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By Aimee Bradshaw | Writer and researcher

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Mitrefinch has made a name for itself in the security and intelligence industries, becoming one of the most highly regarded suppliers in the country. Established in 1979, this UK company still has offices near York. Mitrefinch developed the first computerised clocking system, which made its debut on the BBC show Tomorrow’s World, and the company has continued to invest in research ever since. Mitrefinch has an international client base for their clocking and security systems. It operates across all business sectors, from hospitals to high finance, leading to Mitrefinch having offices in English-speaking countries all over the world.

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Products and Services from Mitrefinch

One advantage of Mitrefinch clocking software is that it can run on a PC or as a web-based application.

When operating as a web-based system, data is stored online and very accessible. When local security is paramount, or internet connections are patchy, it’s useful to have the option of running the Mitrefinch clocking application on a Windows PC.

Good digital clocking systems provide intelligent data. Not only will Mitrefinch’s systems record lateness, but they will also identify patterns, for example, if a person is always late on Thursday mornings.

The systems from Mitrefinch can also measure the staffing costs associated with different operations or clients. This information can make funding decisions rational. Data can then be used to streamline workflow and ensure that resources are focused on core objectives.

Best Clocking Machines from Mitrefinch

Mitrefinch currently makes two clocking machines, both of which are highly regarded. The Mitrefinch MF960 T&A Multispectral is a biometric clocking machine that offers advanced sensory technology. The user rests their finger on the reader and multispectral Lumidigm sensors will scan their print – even if they have damp or dirty hands. The MF960 T&A Multispectral is suitable for work sites beyond the traditional ‘office’ environment.

Mitrefinch MF960

The biometric element means that co-workers cannot sign each other in or out, putting an end to time and attendance fraud. The machine stores an algorithm based on the user’s print, not the actual fingerprint itself, making it very secure. Mitrefinch clocking machines also have an internal memory to store data if connection to the internet is lost.

The MF960 works as a stand-alone identification system or in conjunction with a PIN number. Using a PIN speeds up the identification process because the machine does not need compare the print against the algorithms from its entire database. It matches the print algorithm against the only one it has on record for that number. Once a match is made – or not – the unit can give audible and visual confirmation.

Mitrefinch MF900

The Mitrefinch Proximity Time Clock, the MF900, is essentially the same machine, except that it works with swipe cards, or fobs, instead of fingerprints. The MF900 proximity time clock functions the same way as contactless payment, electronic clothes tags and bus passes; using radio frequency identification, or ”RFID”.

Specifications of Mitrefinch Clocking Machines

  • Single colour dot-matrix display screen
  • Can store data so there is no data loss if the system goes offline
  • Can run with Windows or Linux operating systems
  • Can be configured remotely via a web browser
  • Unit weighs only 1.7 kg and can be wall mounted

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Other Clocking Modalities from Mitrefinch


The world of work is evolving faster than ever before. The web makes remote working an excellent option for many employees. People frequently travel between different work locations. Hot desking, working flexible time, shifts, and working while on holiday are also common. Mitrefinch’s compatibility with mobile devices makes clocking in as simple as surfing the web from a smartphone or tablet. Employees visiting a personal page simply tap and swipe for their data.


The Mitrefinch system also allows employees to clock in and out via Microsoft’s Outlook email program. The fact that it uses an existing program is excellent. Users find it very easy to learn because it exists in a familiar setting. This dramatically reduces training time. The same is true of apps running on smartphones – users are typically already confident with these devices and can master the time and attendance software very quickly.

Communications and Regulations

Employees can also use the Mitrefinch web portal to communicate with managers about shifts, expenses, overtime, absences and holiday requests. Access to reports puts employees in charge of their own information, improves retention, and cuts the cost of company administration.

The system can also communicate directly with local and international employees. Working time regulations are easily forgotten, and vary from place to place. However, the Mitrefinch system is capable of handling multiple rules and can send reminders directly to specified employees. These rules can also be applied to shift and holiday scheduling to prevent low levels of staffing – especially during peak times, such as the winter holidays.

An Integrated Data Intelligence System

Mitrefinch time and attendance software is part of a suite of software products that aim to streamline business operations, providing actual figures to govern performance, productivity, job costing, absence, rostering, and payroll. Together these enable businesses to quantify staff performance and business efficiency. This means that decisions about how to streamline operations and focus resources can be pragmatic and rational.

The company also sells access control devices such as door locks and turnstiles. Pricing is available when job-wide estimates are given, or via our time and attendance systems quotes comparison service.

Customer Support from Mitrefinch

Customer support is available online, via a portal where customers sign in, but phone support and site visits are also possible. The service is very well reviewed online and the company has won several awards for innovation.

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Accolades for Mitrefinch

  • 2016 European IT and Software Excellence Awards, finalist
  • 2016 Cloud Awards for the best of cloud computing, finalist
  • 2015 ‘IT Application’ finalist – Australian award for cost-effective productivity tools
  • 2015 Mitrefinch won ISO27001 Information Security Management accreditation

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