Cheap time and attendance systems for UK businesses

cheap time and attendance system

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

Keep employee productivity up, while driving costs down. What are the cheapest time and attendance systems on the market?

It’s an exciting part of running a business – as your profits grow, so too will your number of employees. 

Yet, as your staff numbers begin to balloon, this uncharted territory comes with its own risks. Because with more staff leaving and entering your company’s premises, it becomes harder to keep tabs on lateness, ‘buddy punching’, and unexplained absences. Whether it’s a few minutes of tardiness here, or a ‘sick day’ there, it all adds up to cost your business money.

Here’s where a time and attendance system can help. It’s a simple way of recording your employees’ comings and goings, while simplifying your HR and payroll efforts. It also helps you reward your most dedicated employees – the ones who are turning up early, and working the night shifts.

On top of all these big benefits, though, some time and attendance systems have even more going for them… they’re cheap!

That’s right – plenty of time and attendance systems will do everything you need them to, and more – all without busting your budget. But which cheap time and attendance system providers are doing it best?

Time to find out.

Cheap time and attendance systems in the UK

Our experts looked at the range of cheap time attendance systems available to UK businesses. We found that the lowest-cost devices come from Time Systems (UK), Clocking Systems, ClockRite, and Allday Time Systems.

cheap time and attendance system

Read on to take a look at what each of these providers has to offer, and find the right time and attendance solution for your business. Alternatively, you can skip straight to the good stuff by providing us with a few details about your business. 

Simply click the button below, and fill out our 30-second webform. We’ll use your responses to match the unique needs of your company with top time and attendance system suppliers that can help your business grow. You’ll then receive quotes tailored to your business’ size and industry

If you’re not ready to start comparing quotes and providers just yet, though, jump into the list below to read our reviews of the best cheap time and attendance systems in the UK.

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Time Systems (UK) – PalmTrac 200

Best cheap palm recognition time system

time systems uk cheap time and attendance system

Time Systems (UK) may sport a name lacking in imagination, but its technology is inspired. Our favourite pick of its range of clocking in devices is the PalmTrac 200. For just £430, it allows your employees to sign in for work, simply by waving in front of the terminal. Better still, Time Systems (UK)’s software offers free live dashboards for viewing attendance in real-time, plus roll call reports for quick viewing. The system also integrates seamlessly with payroll software, such as Sage. This lets you easily import existing users and data, and free up precious time to spend growing your business.


  • Automatically sends employees daily emails with their total hours worked
  • Software interface is fairly easy to understand...

X Cons:

  • ...but isn’t winning any beauty contests!
  • Free support only provided for 12 months

Clocking Systems – CS-30

Best cheap proximity time system

clocking systems hardware and software

Beans on toast, black coffee… sometimes, the best things in life are the most basic. And, as it turns out, that same logic holds true for this basic proximity device, from Leeds-based company Clocking Systems. Available at a bargain basement rate of just £99, the CS-30 is one of the most robust, reliable terminals on the market. Sure, it looks a bit like that old tape recorder you had in the 90s. But we’re not here for aesthetics, we’re here for price – and as a cheap, effective time and attendance system, the CS-30 can’t be beaten. Plus, the software can be installed either on your network, or remain fully cloud-based – which means it’s as flexible as your business needs it to be.


  • Boasts a heavy-hitting list of clients, including the NHS and WHSmith
  • Software offers clear, concise reporting
  • Interface is colourful and pleasant to look at

X Cons:

  • While the clocking in device is clearly priced, its accompanying software is not
Explore cheap time and attendance systems for your business Get Free Quotes


Best cheap facial recognition time system

clockrite facial recognition cheap time and attendance system

As far as technology goes, facial recognition is still pretty state-of-the-art. Imagine – a device that recognises your employee’s face, then feeds the data straight into your computer, to support all your payroll efforts. Pretty cool, right? And, thanks to Clockrite’s biometric clocking system, this high-tech device is a low-cost one, too. Priced at only £354, Clockrite’s time and attendance software is also included – and is impressive in its own right. As well as a comprehensive reporting suite and Sage integration, you’ll also benefit from free setup and training, plus unlimited UK software support… for 12 months, at least!


  • Stylish black design looks good on your premises
  • Price includes delivery...

X Cons:

  • ...but you’ll have to install it yourself!
  • Costs go up for businesses with more than 25 employees

Allday Time Systems

Best cheap fingerprint recognition time system

allday time systems cheap time and attendance system

While the facial recognition approach is impressive, more camera-shy employees may prefer the convenience offered by Allday’s fingerprint reader. It’s sleek, light, and comes with an in-built wifi facility for lightning-fast connectivity. And, best of all, it’s cheap! The hardware will set you back just £195, while the time and attendance software it comes with is free. And that software doesn’t disappoint, either – it can be installed in minutes, and is extremely easy to use. That said, for the more advanced payroll and reporting features, you’ll need to upgrade to ‘Primetime’, Allday’s premium offering. Don’t fret, though, it’s still cheap – Primetime will set you back just £5 per month.


  • Email and web-based customer support available
  • Clocking device sports a keypad for added ease of use

X Cons:

  • You’ll need to upgrade to Allday’s premium software for the best features

Next steps

Remember – even though your staff numbers might be ballooning, your business’ costs don’t need to follow suit. The above providers all offer excellent, cheap time and attendance systems – light on costs, heavy on features. 

Whether it’s a biometric clocking device or a software package that won’t drain your bank balance, you can be confident that the right time and attendance system is out there, waiting for your business to embrace it. 

But how do you find the right one? That’s where we can help. Simply complete our quick, free form, and provide us with a few details about your business. It takes about 30 seconds. And when you’re done, you’ll receive tailored quotes for cheap time and attendance systems from leading UK suppliers.

Why not try it now? There’s no time to waste!

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