Bodet Time and Attendance Review

By Aimee Bradshaw

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Bodet has made quite a name for itself in the Time & Attendance field. They have over 4 million users and an enviable 96% customer satisfaction rating, so they must be doing something right.

Let’s take a look at their core offerings.

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At a Glance

Known for: Easy to use and customisable Clocking/ HR terminals with modular software (only pay for what you need)

Top products: Kelio Modular Software, X4 and X7 Clocking Terminals, the Kelio app

Best for: SMEs, Growing businesses, Multi-site and/or remote businesses

Price range: Get your free bespoke price quote here

Experience: 30 years across 60+ countries

Based in: Hertfordshire

Customers say:“When we decided to monitor the time and attendance of our staff, we had a look at several systems and Bodet was the best option. The implementation of the Time and Attendance Solution was really good and the training was fantastic, I was able to deal with the Time and Attendance System on my own within a few days, it’s simple, and the support is very good as well.”Marion Vickers, Payroll Administrator, Solihull Care

Bodet’s Clocking Machines and Apps

Bodet offer a variety of options for clocking hardware, as well as apps.
They are all built to work seamlessly with the Kelio time and attendance software, and you can integrate more than one option if you wish.

All of Bodet’s clocking terminals feature interactive touch screen controls and allow employees to do quite a bit more than merely clocking in and out.

Biometric Fingerprint & Handscan clocking terminals

Bodet Fingerprint Scanner Clocking Machine

Bodet’s biometric fingerprint clocking-in terminals can scan and record either fingerprints or whole hand prints to ensure employee login security. In addition to added security these machines offer convenience- after all, you can loan out or lose a key fob or badge, but it take a very careless employee indeed to lose track of their fingers!

On the downside, these readers rely on a clean environment- if this could be a concern, the Visio terminals may be more suited to your business.

Interactive Visio X4 and X7 Clocking Terminals

Kelio Visio X4 and X7

The Visio X4 and X7 terminals have customisable touch screen interfaces and support NFC (wireless) clocking using a key fob or card.

They also feature a built-in camera, making ‘buddy punching’ a thing of the past with reliable biometric security that works even in outdoor or less sterile working environments.

The 4-inch screen of the Visio X4 terminal is a delight to use. It can not only handle things like employee messaging, it can even display web content (within a specifically white-listed set of sources!)

The Visio X7 is just as impressive, but also boasts personalised user interfaces. It also has an even larger 7-inch screen, letting you pack in substantially more of your corporately themed graphics and custom options.

The Visio X7 is Bodet’s flagship terminal, being so intuitive and well designed in fact, it was honoured with a Red Dot Design Award following its release in 2015.

Learn more about getting a Bodet time and attendance solution with the Visio X7 in the video below.

Smartphone Clocking App

bodet kelio app on various smartphones

Bodet’s Kelio software can be used from a smartphone app, with Kelio Mobile available for Blackberry, iPhone and Android phones.

There is an app for employees as well as managers.

Changes made using the Kelio Mobile app are synced instantly with all other clocking terminals in your system.

Managers can also see the real-world locations from which these interactions were made.

workstation screenshots from the kelio bodet app

Virtual (Workstation) Clocking App

This is essentially the mobile app, but specialised for desktop machines. Employees can clock in and out from their desks, and well as engaging in all of the interactions possible at other terminal types.

In order to reduce demands on your HR team, employees can also view and even modify much of their personal information on the system quickly and efficiently.

Bodet’s Kelio TouchTerminal

The Kelio Touch Terminal from Bodet

Bodet’s Kelio Touch Terminal is built specifically for the Employee Self-Service software module (read more about Bodet’s software below).

It features a 17-inch touch screen above a weighted pedestal and has an optional card reader function for swift employee identification.

The system connects via Ethernet (TCP/IP) and allows employees to submit leave requests as well as log time spent on certain projects.

Time and Attendance Software from Bodet

The accompaniment to your clocking terminals or apps is Bodet’s Kelio time and attendance software, which can include any of the the modules below:

