Top 5 Time and Attendance Software in the UK

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer | Updated: 6 March 2020

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Below is a list of the five best time and attendance software suppliers on the market. Scroll down for our top selections.

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Time and attendance software is like a line from a Shakira song. You'll be able to view live comings and goings at your workplace; whenever, wherever

The top 5 time and attendance software

We compared the leading time and attendance systems on the market, analysing the features and totting up the benefits. Our top time and attendance software comes from Bodet, Kronos, Mitrefinch, Chronicle, and ZEUS® (ISGUS).

The best time and attendance software in the UK:

  1. Bodet Kelio: A flexible, scalable system recommended for medium to large buisnesses.
  2. Kronos: User-friendly software with two systems – one for large enterprises and another for smaller businesses.
  3. Mitrefinch: A heavily customisable system that can be tailored to fit your exact needs.
  4. Chronicle: A savvy cloud-based system that can be accessed from any device.
  5. ZEUS® (ISGUS): A time-honoured supplier with a cloud-based system for small businesses and a modular system for bigger companies.

Bodet Kelio Time Attendance Software

Bodet's flagship time and attendance software, ‘Kelio' spent five years being perfected and fine-tuned. And it shows. Kelio has massive scope for integrating payroll, HR and security functions. Its software is both flexible and scalable, and we recommend it for medium to large businesses in any sector.

Kelio is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform. It's entirely cloud-based, meaning you and your employees will have 24/7 access to data. Staff can clock in online (including on mobiles) and in person, with a separate clocking-in terminal.

There are two software packages available. The more basic option, Kelio One, will satisfy the time and attendance software requirements of most medium-sized companies. The more advanced software, Kelio Pro, offers greater data processing and planning functions.

Bodet's software service is entirely modular. That means you can pick and choose which of the software's features you're most interested in, and upgrade or downgrade your usage at any time.

To receive quotes tailored to the needs of your industry and workforce, provide us with a few details about your requirements via our form at the top of this page.

Best features:

• Outstanding data security
• Updates and software support included
• Modules available for every aspect of time and attendance
• Flexibility to change your software package any time, and to expand, reduce, or swap your module usage
• Capacity to track projects and offer biometric clocking-in to your employees
• Adaptable for remote, office, and warehouse conditions
• Reports include real time tracking

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Kronos is a billion dollar enterprise with employees around the world, and more than 40 million users of its software. Kronos offers two time and attendance system software options to choose from. Workforce Central is for enterprises with over 2,000 employees, while Workforce Ready is a software solution better-suited to SMEs with 200+ employees.

Workforce Ready sports a user-friendly interface and is simple to get the hang of. Above all, it's clever software that'll help you manage all your employee data, including time and attendance, payroll and HR. Kro-nice!

Plus, Kronos' real-time employee data allows you to make faster and more informed decisions. Better still, Kronos' industry-leading software will enable you better optimise workforce productivity and competitiveness. Remember, Kronos is a cloud-based solution. That means there are no expensive software maintenance costs, or charges to install any pricey hardware.

Kronos' time and attendance software pricing is bespoke.

Best features:

• Tracks labour laws and union rules
• Reduces administrative workload with automated timekeeping
• Easily adaptable to fit different industries and varying workforce sizes
• Perfect for companies that are growing quickly
• UK-based software support


Mitrefinch's award-winning time and attendance software is completely tailored to your needs. Mitrefinch works with you to put together a software package (along with the right clocking-in system too, should you need it) that's a snug fit for the size and nature of your workforce.

You can adapt Mitrefinch’s software in almost limitless ways, with many unique scheduling and rota functions. For example, you can avoid having too many employees away on holiday simultaneously, and track unusual shift patterns with ease. Employees have the power to view their data and make requests. And they can do all this on the go, via Mitrefinch's intelligent cloud-based platform.

Your software will either be hosted by Mitrefinch and accessed online, or loaded onto your own servers for an on-premise solution. Mitrefinch's time and attendance systems are flexible enough to work with a wide variety of businesses. That said, this software is best-suited to catering for 100+ employees, and excels in serving the security and intelligence industries.

Ready to start? Provide us with a few details about your specific software requirements, and receive bespoke time and attendance quotes.

Best features:

• Mitrefinch's systems are custom-made to fit your goals
• Easy to use for employees, managers, and employers
• Accessible across a range of devices (cloud-based, baby!)
• Many automated functions, including checking compliance with break times and workplace legislation
• Payroll and other reporting functions integrate with your existing software
• UK-based customer support, with online tutorials for onboarding


Chronicle is a completely cloud-based solution, allowing you to access information about your staff from anywhere in the world. Chronicle also works with any app, in any browser – all you need is an internet connection. So you’ll (literally) never be out of touch with crucial information about your staff and business.

Chronicle's savvy software solution lets you track time and attendance data in real time. Generating hour and payroll reports is as simple as touching a button, as is staying on top of staff wage bills.

Better yet, Chronicle even claims to be able to save you a tidy 5% a year on your staffing bills. And with over 30 years of experience in the time and attendance software trade, it’s well-placed to understand your workplace's unique challenges.

You’ll need to enquire about the software's price directly with Chronicle, to get set up with a full time and attendance system. Or, you can fill out our form and start comparing quotes from approved suppliers today. It’s free!

Best features:

• Easily accessible from your tablet, computer, or smartphone
• Build on Chronicle's excellent software with several intuitive clocking devices
• In-house experts provide quick, simple software setup
• Hosted – no need for installation or servers
• Online software adapts to your device
• Built and supported in the UK
• Combined time and attendance systems and access control systems

ZEUS® (ISGUS) Time Attendance Software

Founded in 1888, Zeus' iconic ISGUS brand has been around the block. So it's fair to say Zeus' time and attendance software is about as innovative as it gets. Zeus offers hosted, SaaS (cloud-based) options for smaller enterprises. For larger teams, a modular approach is available, as well as an on-premise solution.

Zeus' time and attendance software works with award-winning clocking-in terminals, while mobile sign ins with GPS are also on offer. Job costing, staff scheduling and production data capture features are all included as standard with Zeus' time and attendance system, too. Handy!

Zeus' time and attendance software prices differ. How much you'll pay depends on your number of employees (rising in multiples of 25/50), licences, and whether you choose a cloud-based or on-premise solution. Simply enter the requirements you'd value most from your software, and you'll receive tailored quotes for free.

Best features:

• Modular software is ideal for growing businesses
• Zeus' dedicated support team based in the UK
• Its software allows multiple users to access data in real time
• Accessible across many devices, with GPS tracking available
• Can also be used for job costing, staff scheduling
• Employee self-service functions
• Integration to payroll

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