Top 10 Fingerprint Clocking In Machines 2018

By Hannah Whitfield

Fingerprint clocking systems automate payroll processes and offer next level business security. We’ve reviewed the top models on the market today

Fingerprint clocking in machines save businesses time and money by automating payroll processes, so you can say goodbye to time sheets once and for all.

They also make your business much more secure. Door codes are easily watched and copied, but fingerprints will always be unique.

Take a look below at our roundup of the 10 best fingerprint clocking in systems of 2018, and see how they could help your business. Or, fill in this form now to get quotes tailored to you.

1. Kronos InTouch biometric fingerprint scanners

The Kronos InTouch has a seven inch colour touchscreen. It’s perfect for businesses that want a bit more from their clocking in system. Lift not working? Free croissants on the third floor? Give employees the critical (and not so critical!) office headlines before they’ve even walked through the door.


The Kronos InTouch uses a special sensor that cuts through moisture and grime to provide an accurate reading. Even the hottest hands will get through without a hiccup. Prices are available on a quote by quote basis.


2. uAttend Biometric BN6000 fingerprint terminals

Need a fingerprint clocking in system, and only a fingerprint clocking in system? This could be the model for you. The uAttend Biometric BN6000 can store details of up to 5000 employees. It’s basic but robust, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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The uAttend Biometric is a solid model at a very reasonable price (£149.00 ex VAT). Keep in mind that you’ll need the uAttend system software (sold separately) for this model to work, but this is considered very reliable and user-friendly, too.


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3. Mitrefinch biometric clocking terminals

Businesses worldwide use Mitrefinch’s custom clocking in machines. They design and make all their models in-house, and can easily tailor them to your business needs. Pair with Mitrefinch’s own time and attendance software for ultimate ease-of-use.

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Are you finding that off-the-shelf models just aren’t suitable for your business? It’s worth seeing if Mitrefinch can offer you something unique. Prices are available on a quote by quote basis.


4. AllDay Time PT1400 fingerprint & RFID proximity terminals

The PT1400 lets employees clock in with their fingerprint, fob, card or pin. That way you’ve always got a failsafe option if anything goes wrong. It can easily export data to Payroll softwares such as Sage and Quickbooks.


AllDay Time systems offer good quality at a fair price. When your business grows, you can easily upgrade to a more advanced model. Prices start at £349.


5. Eurotime Systems Anviz A300 fingerprint readers

The Anviz A300 biometric clocking machine has a waterproof, dustproof and scratchproof fingerprint reader. It’s ideal for those working in an industrial setting, and can register up to 2000 different employees.


Anyone who’s made the mistake of getting sand in their smartphone will know that most tech products are quite sensitive to their environment. Whether you’re in a warehouse or on a building site, you won’t have to worry about the Anviz A300. It’s a hardy little machine. Prices start from £199.


6. Bodet Kelio Visio customisable fingerprint terminals

Bodet systems feature a colourful touch screen design, Wifi, Ethernet and GSM capability. They allow company branding, and can also display web content and messages for arriving employees.


Bodet have 30 years of experience and work across 60 countries. It’s fair to say they’re a big authority on time and attendance systems. Users praise the amount of quality training they offer alongside their products. Prices are available on request.


7. Time Systems UK GeoTime 200 fingerprint terminals

The GeoTime 200 is Time Systems’ latest model. It monitors employee breaks and even sorts time worked into standard and overtime. This data makes the buildup to payday a breeze.


If you have complicated overtime rules, Time Systems’ latest fingerprint terminal will take the hassle out of payday. The GeoTime 200 starts at £235 for up to 15 employees, with the largest version costing £650 for up to 120.


8. Safescan TimeMoto TM-828 fingerprint clocking machines

In terms of looks, the TimeMoto TM-828 is the Apple Mac of time and attendance systems. It’s about the size of a small tablet, and will look at home in any modern office. And it’s not just a pretty package, either. The TimeMoto series is powered by the cloud, meaning you have access to all your data at any time and from anywhere. It has an automatic backup function, too.

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This model can support up to 2000 users, and prices start at just £489 (ex VAT). Safescan even offer a 30 day free trial with all their TimeMoto models, so you can see if it’s right for you before committing.


9. AccuTime Fingerprint Pro clocking in machine

The AccuTime Fingerprint Pro system may be at the upper end of price brackets, but with their promise to ‘completely eliminate payroll errors and trust issues’, it will be an investment worth making.


AccuTime’s Fingerprint Pro system lets you customise shift patterns and overtime rates (both unlimited), and can accommodate up to 500 employees. Prices start at £649.


10. Safescan TimeMoto TM-616 fingerprint clocking machine

When Safescan make a line of systems as cutting-edge as the TimeMoto series, it’s no wonder they’ve appeared more than once in our top 10. This model is targeted at smaller businesses; it can support up to 200 users, and is a bit cheaper (and smaller) too.

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The TimeMoto TM-616 may be small, but it sure is mighty. Prices start at just £309 (ex VAT).


Next steps

Forget any idea that using fingerprint systems is ‘spying’. Sure, you may feel like you’re entering MI5 when you scan in for the first time, but that’s where the similarity ends.

A fingerprint clocking in system will benefit your business, but when it comes to choosing which one, you need to strike a balance between cost and value.

This point will be different for every business, as every business is… well, different. That’s why the only way to be sure you’re getting the best deal for you is to compare quotes.

Fill in this short form to get fingerprint clocking in system quotes from up to four suppliers, obligation-free. It only takes a minute, and could save you a lot of money and research time.

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