employee self service bodet iconEmployee Self-ServiceThis module allows your employees to see too many of their HR needs themselves, taking much of the pressure off your HR department. Absence requests, clocking in and out (in the office or from home) can be handled without HR oversight, and you can assign access to personal results to individual managers easily.
staff planning bodet iconStaff PlanningThe planning module makes it easy to set up staff planning templates in accordance to regulatory compliance and personal or company policies. Better still, you can compare the planned schedule to the completed and estimated schedules in real time, so you know instantly whether things are going to plan.
analytics and job costing bodet iconAnalytics and Job CostingThe analytics module helps you make choices more quickly and more efficiently, and ensure that you’re making the most productive employee assignments.
access control bodet iconAccess Control and Visitor ManagementThis lets you limit access to any or all of your facility either by zone, by assigned group. Better still, you can further limit that access to assigned work schedules.
data exchange bodet iconData ExchangeThis module lets you export Kelio system data for reporting or use by other applications. For example, Kelio Paylink supports transfer to over 140 payroll applications. You can facilitate data transfers when you need to, or automate it. Both data mart and web services are supported.
hr assistant bodet iconMulti-site and HR AssistantThe multi-site management and HR assistant module makes sure managers can access employee files no matter where they are based, including training and appraisal records, emergency contacts and personnel files.
mobile clocking bodet iconMobile ClockingThis module makes it easy for employees to clock in and out or to assign their time to different projects using their own or company mobile devices.

Pick ‘n’ Mix

One of the real strengths of Bodet’s Kelio Time and Attendance Software system is entirely modular, making it the perfect fit for organisations of many different types and sizes.

For smaller and mid-sized organisations this essentially means if you don’t need a feature, you won’t have to buy it.

For larger organisations, Bodet can give your organisation a comprehensive software package, assembling all the modules you need to achieve your business goals.

Perhaps need fully integrated HR, security and payroll systems. Perhaps you just need a way for a handful of employees to clock in for their shifts. Either way, you can’t go far wrong with Kelio.

Upgradeable and downgradeable

After setting up your bespoke modular system, it is just as easy to downgrade as it is to upgrade it. Eliminate modules you initially chose to integrate that you don’t actually use, or simply don’t use enough to make a business case for keeping them.

The modules that you keep will continue working just as always, without any drama. This is something that sets Bodet’s offering apart from many others!

In the Cloud

The system can be hosted locally, or it can be cloud-based, so that no matter what scale you need from it, it needn’t take up your IT resources.

Data processing and Reports

Analysing data can be tedious task, but Bodet’s intuitive standard reports make it easy to monitor your employees. You can also set up your own custom reports if needed.

These reports can be exported to Excel, and other applications with the data exchange module. To stay in the loop 24 hours a day you can even set up real-time alerts for abnormal activity or listed events.

Summary: Kelio Time & Attendance Software Benefits

Kelio Software FeaturesWhat this means for you
A wide range of well-integrated modules are available
Better business oversight with all the tools you need to manage your employees in one place
You only need invest your cash in the modules most valuable to you
Get the best ROI from your system
You can expand, reduce, or swap out modules at any time, without penalty
No strings attached.
Change your mind. Test a module for a month without committing to it long term.
Review accurate reports with real-time tracking, any time of day or night
Never make a decision based on anything but the most recent information.
Stay on top of business activity no matter what time of day you choose to work.
Ability to track time to particular projects and easily identify excessive working hours
Avoid unhappy employees and unnecessary long term expense
Software support and updates are included in the base price
No hidden costs further down the line. No worries if something goes wrong.
Plus, always having the latest features gives you the opportunity to ensure your workforce is one step ahead of your competitors
Top of the line data security
Rest easy knowing your data is safe
Works well in office, warehouse, and remote working situations
No complications, no stress.
Moving office? Multiple work sites? Working from home? Smooth operations throughout.

Kelio One or Kelio Pro?

When choosing your Kelio software modules you will be asked if you’d like the Kelio One or Kelio Pro versions. Kelio One is the ‘basic’ level of the Kelio software system modules. As you might expect, Kelio Pro gives you the same modules but with all the ‘bells and whistles’.

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Kelio One boasts the following features:

  • Clocking, breaks and overtime and weekend/holiday hours tracking
  • Detailed absence tracking
  • Anomaly reporting and event log
  • Adjustment files
  • Multiple standard reports and printouts
  • Highly customisable statuses

Kelio Pro adds:

  • All-around employee data management
  • Automatic, configurable scheduling
  • Modulation and annualisation
  • Individual and collective email alerts
  • Enhanced user rights options

Bodet’s Timebox Solution for Smaller Businesses

In addition to the larger scale Kelio system, Bodet markets the Timebox ‘all in one’ solution, specifically for SMEs. This is a far more simplified set-up, but includes everything you’ll need to efficiently and accurately track and clock-in up to 100 employees.

The terminals, security badges, software and support are all included in the basic price. It even sports a few advanced features like anomaly detection and tracking and automatic overtime calculation.

Bodet’s Customer Service

Finally, when it comes to tools your businesses relies on, access to skilled, helpful customer service is an absolute must. Luckily, Bodet has spared no expense here, and its users rave about the how very responsive the company is.

So, are Bodet’s systems everything they’re cracked up to be?

It certainly seems so from here.

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