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ZK Software Biometric Time & Attendance

Company overview

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ZK Software is one of the largest software providers in the world. Their products include a range of biometric time and attendance solutions used by small, medium and large organisations in over 200 countries. Their biometric products use fingerprint and face recognition and RFID (proximity card reader) software. The company has recently developed a multi-biometric reader called ‘iFace’ which is able to scan both fingerprints and face, and this is said to be an industry-first.

Some of ZK Software's best biometric products are:

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Software products and pricing

Pricing details for all products can be obtained by contacting the company, and prices are largely dependent on individual business needs.

iClock 2500: Features and benefits

  • 8” touch colour screen clearly displays fingerprint image, user photo, and verification result
  • High resolution camera produces vivid, high quality images
  • Internal back-up battery provides an extra 3 hours of use should your power supply fail
  • Stores 8,000 templates and 200,000 transactions, allowing you to grow your business without having to upgrade the system
  • Reads fingerprints and/or PIN numbers, giving you added security
  • Built-in USB port means that you can transfer data even if your network is unavailable
  • Multi-language support

US100C: Features and benefits

  • Fast fingerprint recognition in 1 second
  • Multi language support includes Spanish and French
  • Stores up to 1,500 fingerprints, but can be upgraded to store up to 5,000
  • Also reads smartcards and PINs
  • Wi-fi options available
  • Highly accurate optical sensor provides clear images
  • 3” touch screen displays high quality fingerprint images and verification result
  • Optional USB port is useful if your network is not available

iFace302: Features and benefits

  • Users are identified by face and/or fingerprint, ID card, or PIN/password
  • 3D imaging technology provides extremely high quality output for ease of recognition
  • 4.3” colour touch screen
  • Infra-red light source means that clear images are displayed even in dim lighting
  • Multi-language support
  • USB port for offline backups
  • Optional internal ID card reader provides an added layer of security
  • Can also be used as a stand alone access control device

T4-C: Features and benefits

  • Stores 3,000 fingerprint templates and up to 100,000 transactions
  • Reads fingerprints and/or PINs for added security
  • Built-in serial and Ethernet ports
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Built-in bell scheduling
  • Optional integrated proximity or smart card reader

BioPad-Windows CE: Features and benefits

  • Large 7” touch screen displays high quality fingerprint images, user photos and verification results
  • High resolution camera with a fish eye lens provides high quality images
  • 2GB SD card for storage of data
  • Multi-language support includes Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese
  • 8 function keys in ATM style layout
  • Available in both Linux and Windows CE operating systems

In addition to these biometric options, the company produces RFID and barcode/magnetic readers. If customers prefer a particular hardware design, they can choose to have another type of reader used with their software instead.

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