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By Dan Barraclough

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Safescan was initially founded to protect business owners against counterfeit money, after the introduction of the Euro to the Netherlands. In 2009 the company’s rapid global success meant it could also branch out into the time and attendance market with a range of clocking systems and software, which have now won several design awards. Today Safescan serve businesses worldwide and their UK headquarters are in Ashford, Kent.

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Safescan Clocking Machines

Clocking machines have come a long way from the ‘punch-in’ cards used by factory workers in the 1890s. Safescan’s current range of products fall into three distinct categories, determined by how employees use them: RFID, Biometric, and Combined Functionality.

With Radio Frequency Identification systems (RFID) employees use cards or fob ‘keys’ to pass over sensors as they enter or leave the premises. Safescan’s biometric clocking machines rely on employee’s unique fingerprint to check who is beginning or ending their working hours. Combined machines give employees both options. The advantage of combined machines is that as well as having a biometric measure to prevent “buddy clocking” (read more) the RFID capability ensures that if someone has an injured or unclean finger they can still clock in by using their key card or fob.

Something that makes Safescan stand out is its one size fits all approach. While most systems require different packages for different numbers of users, all the models of Safescan clocking machines are good for up to 3000 users. Similarly, while most software packages are only licensed for a small number of users, Safescan’s accompanying TA software (included) and TA+ software (optional upgrade) is open to an unlimited number of users.

Safescan Clocking Machines Prices

RFID Proximity Sensors
Safescan TA-8010£299 excl. VAT
Safescan TA-8015£379 excl. VAT
Biometric Fingerprint Scanners
Safescan TA-8020£379 excl. VAT
Safescan TA-8025£459 excl. VAT
Combined Sensor and Biometric Clocking
Safescan TA-8030£439 excl. VAT
Safescan TA-8035£519 excl. VAT

Standard Hardware Features

In addition to handling 3000 users, Safescan provide the following features on all of their clocking in terminals:

  • Machine can hold 100,000 records
  • 3.5” TFT colour display
  • LAN connection
  • PIN security for management access
  • Has the option of dual security with PIN access, when required
  • Manual data entry and edit
  • Users can look up their logs on the unit itself
  • The unit can display short messages to workers as they clock in and out
  • No data loss in case of power failure with automatic backup data function
  • 3 year warranty and 14-day satisfaction guarantee

Standard TA Software Features

Safescan’s accompanying TA software works impressively well alongside the physical clocking machines. As well as unlimited user capacity, the standard software features include:

  • Real time overview of who is present with emergency roll call feature
  • Work code support – for visitors, specific projects, medical visits and holidays
  • Can filter employees through project code or department
  • Calculates working hours, including overtime
  • Data can be exported to payroll packages via Excel or CSV

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Variable Features on Safescan Clocking Machines

As you can see, many of the features of Safescan machines are standard across all models, however each model has its differences, of course.
Most noticeably, the Safescan 8015, 8025 and 8035 improve upon the Safescan 8010, 8020 and 8030 by three main features: WiFi connectivity, a security alarm which sounds if the terminal is removed from the wall, and access control functionality, which means that the device can be connected to a door opening system or lock. Having access control is very useful for tracking high security environments and ensuring certain areas in a building remain restricted. If you do opt for the cheaper 8015 or 8035 however, these models do include 5 extra RFID badges for free.

Safescan TA / TA+ Software

The basic software that comes with all the Safescan clocking machines is excellent, as you can see from the features list above, and customers might ask themselves why they would need the extra functionality of the TA+ software upgrade. The difference between the two is that TA only reports – it can tell you what has happened- but the TA+ has multiple planning features that add particular value. TA+ will enable rostering and scheduling, shift management, and holiday planning, among other things. Data from both TA and TA+ software can be exported to payroll packages like sage, but TA+ can make payroll calculations, including overtime, and other special rates.


Accessories for Safescan products, such as key fobs or cards, should be bought along with the purchase of the device. Upgrading to TA+ software is an extra £159 excl. VAT. Another kind of ‘accessory’ which may be valuable to you is an hour (or more if you wish) of technical software support, which costs for £95.

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