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FingerTec Time Attendance Systems Review

Company profile

FingerTec was first established in 2000, and has become a leader in the biometric technology industry with offices worldwide. This award winning company specialises in the manufacture of biometric time and attendance systems, and offers clients around the world solutions to the problem of workforce management.

System features

FingerTec offers several different versions of their time and attendance software:

TimeTec Web

This system uses a web-based platform and is supported by Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer web browsers. The TimeTec Mobile app is also available on iOS, Blackberry and Android. Accessible wherever there is an internet connection, this system is perfect for business owners or managers on the move. It is suitable for SMEs and larger organisations, and can be set up to support multiple branches or sites.

TimeTec Cloud

This version of the software differs from TimeTec Web in that the terminal is managed by TimeTec servers, saving you time on backups and maintenance. Prices start from $2/month per license and 26 reporting options ensure that stored data is usable across the whole spectrum of workforce management issues.


This software is ideal when used alongside FingerTec’s facial, fingerprint, and card scanners. It is suitable for SMEs with a large workforce and can connect with up to 999 FingerTec terminals via an IP network. Real time information from one of FingerTec’s scanners ensures that informed decisions can be made regarding placement of labour, with up-to-date information on who is on-site and who has not yet clocked in.

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Do you already have a Time & Attendance System?


Time and attendance hardware includes:

  • Fingerprint scanners which store up to 10,000 fingerprint templates and 200,000 transactions. These scanners all have voice prompts for ease of use and 3" colour touch screens.
  • Facial recognition devices that store up to 400 face templates and 100,000 transactions. The ‘Face ID 2’ is also able to scan fingerprints.
  • RFID card models offering card alone or card + password requirements. These access control plus time and attendance machines store up to 30,000 cards and 50,000 transactions. The TimeLine 100 model is purely designed for time and attendance systems and verification is by card or password.

Benefits of automated time and attendance systems

The main benefit to a business of automating their workforce management processes is the amount of time that becomes available once the burden of operating a manual system has gone. Tasks that used to take hours to complete can be carried out in minutes.

An example of where huge amounts of time can be saved is the payroll function. Time and attendance solutions allow integration with payroll software, and data is uploaded for automatic calculation of hours worked and wages due.

Automated systems highlight any problems of absenteeism, with calendars marked clearly when an employee does not clock in, or is late. Time theft is a serious cause for concern in some industries, and considerable savings can be made by stamping it out. Clocking in for a colleague is another problem for some small businesses, and this too is eliminated with the use of biometric fingerprint or facial recognition systems.

Complex shift patterns and flexible working hours are easily dealt with by time and attendance software that collates and handles all the necessary payroll information. Money is saved on labour costs as managers are able to allocate staff more efficiently, even for the most complex job assignments.

If you want help to find the best time and attendance software for your business, just fill out the form at the top of this page. Expert Market UK will compare rates and services from top companies.

Save by Comparing Time & Attendance Systems Quotes from Leading Suppliers

Do you already have a Time & Attendance System?