate and simple for business owners whether they have a small or large fleet.

The SupaTrak software can be integrated with a number of different useful add-ins such as:

  • Driver ID
  • Vehicle alerts
  • Route planning
  • A panic button

It can be purchased or leased as the full version or as SupaTrak Lite which offers a budget solution for smaller businesses. The cost of the full SupaTrak software varies depending on the size of the fleet and the complexity of the installation required. Prices for this can start at as little as £14.90 per month. The SupaTrak Lite has a standard rate with a minimum 36 month contract which costs £16.31 per month and £195.72 annually.

CMS Ecotrak

CMS Ecotrak has been developed in association with a number of haulage and waste management companies and is a software solution designed to keep track of fuel usage and driving behaviour. It means that fleet managers can have access to a whole host of information including route selection, driver behaviour and fuel consumption for any particular journey or employee.

Improving driver behaviour can not only help bring the cost of fuel down but also leads to other savings such as insurance, a reduction in accidents and less wear on individual vehicles. CMS SupaTrak boast that installing the monitoring software in a fleet of vehicles can lead to a minimum reduction of 7 to 10% in fuel costs.

CMS Driver Coaching

CMS Safer Driving Assistant SDA2

Most drivers will have been trained to operate their vehicles but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to update their skills now and again. Reducing the amount of fuel that is consumed and operating in a more sustainable and carbon efficient manner is something that can reduce environmental impact and also save a company money.

The Safer Driving Assistant fits on the dashboard of a vehicle and gives alerts for instances of over breaking, excessive idling or even over revving of the engine. The details collected for each driver can be used to produce a report that gives an Energy Efficient Driving Index. This can then help to illustrate and modify unwanted driving habits and reduce both the impact on the vehicle and the business costs.


With so many software products and tracking companies on the market, it can often be difficult to pick the right one for your business needs.

With over 20 years’ experience of dealing with major fleets, CMS SupaTrak work across the board, including from the initial research and development of the software. They can walk businesses through the entire process, from the initial installation of their software solutions to the training of drivers and support staff and the eventual running of the system. This is all backed up by a responsive support structure that operates every day of the week throughout the year.

Offering a flexible approach which can develop as a business develops will no doubt provide the bespoke solution that many fleet companies need in today’s competitive world. The products are well priced for the market and the whole SupaTrak setup is designed to be easy for businesses to upgrade if and when they need to. With fuel costs and efficient fleets at the heart of running a transport business today, companies need every edge they can get.

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