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What Is a Telephone Billing System?

About Telephone Billing Systems

A telephone billing system is a computerized system used by a business that will automatically calculate and produce customers' telephone bills. It will also view and update customer records, process payments received and manage debt collection as necessary.

Advantages of Telephone Billing Systems

There are a number of advantages to be gained when a business adopts a computerised billing system:
  • It allows effective and easy management of customers' payments in a quick and timely manner. Any inefficiency should be greatly reduced.
  • The system can be custom built to suit the specific needs of the company. This further allows for a smooth billing process.
  • A reduction in human error will occur. This should reduce cost and time spent correcting errors.
  • All these benefits combined mean that in the long run a computerised billing system should be more cost effective for a business when compared to a manual one.

Disadvantages of a Telephone Billing System

However, there can be some disadvantages as well.
  • The initial cost of installing the system can be high - especially if the business requires extra features added to the software.
  • There can also be other unforeseen costs - staff training, for instance.
  • As with all computer systems, there is always the chance of associated hardware and/or software problems. Data can be lost through power failures or accidental deletion. Problems can also occur with viruses, hacking and fraud.

Overall Verdict

If you can afford the initial outlay, the benefits of a computerised telephone billing system do outweigh the disadvantages. If it is not a matter of administrative speed and efficiency, then the benefits will not cover the initial cost.

Further Information

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