Top 5 Time and Attendance Software systems

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

Find the perfect time and attendance system for your business

Looking for a time and attendance software that meets the needs of your business? We’ve collected the five best suppliers on the market. Scroll down for our top selections.

And while you’re here, you can also get to grips with the top online time and attendance software, open source time and attendance software platforms, cloud-based time and attendance systems over multiple devices, and biometric time and attendance systems.

Best time and attendance systems

Tap into the daily goings-on of your business anywhere, anytime

The top 5 time and attendance systems

We compared the leading time and attendance systems on the market, analysing the features and totting up the benefits for your business. Our top providers include Bodet Kelio, Kronos, Mitrefinch, Chronicle, and ZEUS® (ISGUS).

The best time and attendance systems for UK businesses:

Bodet Kelio Time Attendance Software

Bodet spent five years developing Kelio time and attendance software to make sure it works to the highest standard. It has massive scope for integrating payroll, HR and security functions and is suitable for medium to large businesses in any sector.

Their On Demand system operates through a software as service cloud-based platform, with 24/7 access to data. Employees can clock in online, including on mobiles, or clocking in hardware can be purchased in addition.

There are two package options: the basic Kelio One and the complete Kelio Pro, which offers more data processing and planning functions. Those uncertain which to choose can be reassured by the fact that the service is modular, meaning users can upgrade or downgrade their usage at any time, with growth or adjustments.

Price quotes specific to your business size and needs are easy to find using our form, at the top of this page.

Best features:

• Outstanding data security
• Updates and software support included
• Modules available for every aspect of time and attendance
• Flexibility to change package any time, to expand, reduce, or swap usage of modules
• Capacity to track projects time use, as well as clocking employees
• Adaptable for remote, office, and warehouse conditions
• Reports include real time tracking

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Kronos are a billion dollar enterprise with employees worldwide, and more than 40 million users. They offer two time and attendance systems – Workforce Central for enterprises with over 2000 employees, and Workforce Ready for SMEs with 200+ employees.

Workforce Ready has a user-friendly interface and manages all employee data including time and attendance, payroll and HR.

Plus, real-time employee data allows businesses to make faster and more informed decisions, enabling them to optimize workforce-productivity and competitiveness. As it is a cloud-based solution there are no expensive maintenance or installation costs of hardware.

Workforce Timekeeper is their classic clocking package, adapted for smaller companies as Workforce Ready Time Keeping. Pricing is bespoke, so to access quotes for your specific business use the form at the top of the page.

Best features:

• Tracks labour laws and union rules
• Reduces administrative workload with automated timekeeping
• Can be adapted for different industries
• Perfect for companies that are growing quickly
• UK based support


Award winning Mitrefinch Time and Attendance systems are customised around each company’s needs to ensure a smart fit for your business with optimum results.

Mitrefinch’s software can be adapted in almost limitless ways with unique rules, for example to prevent too many employees being on holiday simultaneously, or to track unusual schedules. Employees have the power to view their data and make requests and all functions can be accessed on the go via tablet and mobile, as well as via PC.

The software can be hosted by Mitrefinch and accessed online, or loaded onto company servers, and it is geared towards serving 100+ employees. Mitrefinch time and attendance systems are flexible enough to work with a wide variety of businesses but are ideally suited for the security and intelligence industries. You can find prices for your business using our handy form.

Best features:

• Systems are custom fitted for your company’s specific goals and needs
• Easy to use for employees, managers and employers
• Accessible on a range of devices
• Many automated functions, such as checking compliance with break times and workplace legislation
• Payroll and other reporting functions can integrate with your existing software
• Support from UK call centre as well as online tutorials


Chronicle offers a completely cloud-based solution, meaning you can access information about your staff from anywhere in the world. Chronicle works with any app, in any browser – all you need is an internet connection. So you’ll (literally) never be out of touch with crucial information about your staff and business.

Chronicle lets you track your company’s time and attendance data in real time. You can generate hour and payroll reports at the touch of a button, and stay on top of your wage bills.

Chronicle lets you track your company’s time and attendance data in real time. You can generate hour and payroll reports at the touch of a button, and stay on top of your wage bills. It even claims to be able to save you a tidy 5% a year on your staffing bills. And with over 30 years of experience in the industry, it’s well placed to understand the challenges of small UK businesses.

You’ll need to enquire about the price to get set up with a Chronicle time and attendance system. Or, you can fill out our form and start comparing quotes from approved suppliers today. It’s free!

Best features:

• Easily accessible from your tablet, computer, or smartphone
• Range of intuitive clocking devices
• In-house experts make set up simple and quick
• Hosted – no need for installation or servers
• Online software adapts to your device
• Built and supported in the UK
• Combined time and attendance systems and access control systems

ZEUS® (ISGUS) Time Attendance Software

The ISGUS brand has been firmly established since 1888, the company are consistent innovators with continuous research and development. Their time and attendance systems are highly innovative, with hosted Software as a Service (cloud) options, for large organisations and a modular approach that builds complexity as required for SME’s.

ZEUS® time and attendance software works with ISGUS award winning clocking terminals, mobile clocking with GPS is an option, as is job costing, staff scheduling and production data capture.

Pricing is based on company size (rising in multiples of 25/50), licenses, and whether or not the package is hosted on a cloud basis or as a classic on premise service. Put in the options your business would need using our form to access specific quotes.

Best features:

• Works with large organisations and SMEs
• Hosted software as service option
• Modular software for growing businesses
• Dedicated support team based in the UK
• Multiple users can access reports in real time
• Accessible on a range of devices with GPS tracking
• Can also be used for job costing, staff scheduling
• Employee self-service functions
• Integration to payroll

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