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5 Best Open Source Time Attendance Software Platforms

This article will review the 5 best open source time attendance platforms available in the UK.

Open source software can be redistributed and modified by others, as the original source code is made freely available. Find the one that best suits your specific business needs.

You may also be interested in finding out about the top five software (not open source), the top online software, top cloud-based systems over multiple devices, or even biometric time and attendance solutions.

Time TrexTime & Attendance
Job Costing
On-site and cloud hosted options, various functionalities available as options that integrate seamlessly with each other
Orange HRMSystem Administration
Leave Management
Time & Attendance
Fully featured HR management system with customisable modules & additional optional training & consultation
Profess Time ManagerTime and Attendance
Job Costing
HR and Accounting Reports
Cloud based software with a wide range of integrated functionality and UK support network
VisionTimeTime & Attendance Management
Access Control
Biometric, RFID and Web Clocking
Time and attendance employee monitoring with highly flexible device integration and data management tools
LEEATime & Attendance
Employee Tracking
Biometric Attendance
Very flexible and scalable time attendance system which can be used to manage attendance for more than one company

1) Time Trex Workforce Management

Time Trex Workforce Management logo

Time and attendance is just one module from a wide range of workforce management solutions available from Time Trex. All modules can be integrated to provide a complete human resource management system.

Their time and attendance software includes multiple methods of clocking in and out, including PC, fingerprint scanning, proximity cards (RFID), barcode badges, smartphones, and touch-tone telephones.

Business owners and managers can also review employee attendance on an ongoing basis throughout the month rather than waiting until the payroll has been completed. This allows for far greater control of workforce activities, not only in terms of timekeeping and attendance, but also for shift planning and deployment.

2) Orange HRM

Orange HRM logo

Orange HRM software is used by more than a million businesses worldwide, and is suitable for small and medium sized organisations. You can create weekly or monthly timesheets to monitor each employee’s working hours, specifying days off and other authorised absences.

Reports can be generated for all approved and pending timesheets, clearly illustrating levels of absenteeism and offering management the opportunity to tackle any timekeeping or attendance problems before workforce motivation becomes an issue.

This software can be set up in as little as 15 minutes, with nothing to download, install, maintain or upgrade. Ease of use is the key factor with this time and attendance system, and its modular make-up allows businesses to scale their business long-term, by adding modules as they are required.

3) Profess Time Manager

Profess Time Manager logo

Creators of Profess Time Manager, Pillar Software, initially focused on serving local government with time tracking, resource, and project costing solutions. 20 years on they serve everyone from small businesses to large corporations from their base in Gloucestershire. Profess Time Manager use only UK data centres and provide a dedicated UK-based helpdesk for their clients. Subscriptions are £749 p/a, for up to ten users, but can be paid monthly.

The system will cost multiple projects, pay grades and individuals and has drag and drop capacity for timesheets. It also features a range of HR and accounting reports, including payroll, project cost, and invoice generation. It reports in MS Word, Excel, CSV and PDF formats – offering data on all activities, and there is an optional holiday calendar that integrates with timesheets. It is feature-rich and yet easy to manage and use, on your own servers, or from the Cloud.

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4) VisionTime

MultiTime logo

VisionTime is made by MultiTime, which is the UK subsidiary of award winning Dublin company FlexTime. The product integrates with 30 types of clocking method, including mobile devices, computers, access control devices, standard time clocks, and RFID and biometric clocking machines. This is ideal for onsite staff as well as mobile and home workers.

For employers, VisionTime largely automates the work involved in clocking, logging, planning and scheduling. It also covers the normal reporting features, tracking labour costs, and monitoring absence and staff turnover.

Multiple self-service features mean that employees can get an overview of staffing levels, and holiday time and shift swaps. Data entry is easily accessible via touch screens, computers and mobile phones.

5) LEEA Solutions

LEEA Solutions logo

LEEA Time Control is a free open source platform for managing time and attendance. Employee hours, shifts, reports and company hierarchy are all incorporated, and the software allows punching in/out, automatic calculations, exception reporting and assignment management.

Multiple locations and jobs can be dealt with via the admin window, and available reports include detailed overtime, shift assignments, summary time cards, exception assignments, onsite presence, late comers and absences.

Save time thanks to the automatic calculation of potentially complex shift patterns, and issues of absenteeism. You can also tackle time theft quickly thanks to real time data.

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