Cheapest Time Systems for UK Businesses


If you’re looking for a comprehensive time tracking system the following options allow you to improve your business management easily and at a relatively low cost.
For simpler or more flexible solutions from just a few pounds a month you may also be interested in reviewing the Top 5 Time and Attendance Software.

Cheapest Time System SuppliersClocking SystemsTime Systems (UK)Egress Systems


Clocking Systems

Clocking Systems have 30 years of experience serving the British Industry and have 35,000 UK companies as customers, and whether you’ve got 5 employees or 5000 they are sure they can meet your Time Systems needs and at a cheap price.

They offer a fingerprint Clocking System with easy-to-use software that incorporates state-of-the-art fingerprint sensors which stop employees clocking in for one another – saving on average between 2%-5% on payroll costs.

Other products include: Clocking-In Machines that come with 250 free clock cards, a 25 slot rack, ribbon and delivery; fully installed time and attendance solutions complete with training and installation; guard tour systems that monitor whether personnel have checked in at certain points.

For a variety of other solutions, this guide to 10 of the best clocking in systems should provide additional context


Fingerprint Clocking System – from £495

Clocking in Machine Starter Package – from £160

Time and Attendance Solutions – Price tailored to individual needs


“Web site very convenient, all the information easily accessible, will be putting the system into practice this week. Will probably use the site again if only to order additional clocking in cards.”
– Paula Eady – Rock Constructions Ltd

“Items came the next day, very good service “
– Hazel Dawson – GRG Technology Ltd

“I had a question and this was answered quickly and the delivery was next day. I couldn’t ask for better service, thank you very much.”
– Sue Weake – Opal Contracts (UK) Ltd

“Xtra fast service, would use again without hesitation. A big thumbs up.””
– Paul Atton – Westwood Laboratory Ltd

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Time Systems (UK) Ltd.

Time Systems (UK) Ltd has been in the business for 25 years and in that time have supplied over 25,000 businesses.Their product range includes:

  • Biometric Time Recording that uses unique fingerprint and hand recognition to personnel can be proofed before being allowed to enter or exit the premises.
  • Proximity Time Recording that uses Keytag ID and RFID Proximity badges to allow the contactless recording of time and attendance.
  • Magnetic Swipe Cards that monitor Attendance and Time via Personnel Badge ID
  • Electronic Machines that fully records Time and Attendance activity.


Biometric Time Recording from £139

Contactless Time and Attendance FROM £375.

Magnetic Swipe Cards FROM £450.


“Time Systems have provided us a great service over the years, we currently have eight TOUCHtime machines in use and we plan to purchase more as our company expands.”
– John Cammidge – BodyPower

“The hand scanner installation was quick and very simple to access and use. I haven’t had any trouble at all and when I needed an engineer with a problem after a powercut it was sorted within minutes.”
– Shane Jackson – Mercedes Benz

Egress Systems

Egress specialise in Time and Attendance Systems. Their Products include:

  • The Hand Punch 1000 Hand Reader – Biometric clocking terminal that is suitable for all environments, especially suitable for industrial settings, factories and building sites. Features include: 50 to 512 user capacity, TCP/IP or RS232 connectivity and accurate PIN + hand clocking.
  • The Hand Punch GPRS Station – popular HandPunch range in which the power supply and GPRS modem combine to enable biometric clocking. Features include: 50 to 512 user capacity and accurate clocking via PIN + hand.
  • Bio station Fingerprint reader – Popular in medium to large businesses where technology impresses. Ideal for offices, casinos and hotels. Features include: 50,000 fingerprint capacity, Scans up to 3000 fingerprints per second, Optical, capacitive or thermal swipe sensors, and displays corporate logo, images and animation.


Prices quoted according to individual needs.


“Egress have been extremely helpful regarding any teething problems and have gone out of their way to assist and support our company, whether that be sorting a glitch in the system to re-writing an entire part of the software to suit our needs.”
– Bev Richards, HR Payroll Manager, The Lewis Partnership

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