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By Aimee Bradshaw | Writer and researcher

uAttend is the brainchild of ProcessingPoint, a California-based technology company founded in 2005. The company has leveraged cloud computing and mobile technology to revolutionise employee management systems and mobile payment technologies. They are so focused on productivity that they even have their own line of coffee.

In the UK however, uAttend is supplied by Chronologic. ProcessingPoint worked closely with Chronologic when launching uAttend here in 2011. But uAttend is now establishing an independent presence in the British market- so much so that Chronologic recently divided their website into two sites, to give uAttend its own space.

This article will review the features and benefits of uAttend Time and Attendance Software for UK businesses.

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What is uAttend?

The uAttend time and attendance system was the first web-based clocking system that was priced for small businesses. Clocking terminals register when employees arrive and leave, supplying accurate data to HR and payroll systems. By automating time and attendance data, uAttend rapidly decreases a company’s administrative burden and increases productivity. uAttend has proven hugely popular in the US and UK.

uAttend time and attendance systems can track every aspect of working time. Its guiding principle is ‘Automate Everything’. The system is ‘cloud-based’ because data is stored online. This makes the data accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This accessibility is one of the keys to uAttend’s efficiency.

What Kind of Work Situations is uAttend Suitable For?

Most businesses in the UK could utilise uAttend software, but the software was created with the following groups in mind:

  • 9 – 5 office workers
  • Shift workers
  • People working from home
  • Mixed and flexitime working
  • Mobile / delivery workers
  • People working across multiple locations

uAttend Products

uAttend Clocking Machines for Fixed Locations

Employees with a singular office base can use a number of different clocking modalities, from facial recognition to touch tone landlines. Any number of clocking devices can connect up to the same uAttend account. No matter how employees clock in, the data they generate will be processed in the same way. All the machines uAttend offer have a customisable colour touch screen and they are designed to work straight out of the box. uAttend clocking machines are also guaranteed for life.

uAttend Biometric Clocking Machines

Biometric clocking machines provide an excellent solution to the problem of “buddy punching”, where employees sign each other in and out.

The MN2000 facial recognition terminal can handle facial recognition for up to 200 employees, with or without a PIN code. It is ideal for working environments where hand hygiene is important, such as kitchens and medical facilities. It is also advantageous in places where dust and grime might interfere with fingerprint scanners, such as building sites. The MN2000 is capable of handling hundreds of PIN access codes and key fobs or swipe cards.

uAttend’s fingerprint terminals are the BN6500, which is a wireless model, and the cheaper BN6000, which requires a direct connection to the internet via a cable. These work well in office environments and can clock up to 5000 employees.

uAttend Proximity Clocking Machines

As with the biometric readers, the uAttend swipe card/fob clocking terminal comes in wireless (CB6500) and wired (CB6000) versions. The machines use radio-frequency identification to monitor an electronic tag in the swipe card or key fob an employee uses to clock in. They are reasonably priced, making them suitable small businesses, or those with large numbers of employees.

uAttend Products

uAttend Mobile Clocking Options

The simplest form of clocking in is for employees to register themselves as ‘at work’ by logging into uAttend online. The ‘clocking in screen’ is easy to use and provides the capacity to log time against specific departments and projects. Staff will need to clock out for breaks and lunches, and timecards are then submitted for approval. This is an ideal system for those who also spend time working from home – or who must track hours for multiple projects or clients. Employees can use this personalised screen to track their own data and apply for holidays and time off.

Employees who travel can access uAttend via a free smartphone app for iPhones and Androids. One advantage of using the app is that devices can submit geolocation data as well. This is perfect for tracking employees on delivery routes or client visits. Employers can even choose to set a specific location for where an employee has to be to clock in.

Online data protection is very robust, so a lost or damaged phone won’t mean lost or corrupted data.

There is a final, low-tech option where an employee can use a touch-tone phone to log in using a PIN number. This is an excellent fallback in the event of poor mobile data coverage and it works for staff who do not have access to the company’s IT systems.

Ideal Industries for the uAttend System

  • Restaurants and bars – single or multiple locations
  • Medical centres and hospitals – including mobile nursing and care teams
  • Construction and manufacturing
  • Creative industries such as production companies
  • Small businesses – accountants, office, retail, catering

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Workflow Control with uAttend

Data can from uAttend can be used to track department transfers and time spent on specific projects. With all this information at their fingertips, companies can become more efficient and more responsive – shifting workloads and moving employees to specific projects where necessary. Given the constantly changing pressures of modern business operations, that capacity to adapt will provide a real advantage over competitors.

Practical Benefits of uAttend

For employers, uAttend can process variable rates of pay for different circumstances, keep track of shift workers and monitor lateness and also compassionate leave. uAttend’s extensive reporting capacity includes access to data in real time. The system can automatically generate emails to track specific things such as lateness and reminders for staff breaks to ensure compliance with working time regulations. This enables business to create a streamlined staffing environment for daily operations, and seasonal periods such as the summer holidays.

Employees can access their own data, enabling them to keep track of holidays, make time off requests, and monitor overtime worked. There are also financial aspects, such as logging travel costs and other expenses, or bonuses, such as tips received.


uAttend is frequently recommended for small businesses and was created with smaller companies in mind. However, it is also growing rapidly and responding to its customers’ needs and looks set to remain a highly popular supplier, moving into the medium-sized enterprise market with the same winning tactics: simple automation for complex tasks.

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Aimee Bradshaw Writer and researcher

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