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Kronos is one of the most highly regarded innovators in the time and attendance field.
The company was founded in 1977 and had already produced a microprocessor-clocking program by 1979. They released a PC-based system only six years later.

Based in the US, Kronos boasts over 5000 employees. By one estimate, 30 million people use at least one Kronos product every day. Kronos is a global company, with offices in over 110 countries.

Despite challenges from other web-based clocking, recruitment and HR applications, Kronos continues to acquire key industry players and produce innovative time & attendance and workforce management software. The company takes the opportunities offered by new technology and combines that with their solid development strategies and global infrastructure.

There are over 22,000 customers in the Kronos cloud and their products are transforming into software as a service. The company has a record of growth and profitability in the software sector that is only bettered by Microsoft. One reason for this is that all the Kronos products can be integrated, automating much of the HR workload.

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Products and services from Kronos

Kronos offer several workforce management products, including:

  • Time and Attendance
  • Absence Management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Analytics and Labour Activities
  • Access Control

Other activities such as recruitment, HR and Talent management are also available. These can be acquired separately or purchased in a bundle as the Workforce Ready Suite. There is also another bundle, the Workforce Central Suite, which focuses more on the HR side, including recruitment. It’s extremely useful that both suites offer Workforce Timekeeper, the time & attendance software.

Kronos Workforce Timekeeper

Kronos Workforce Timekeeper is an extensive package that covers all the standard clocking points, but has a much higher than standard role in compliance. This means that the system will ensure that workers remain compliant with union and local working time directives.

The reason that most packages will not provide so many options is because of their complexity. Kronos Workforce Timekeeper can handle multiple sets of rules for shifts, variable rates of pay, part time, and remote working.

In addition, the version of Timekeeper will vary from sector to sector. This is an inspired way to leverage their experience and means that companies get bespoke functionality at an off the peg price.

Company information lists 19 different sectors with specially tailored functions including:

  • Lodging, Senior residential and non-acute Care settings
  • Distribution, Field Services, Trucking and 3rd party Logistics
  • Staffing, Contract services, and Contact Centres
  • Analytics, Nonprofits and Labour Activities
  • Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Gaming & Energy
  • Retail, Grocery, Food Service

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Benefits of Kronos Workforce Timekeeper

workforce management from kronos

This time and attendance system allows for employee engagement, both at the clocking terminal and online. Employees can check the status of their holiday allowance, review overtime, make applications for leave and more. It’s also possible for employers to send messages via the terminal.

This level of automation promotes better office relations because decisions about lateness and leave etc. are taken out of the realm of the personal. The system is transparent. With everyone is aware of the rules, the machine simply applies in a way that is visible to all, promoting accountability.

For the employer, the clocking system gives an overview of time and attendance systems in real time – but it will also report over the long term. Trends in employee behaviour can be easily identified, such as increasing lateness, or disruption of work-life balance. Catching these issues early is better for everyone.

All the data is available online, meaning that different departments and locations can all work from the same data. This is not only good for multi-site and international companies, but also for companies with remote, part time and freelance workers. It is perfect for a modern workforce, saving money on staffing and location costs.

From a financial perspective, accuracy in overtime claims, prevention of false clocking by co-workers, error elimination and mitigation of the risks associated with working time regulations all make excellent business sense.

Finally, automating all these reporting functions in a way that is compatible with payroll and scheduling means an increase in overall efficiency and a dramatic reduction in the HR workload and associated labour costs.

Kronos Clocking Machines: Kronos InTouch


The Kronos InTouch is a high end clocking machine that has been relaunched with the most up to the minute technology. It has a dual core processor giving it enhanced capacities, such as a huge library of languages for the international market, or a diverse workforce.


It has an intuitive interface much like that of a smartphone. This includes a built-in web phone so that employees can report issues easily.


Like all touchscreens, it can also be used to play video messages to staff and visitors. The InTouch allows employees to keep track of all their time and attendance figures, contact managers for leave, track overtime and a host of other functions.


All personal details require a higher level of security and personal and company data is securely encrypted.


The machine is also extremely durable. Early digital clocking machines did not function so well in tough environments such as building sites. However, everything from the full colour-touch screen to the casing, and various biometric readers, are built to withstand high volume use in a variety of environments. The InTouch has a wide range of functional temperatures, and can be stored in temperatures as low as -20’ to 70’ celcius.

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Features and options for the Kronos InTouch

There are a variety of options for the InTouch, whether integrated card readers, contactless, or biometric, the choices are huge. Not many other clocking machines offer the option of bar code badge readers, for example. They are modular, so that various different clocking methods can be employed at the same time. There is also a real time reporting function.

Top Features

  • 7” touch screen
  • Lots of memory: 1GB or RAM, 512MB of storage, plus 2GB or removable storage
  • Option for 2 kinds of finger scanning
  • Wifi or Ethernet web connectivity
  • Options for additional proximity or bar code scanners
  • The LED display is simple to understand

Customer support from Kronos

There are multiple layers of support at Kronos, both internal and external. For example, should a customer post anything less than a five star review online, they are usually contacted directly and offered an email address of someone who can help them with any issues.

Top Support Features

  • Kronos Community Support
  • Offers Kronos employees and customers to an online learning and sharing platform

  • Customer Advisory Boards
  • Gives customers a way to make suggestions and influence development direction

  • Kronos Paragon
  • Streamlines your company’s implementation of the Workforce Central bundle

  • KronosWorks
  • A yearly 3-day conference where customers and Kronos network and learn

  • Professional Services
  • Advisory and educational services to help customers get the most from Kronos products

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