The Best HGV Vehicle Tracking Systems

By Julia Watts | Content Manager

HGV fleet vehicle tracking

According to the EU’s classification, an HGV (heavy goods vehicle) is a commercial truck that boasts a gross weight of 3,500kg or more.

Your HGVs – also known as LGVs, or large goods vehicles – might be goods lorries, fridge trucks, box vans, flatbed lorries, or tankers. They could even be something specialist, such as livestock trucks, cement mixers, or snow plows. Basically, anything that Mr. Incredible would struggle to powerlift.

Whatever your HGVs are, your business is bound to benefit from using a HGV vehicle tracking system. But with so many options out there, which providers offer the best systems for managing your vehicular behemoths? Let’s find out.

What is HGV vehicle tracking?

HGV vehicle tracking systems are used by businesses to keep tabs on all their HGVs, so they know where they are, who’s driving them, and which jobs are being completed at any given time.

Many vehicle tracking systems also report on important fleet management data, including fuel consumption, route efficiency, and driver performance. You can find out more about the benefits of HGV fleet management software in our FAQs below.

To get started with an HGV vehicle tracking system, you’ll need to fit your HGVs with GPS tracking devices, as well as install vehicle tracking software – the portal you’ll use to monitor and manage all the data your GPS devices transmit.

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The best HGV vehicle tracking systems

According to our dedicated research, the best HGV fleet management software is provided by:

Verizon Connect

Best for HGV fleet management

Verizon Connect does everything you’d expect of a vehicle tracking system – but what can it offer HGVs specifically? Well, first off, Verizon Connect plans routes that are not only efficient, but also take your trucks’ sizes, weights and load types into account to avoid any restricted areas. Plus, you can use Verizon Connect to monitor your payload capacity, helping you to fill your trucks to the max. This means you avoid unnecessary trips, and the extra man hours and fuel spend that comes with them. Importantly, this system can also help you comply with customer delivery requirements, extending your navigation right to the loading dock.

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  • Offers global coverage
  • Offers a huge range of reporting features
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets
  • Free demo available

X Cons:

  • Some users report being unhappy with the customer support provided


Best for vehicle visibility

If you’re looking to reduce how much you spend on operating an HGV fleet, Samsara is a sound option. With efficiency reports on fuel consumption, idle time, and vehicle utilisation, you’ll have the information necessary to optimise your operations and trim those costs. Plus, remote tachograph downloads will keep you compliant, while real-time engine fault codes, maintenance schedules, and paperless DVIRs mean you can easily stay on top of any maintenance your vehicles need. That’s not to mention Samsara’s ‘helicopter view’, which enables you to track your vehicles’ movements on a satellite map in real-time.

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  • Has a TrustScore of 8.5 out of 10
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Very scalable
  • Cloud-based software can be accessed on any device

X Cons:

  • Customers report that the mobile app doesn’t always work perfectly

RAM Tracking

Best for scaling your fleet

Known for its HGV offering, RAM Tracking can cater to fleets of any size. With RAM’s real-time vehicle tracking, you’ll not only see where all your drivers are, and whether they’re driving, idling or unloading – you’ll also be able to share this information with your clients, so they’ll always know where their goods are, what their ETA is, and whether any issues have been encountered. With a range of customisable reports, you can tailor your software to report on the data that’s most useful to you. Plus, RAM Tracking will automatically upgrade your tracking devices, without the need to renew your contract – now that’s an excellent bonus!

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  • Has a TrustScore of 9.4 out of 10
  • Roaming SIM cards are given to customers in low-signal areas
  • Highly scalable
  • Free trial available

X Cons:

  • Customer phone support is not available at the weekend


Best for cutting your fuel costs

Looking to ease a common pain point for many a HGV fleet manager, Movolytics has a big focus on making business’ fuel costs smaller and more predictable. By analysing the percentage of fuel your fleet is wasting each month – through erratic driving, unauthorised personal errands, and more – Movolytics says it can help you slash fuel expenses by up to 30% – an appealing stat by any standards. Handily, you can also use Movolytics to build records of every journey your drivers have ever made, which means you can quickly solve any disputes over the service you’ve delivered using historical data.

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  • All hardware comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Offers top notch customer support, plus unlimited training
  • Has a patented algorithm for analysing driver behaviour

X Cons:

  • Very few external online customer reviews to help inform your decision

Expert verdict

If you’re looking for an intuitive, comprehensive HGV fleet management system, you could do a lot worse than Verizon Connect, Samsara, RAM Tracking, or Movolytics.

Of course, if you’d still like a hand in choosing the right system for your HGV fleet, we’re here to help. Simply tell us about your fleet using our online form, and in return, you’ll receive quotes directly from Expert Market-approved suppliers (which may well include the excellent providers listed in this guide!).

This process is fast, free, and an easy way to compare quotes that have been tailored for your business’ needs.


What are the benefits of using HGV fleet management software?

Cutting fuel costs

Any fleet operation, large or small, knows how expensive it can be to keep vehicles running. In the 21st century, the price of oil is unstable and hard to predict – but it’s always significant. For companies that manage fleets of HGVs, the sheer weight of the vehicles and their cargo means fuel costs can shoot through the roof.

However, HGV fleet management software can help you cut your fuel costs dramatically. It can calculate the most fuel-efficient routes, monitor your fuel consumption so you can recognise and minimise wastage, and identify wasteful driver behaviour for you to stamp out.

Improving customer experience

In all sectors – especially competitive markets – customer satisfaction is paramount to success. Using an HGV vehicle tracking system, you can keep your customers and clients updated on the whereabouts of their cargo – either by communicating with them yourself, or giving them the ability to track your vehicles online.

Thanks to fleet management software’s route planning and vehicle tracking abilities, you’ll be able to give customers ETAs that are as accurate as possible. Plus, if there’s an issue, you can let them know in real-time. Usually, a customer who’s kept in the loop is a happy customer.

Avoiding inappropriate routes

There’s nothing more irritating for an HGV driver than having to turn away from a route because their vehicle can’t fit down it. Unexpected width, height and weight restrictions can cause huge delays to your operations – and so can a vehicle getting stuck between two hedges in a narrow country lane.

Luckily, many HGV vehicle tracking systems can cleverly plot routes that avoid any roads, tunnels or bridges that aren’t suitable for your hefty HGVs. This minimises the risk of fines, accidents, and damage to your vehicles.

Enhancing security

If one of your HGVs is stolen, you can use your vehicle tracking system to locate it in a jiffy. You can even give police access to your tracking software, so they can keep tabs on your missing vehicle and head out after it.

Many vehicle tracking systems allow you to set up geofences – in other words, virtual boundaries around your vehicles’ authorised routes. If one of your vehicles then sets foot (or wheel) outside that boundary, you’ll receive an alert.

Upskilling drivers

HGV fleet management software can monitor your drivers’ behaviour, notifying you when someone does something dangerous, or something that wastes fuel.

Harsh acceleration, excessive idling, sudden braking, and more all come under the microscope, giving you the opportunity to communicate with – or even arrange training for – any drivers who display these unwanted habits.

Really, this is just the tip of the iceberg. HGV vehicle tracking systems can offer even more advantages than those listed here – read all about them in our guide to the benefits of fleet management and vehicle tracking systems.
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