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ZEUS® Time & Attendance Review

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ZEUS® time and attendance software is suitable for any size of business and provides a cost-effective solution to the problem of tracking workforce attendance and time-keeping. It has been designed by ISGUS and is used by businesses in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, public services, transport and logistics, healthcare and banking. ISGUS also specifically targets SMEs as a sector that could benefit greatly from their software.

Pricing for ZEUS® software is not displayed on their website as it is tailored individually to meet their customer’s specific requirements.

Features of the software

  • Absence management and holiday planning
  • Management by exception capability
  • Customisable functions and features
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Payroll integration
  • Complicated overtime calculations
  • Enables compliance with European Working Time Directives and other legislation
  • Reports sent by email if required
  • Multi-user system
  • Real time information updates
  • Multiple security settings
  • Modular format enables other solutions to be added at a later date

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Benefits of using ZEUS® time and attendance software

Being able to offer your employees flexible working times without the associated administrative costs can give you an edge over your competitors. Staff will be more motivated by their enhanced work/life balance, and productivity boosts as a result.

For businesses with staff attendance problems, this software helps to clamp down on late arrivals and those employees who choose to abuse your systems. It helps you to minimise absenteeism and ‘buddy punching,’ or clocking in for colleagues.

As your business grows, you can add various modules to your ZEUS® time and attendance software with Access Control, Staff Planning, or Plant Data Collection all available. Additionally, the facility to integrate with your payroll solution increases accuracy with automatic calculations of potentially complex patterns of working hours.

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