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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer | Updated: 20 March 2019

Is it time for your business to get a new time and attendance system? Read our Safescan review to find out…

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  • Sleek time and attendance scanners
  • Industry-leading biometric software

X Cons:

  • Relatively expensive

Safescan was initially founded to protect business owners against counterfeit money, after the introduction of the Euro to the Netherlands. 

In 2009, the company’s rapid global success meant it could also branch out into the time and attendance (T&A) market. Fast forward to today, and Safescan’s range of clocking systems and software have won  all sorts of awards for innovation in the market.

Now considered one of the best time and attendance systems on the market, Safescan recently introduced TimeMoto, its new sub-brand for time and attendance software. 

In this review, we’ll cover all you’ll need to know about Safescan’s latest TimeMoto software and hardware, to help you decide whether Safescan is a safe bet for your business.

What are Safescan’s features and benefits?

✓ Comprehensive software

With the in-built TimeMoto PC Software, you’ll have a comprehensive overview of your workforce data, where you can create daily, weekly, and monthly periodic reports which you can easily export to your chosen payroll program. You’ll also benefit from an unlimited database with automatic backups, so you don’t need to worry about saving while you go. Safescan also offers one of the best T&A Cloud systems on the market.

✓ Real-time reporting

There’s no waiting around for data when it comes to Safescan – all of the clocking information is pushed over to your network in real-time. This means you’ll have up-to-date information on working hours, job costing, overtime, and absences. Best of all, by knowing exactly how many people are on site at any given time, you can implement fire alarm procedures with a single click, helping to keep your employees safe.

✓ Secure fingerprinting software

Rather than scanning and saving entire fingerprints, the TimeMoto terminal simply recognises key parts of your employees’ prints instead. The software then turns those parts of each fingerprint into a unique, secure code, which links to your employees’ registration numbers for each time they clock in and out. This massively increases the security of your site by ensuring that only your employees can walk in and out.

✓ Radio Frequency ID (RFID) software

More than just a bog-standard card scanner, the TimeMoto terminal’s RFID technology can recognise and analyze your employees’ cards from quite a distance – you don’t even need to take the card out of the holder. The reader also verifies pertinent pieces of information, such as the time, all within a couple of seconds.

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✓ Easily manage HR data

Safescan offers an all-in-one solution for your human resource management. With this software, you can keep, manage, and update all your employee information – including names, contact information, employment history, overtime, holidays, and work schedules – all in one place. 

✓ Copy and compare multiple work schedules

Safescan lets you create copies of work schedules so you can compare them to your employees’ actual worked hours, helping to keep your information as accurate as possible. The software will also automatically calculate overtime for you, making your time management a breeze. 

✓ Contemporary clocking in software

TimeMoto also offers some cracking hardware on top of its range of software. It provides sleek, easy-to-use clocking in devices, which all come with powerful time registration. What’s more, thanks to the TimeMoto Cloud, your employees will have the flexibility to clock in and out from any location via their mobile devices, using the TimeMoto app – which is in fact one of the best T&A apps around.

These are some cool features, right? Time and attendance software systems have come a long way since the humble access key – now they have many more secure, complex methods to help you manage your workforce and keep your employees safe. If you’d like to easily compare T&A options for your business, we can match you with the perfect suppliers, today.

To get involved, all you need to do is tell us about your business, and you’ll receive tailored quotes from the best T&A suppliers for your business’ unique needs. It’s free, and only takes a minute.

How much does Safescan cost?

When it comes to time and attendance systems, prices can vary. Therefore, it’s worth scanning over your options before making a purchase. 

Below are the prices for each of Safescan’s products and services. It’s worth noting that all of the time and attendance scanners come with RFID card or keyfob scanners as standard.

Time and Attendance Scanners


£309 excl. VAT

TM-626 (fingerprint scanner) 

£399 excl. VAT


£399 excl. VAT

TM-828 (fingerprint scanner)

£489 excl. VAT

TM-838 (face recognition)

£529 excl. VAT

USB Fingerprint Scanners

TimeMoto FP-150£93.90 excl. VAT

Cloud Software

TM-Cloud£129 per year excl. VAT
TM-Cloud Plus£219 per year excl. VAT

PC Software

PC Software£89 excl. VAT upfront
PC Plus Software£159 excl. VAT upfront
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Is Safescan right for my business?

Safescan, or indeed any time and attendance system, can help almost any business around the country – but is Safescan right for your particular needs? Let’s find out…

“I want to minimise my paperwork”

Safescan’s software will automate all of your work scheduling tasks, letting you focus on other areas of your business. This means that instead of manually logging shifts, noting overtime, and marking absences, you can let your time and attendance system do all the hard work for you. 

“I have a small workforce”

If you are managing just a handful of employees, then investing in a time and attendance system is probably not necessary. Safescan’s solutions are best used for streamlining the workflow of larger workforces, and for increasing the security of relatively big work sites.

“I want to increase my building’s security”

Using Safescan’s clocking in systems will really help to increase the security for your building or work site. Using employee recognition technology – either using fingerprints or RFID – you can rest assured that you won’t have any unwanted visitors walking through your doors.

“I want to spy on my employees”

This is not what time and attendance systems are used for. TimeMoto by Safescan provides handy solutions to managing your employees in terms of working hours, absences, overtime, and holiday. These systems help you identify how many people are on site, which makes it extremely easy to implement a fire alarm roll-call, helping to keep your employees safe.

Expert verdict

Thanks to TimeMoto by Safescan, tracking time and attendance is no longer a tedious task. Rather than manually logging every minor detail, you can now let TimeMoto automatically register working hours, overtime, holidays, and absences for you – and the hardware doesn’t look too shabby, either.

Is Safescan a safe bet? When it comes to time and attendance, it’s always good to compare your options before settling on a system for your business.

We can match your business with the gold standard of time and attendance system suppliers. Just share with us a few quick details about your business, and you’ll receive quotes from the nation’s best suppliers, tailored specifically to your needs.

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