Best Telephone Systems for Hotels

This article will help you choose the best phone system for your hotel, and profile some of the best phone system providers supplying the hospitality industry in the UK.

Hotel Phone Systems

Nearly all guests now own a mobile phone for making external personal calls, so the function of hotel telephone systems has largely changed. This means choosing the right phone system is more important than ever. Guests will expect a sophisticated level of service and communications that matches the overall experience of your hotel.

Hotel Receptionist on Phone

Although some smaller hotels and guest houses can get by with a basic telephone system, most hotels require a unique type of internal and external communication network. Fortunately there are a number of phone innovations and useful modern applications that can enhance the guest experience, and operational ease of a hotel.

These applications enable hotels to offer guests services, such as:

  • wake up calls and reminders
  • speed dial for room service
  • the ability to contact other guests in the hotel using only their room number
  • integrated hotel billing for a smoother checkout process

It is even possible to customise the phones in each room to suit personal preferences.

By choosing the right phone system, hotels improve customer satisfaction and reviews.

What Small Business Phone System do you Require?

Hospitality Phone System Features

In addition to the features of regular business phones, hospitality phone systems may include handsets with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).

For example, front desk telephones may have a touchscreen that communicates guest-specific information (e.g. booking details, guest ID, check out times) directly to the receptionist when they pick up. They can then use this information to better answer any questions, as well as to manage guest requests, directly from the handset.

A high quality telephone system for hotels can best be seen as an extension of a computer network, like keyboards. This also means guests can make requests using their in-room handset, such as to extend their stay or to order food.

  • On screen information with front desk handsets
  • Wake up alarm calls
  • Externally calling
  • Ease of use for guest room phones
  • Room to room functionality
  • Voicemail

Top Phone System Models for Hotels and Hospitality Businesses

Some of the most well-known manufacturers that specialise in telephone systems for hotels include Mitel, Ericsson, Cisco and NEC.

Ericsson iPECS Hospitality Phone System

Ericsson LIP-9071

Ericsson iPECS LIP-9071

Ericsson’s iPECS phone system is specifically designed for hotel and hospitality users. Since more than 80% of hotel staff are mobile the iPECS is designed for users on the move. It incorporates Wifi, DECT and smartphone capabilities for staff to use wherever they are throughout a hotel or venue.

Overall Rating:

The iPECS features are not only exclusive to hotel staff. Guest room IP phones also include personalised greetings and voicemail. They can welcome visitors and give key information. Touch service keys can also make it easier for guests to make certain types of requests and improve the overall quality of their stay.

Mitel Hotel Telephone Systems

Mitel Mivoice 8568

Mitel 400 Hospitality Package

Mitel communications solutions allow hoteliers to focus on the guest experience and hotel operations. Mitel’s technology has the flexibility to adapt to guest and staff requirements with a minimum of management overhead. Mitel’s MiVoice supports traditional and IP (internet) communications.

Overall Rating:

With over 30 years of experience in providing business telephone systems, Mitel has a very large hotel client base. This has enabled them to develop a range of products designed to suit any size hotel. This means hoteliers can benefit from IP contact, whilst protecting investment in traditional telephony.

MiVoice Business has a range of embedded hospitality features as standard, including:

  • Voicemail
  • Auto attendant
  • Recorded announcements
  • Call recording options
  • Hold music

In addition, they maintain partnerships with many other hospitality technology partners to ensure your systems are compatible.

The Mitel MiVoice 5505 Guest IP Phone is the ideal solution for users who need to deploy IP phones to guest rooms. The MiVoice 5505 phone includes the following features:

  • Guest programmable options (e.g. alarm, multiple language settings volume and ringer control)
  • Supports up to 3 extension handsets for guests in a suite of rooms
  • Voicemail and message-waiting features

Cisco Hotel Telephony

Cisco 8851

Cisco Hospitality Phone Systems

Cisco is one of the world leaders in telephony systems. They have a number of very advanced hotel telephone systems that seamlessly integrate call accounting, voicemail and hotel property management systems. Cisco have a range of handsets ideal for both hotel reception staff and for room guests.

Overall Rating:

Cisco Unified Communications solutions (Cisco Connected Hotel) and Cisco 7900 series IP phones can offer an unrivalled guest experience and functionality.

Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers provide access to public switched telephone networks (PSTN) allowing guests to make local and long distance calls using their Cisco IP phones.

NEC Hotel Telephone System


NEC Hospitality Solutions

The NEC XN120 Hotel telephone system uses MyCalls Call Management Software to run call monitoring reports for each room. The NEC XN120 also comes with the ‘room status’ feature. This means rooms can be set as “available for booking” or “ready for cleaning”, which can be seen and actioned upon by staff immediately.

Overall Rating:

The XN120 handsets can be set to give guests access to set their own wake up call, or allow receptionists with system handsets to manage wake-up calls for specific rooms.This is just one useful feature among many that demonstrate the XN120 phone is a perfect fit for hotels.

Different Types of Hotel Telephones

In principle hotel phone systems don’t differ hugely from regular business telephone phone solutions, but certain business phone models are simply more suited to hospitality than others. A few suppliers will make handsets exclusively for guest rooms, with purposefully limited functionality and only able dial internally.

Modern hotel telephone systems will usually either be a PBX or VoIP system.

PBX phone systems are considered to be more traditional. Their connection is more reliable, but their wired installation and maintenance costs can add up to being far more expensive.

VoIP phone systems are considered to be more advanced. VoIP phone systems are hosted in the cloud meaning you can save on space. They also retain crystal clear call quality, at a lower price.

Choosing the Right Hotel Telephone System Supplier

Hotel Man on Phone

Designing and implementing the right phone system for a hotel is not a job for an inexperienced service provider. Experts in areas such as IT, telecommunications, and logistics are essential for a smooth the installation. Only the top telephone system dealers in the UK should be contacted.

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