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7 Online Time & Attendance Software Reviews

Keeping track of employees’ attendance and work schedules manually can be time-consuming. One way to improve efficiency is by using online time and attendance software.

Below are reviews for 7 of the top online time and attendance software providers for SMEs in the UK. We have outlined their services and given price guidelines to help you decide what might work best for your business.

Fill out the form at the top of this page to let Expert Market UK help you find the best time and attendance system for your business, and compare prices. We will explore multiple avenues on your behalf, including other cloud-based or biometric solutions, as well as the type of software listed below.

Capita Workforce Management Solutions

Formerly known as Isys Group


Capita Workforce Management offer a range of software that enable businesses to run more efficiently. Their time and attendance software is used by more than 500 companies, with over 2 million UK workers being tracked by their system.


You will need to contact the company directly to obtain a quote tailored to your business.

  • Various time-clocking methods including phone, web, and terminal
  • Multi-site use if required
  • Integrated overtime rates
  • 2000 different types of holiday/sickness/absence
  • Calendars for individual team members and departments
  • Payroll integration
  • 250 reports available
  • Cost-centre and activity analysis to measure cost against labour
  • Employee information presented in real time
  • Reduced administration
  • Day-to-day tasks can be automated
  • Ensures your business is compliant with European Working Time Directives
  • All-round view of employee time and attendance
  • Increased accuracy of payroll data

Clocking Systems


Clocking Systems is a family-run business based in Leeds, and was established more than 30 years ago. They work with all sizes of business, from small start-ups with just a couple of employees, to big brand names such as W H Smith and Holiday Inn, as well as the NHS.


The company offers a free on-site demonstration of their software. They will discuss your business needs and provide a tailored quotation.

  • Real time information on employees clocking in and out
  • Recording of employee warnings or any discrepancies in attendance
  • Leave and absence planners
  • Employee shift rostering
  • Supports a range of clocking options
  • Unlimited number of employees, departments, and cost centres
  • Fire roll call
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Access via web or intranet
  • Links to payroll software
  • Wide reporting capabilities
  • Human resources module available
  • Eases administration of personnel issues
  • Complete view of employee time-keeping, absences etc
  • Saves time and money by linking to payroll software
  • Helps you to keep control of persistent late arrivers, and those with a high sick record
  • Increases accuracy and efficiency of the HR department



Wisegrove is a UK company that started in the Time and Attendance market in 1984. The company’s product development focuses on software integration for time and attendance, job costing, and access control.


The system comes in three packages: ActIn Time Lite Junior (£295), for 1 – 3 users monitoring up to 75 employees, ActIn Time Lite (£745), for 3 – 5 users, covering up to 150 employees, and ActIn Time Complete Workforce Suite – for growing companies with unlimited users and employees and more complex software operations.

  • Absence management and reporting functions
  • Export data easily
  • Mobile clocking options (ActIn Time Lite)
  • Access control (ActIn Time Complete)
  • Compatible with Wisegrove biometric machines
Benefits• Improve workforce productivity • Control labour costs • Flexibility to access data from anywhere any time • Cost-efficient payment methods allows control over your cash flow

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Replicon opened its London office in 2013 and now has offices all over the world. Application-based services seem to be where the future of time and attendance software is headed – not least because it works with employees’ mobile devices and tablets, which cuts out the need for expensive hardware. The application has various modules for tracking everything from expenses, to labour costs, to absences and holiday planning. It captures time and GPS data – and can be adapted for home and remote workers.


There are three levels of service; Quickstart, for small businesses looking for simple solutions, Plus, for solutions that can be configured to achieve specific time and project tracking goals, and Enterprise, for large and complex operations. The basic TimeAttend package is £3.20, £6 and £9 per employee.

  • Absence management, scheduling, holiday tracking, location tracking, expenses
  • App-based system compatible with iphone and android systems
  • Accessible real-time information stored in the cloud
  • Management side integration with payroll and other software
  • Reporting to PDF or Excel format
  • Modern GPS functions with flexitime and mixed working patterns
  • No expensive clocking systems
  • Saves time and effort
  • Understandable data at your fingertips
  • Streamlines business, improving profitability

Stanley Security Solutions


This company is part of Stanley Black and Decker, and offers a range of integrated security and hardware solutions. They are ISO9001:2000 accredited, which means that they focus strongly on customer service from their national call centre.


The company will need to be contacted directly for prices, and they also offer finance arrangements if required.

  • Ability to monitor overtime, shift patterns, and holidays
  • Web-based
  • Reporting facilities
  • Real time access to information
  • Accurate payroll calculation
  • Accessible for remote workers/managers
  • Easily keep up-to-date with personnel sickness and timeliness
  • Added security and accuracy regarding payroll

Easy Clocking


Easy Clocking is a time and attendance software that operates multiple functions within a browser interface, similar to opening tabs online. It is used by over a million people across 50,000 companies, all over the world. In the UK, Easy Clocking’s cloud-hosted time and attendance software is supplied by Argus Global. It integrates with Easy Clocking’s RFID and biometric time clocking machines, and mobile devices. The company is very focused on keeping labour costs to a minimum and the system has a reputation for accuracy.


Pricing is highly competitive: £1.50 per user per month for the basic package and only £2.50 per user per month for the full range of features. These include scheduling. It also comes with lifetime technical support.

  • Web-based software, no hardware required
  • Can cope with multiple shifts and locations
  • Data is handled with bank level security
  • Real time information and 24/7 remote access
  • Reporting facilities
  • Mobile and geolocation options
  • Saves time and money
  • Make more informed HR decisions
  • Enhanced scheduling of staff duties to ensure work is completed efficiently
  • Helps you to eliminate time fraud
  • Spend time on your business objectives rather than monitoring staff

Elf Productivity Ltd


Elf Productivity Ltd operates from Lancashire, and helps more than 400 customers to monitor the time and attendance record of their employees. Their software, Ceequel, is both owned and developed in-house, meaning they offer customised features if necessary for your business. It is capable of working across multiple sites/ companies.


A free quote is provided by the company on receipt of business details and needs.

  • Available online, across workplace local or wide area network, or in the cloud.
  • Handles calculations for basic, overtime, flexitime and complex bespoke hours
  • Labour planning and forecasting capabilities
  • Shift rostering
  • Holiday and absence management
  • Detailed reporting
  • Alerts for unusual/ unplanned activity
  • Many other advanced features such as fire register, skills check and user profiles
  • Boosts clerical efficiency
  • Reduces mundane administrative tasks
  • Saves time
  • Enhanced workforce management

If you would like to explore time and attendance system solutions further, Expert Market UK can help. Just answer a few simple questions and we will conduct a tailored search to find the best suited system for your needs, then provide you with highly competitive quotes from leading suppliers nationwide, with no obligation to buy. Save money by comparing time and attendance system quotes today.

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