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Timesheet software is something that all companies would benefit from, regardless of whether they’re a small, family run business or a huge, international chain. Time management software helps businesses easily and accurately keep track of the hours each employee puts in – even more important if you operate an overtime or flexible working hours policy. It tracks how much time is spent of specific projects and monitors holidays and sickness absences. This is not only important for payroll purposes, but also to ensure that staff behave as expected. If you’re looking for good timekeeping software, here are some options you may wish to explore:

You may also want to consider a more comprehensive employee tracking solution. Take a look at the top 6 cloud-based time and attendance software.


The aim of the Replicon timesheet software is to reduce the burden of time tracking and holiday management for small human resources teams around the world. The easy to use web based software makes it simple for employees to self manage their hours and they can even be automatically reminded to submit their weekly timesheet so that all hours can be processed on time every time.


If your business operates an overtime or flexible working system, don’t worry. The Replicon system allows you to build in your own rules regarding working hours, and automatically alerts you when there are clashes with the government imposed working hours limitations.

Replicon is used by 1.5 million users around the world and is popular as all data is backed up in the cloud. Time management currently costs around £6 per user per month, with an additional £4 per person per month for absence management.

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Upland Software

Formerly known as Timesheet.com

There are two separate sides to Timesheet by Upland. On one side is pure employee management, accurately tracking hours worked, holidays and sick leave, so that payroll can be customised each month based, for example, on overtime or statutory sick pay. On the other side is a more customer based focus. Employees hours can be quickly and easily allocated to specific projects, which can then be billed to clients or used to display a clear project budget.


With more than 800 clients throughout the world, Timesheet by Upland aims to make human resources administration much more efficient, regardless of the size of the company. Clients “The Bridgespan Group” have reported a 75 percent decrease in time spent on administrative data input since they started using the web based system.

Like Replicon, the system is completely web based, so data is stored securely in the cloud. This is system could be worth considering for those who might require its more advanced features.


Mitrefinch were once at the forefront of traditional, punch card operated clocking in systems in the 1980s, but have since entered into the world of software based time management. Their aim is to make time tracking quick and easy, and to produce detailed reports that help managers allocate tasks and projects, seeing where there’s a dip in productivity amongst teams and how that issue can be addressed.

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Scheduling is a big part of the Mitrefinch software, and ensures that all times when productivity is limited is recorded accurately, such as time in meetings with potential clients, holidays and sickness, and flexible working hours. The software integrates fully with human resources and payroll software from Mitrefinch, so monthly wages can be customised, based on allowances in areas such as overtime or statutory sick pay.

The software can be used anywhere, so it’s an excellent choice for companies with remote working policies. Should you wish to implement this solution, you are advised to contact the company for a quote.

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Time management software really is something all companies, regardless of size, should utilise. If you’re on the lookout for a high quality solution to time and attendance management, just fill out the form at the top of the page and Expert Market UK will locate companies and software solutions that meet your needs. We’ll even compare prices across the board so you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal available.

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