The Best Telephone Systems for Hotels in 2022


A VoIP phone system is the perfect solution for keeping all your hotel’s departments in sync, as it enables easy internal communications. With the press of a button, you can liaise with the chef about the day’s food order, or check in with the guest services team to ensure all the day’s activities are set up and ready to go.

In terms of external communications, you have the option to have as many phone lines as you wish. With more than one line, your reception and reservation staff can talk to more customers at the same time, reducing call waiting time, and increasing customer satisfaction.

And with all the calls taking place over the internet, your reservations team can communicate with potential guests from your home country or abroad at a far cheaper rate.

Best of all, a VoIP system enables you to benefit from unified communications. Sync up your phone calls, social media pages, website enquiries, and emails via your phone system software to get a complete bird’s eye view of all the interactions taking place across your channels.

Investing in a VoIP telephone system is a win-win situation. If you would like to receive quotes for either a new phone system or a telephone system upgrade, just fill in our form with a few details and the best suppliers for your requirements will be in touch!

The best hotel phone systems providers

A hotel phone system needn’t be expensive. You’re in control of which VoIP features to include in your package, how many lines you require, and how many handsets you need.

At Expert Market, we’ve done some research into the different VoIP suppliers. Taking into consideration phone system features, quality of customer service, and pricing, we’ve whittled the huge number of hotel phone system providers down to the top five.

According to our research, the best hotel phone systems are provided by Berry, Lily, Mitel, bOnline and 4Com.

See how they compare against each other in the table below:

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Lily Comms









£13.59 – £23.79 per user, per month


£6 – £13.95 (plus VAT) per user, per month



Free Trial


Free Trial
Free Trial
Free Trial
Free Trial

1. Berry

Best phone system for small hotel businesses (SMBs)

Berry Technologies logo
Pricing Bespoke – request a quote
Quick overview

Over the course of eight years, Berry has expanded from a two-man band into a team of over 100 employees. Its workplace culture encourages a tight, communications-driven environment that enables the team to provide exemplary service to all of its customers.

The Berry team are all about providing small business telephone systems, which means they’re never overwhelmed by the demands of bigger industry players. This means they can give your small hotel the support it needs as it operates.


Very customisable

Dedicated account manager, 24/7 phone support, and fast tech help


Pricing and minute allowance aren't publicly transparent

2. Lily

Best all-round phone system for hotels

Lily logo
Pricing Bespoke – request a quote
Quick overview

A phone system from Lily is anything but delicate. It’s a rigid, reliable system that has been designed with the hospitality industry in mind. An iPECS phone system allows multiple hotels to unify all their communications onto one platform, keeping you on the ball when it comes to customer enquiries and staying in touch with stakeholders.

On top of its phone system, Lily constantly scores highly for customer service, making it a fantastic all-rounder for any business looking to join the VoIP-verse.


Dedicated account manager and 24/7 support

Provides a tailored service unique to your hotel


Pricing isn't publicly available

Minute allowance isn't transparent

3. Mitel

Best phone system for large hotel businesses

Mitel logo
Pricing Bespoke – request a quote
Quick overview

Mitel has some pretty big customers under its belt, so if you’re looking for a hotel telephone system provider that’s experienced at delivering effective communications on a large scale, Mitel should be at the top of your list.

The provider installs both hosted and self-hosted systems, setting you up with a hotel telephone system that'll help you provide top level guest service, and keep operations as efficient as possible.


Easily deployed and scalable

The same features on mobile and desktop


Pricing information is no longer publicly available

4. bOnline

Best phone system for boutique hotels

bOnline logo
Pricing £6 – £13.95 per user, per month
Quick overview

bOnline is all about setting up great hotel phone systems at a low cost – perfect for boutique hotels that want to benefit from VoIP but don’t have the budget of bigger industry players. Better still, bOnline is very transparent about its pricing, which is incredibly affordable – starting at just £6 per user, per month for 100 minutes.

bOnline markets its services to small businesses and startups, and can even supply a full comms package, which includes broadband, a website, and a VoIP telephone system.


Completely customisable and adaptable

Transparent international rates

Incredibly affordable packages

PackagePrice (per user, per month)
Starter (100 minutes) £6 + VAT
Unlimited calling £12.95 + VAT
Unlimited calling + desk phone £13.95 + VAT

5. 4Com

Best phone system for scalability

4Com logo
Pricing Bespoke – request a quote
Quick overview

If you’re looking to scale your hotel business, and scale it fast, you should consider 4Com as a potential supplier. 4Com is experienced in providing phone systems to small, medium, and large hotel businesses. This means it understands how a business’s needs change as it grows.

And when, behind the scenes, 4Com is winning awards such as The Sunday Times Best Company To Work For, you know the staff have the motives to pull out all the stops when it comes to providing excellent customer service.


Tailored service that considers what you need and how you can save

4Com's HiHi3 phone is among the best in modern desk phones


4Com's focus on hardware means the breadth of its software features is unclear

Pricing isn't publicly transparent – you need to request a quote

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The best hotel telephone system hardware

Some of the most well-known manufacturers that specialise in telephone systems for hotels include Mitel, Ericsson, Cisco and NEC. These phone systems have been designed to facilitate communication between hotel management and guests.

This is largely down to the phone screen, which is sizable enough to display guest-specific information (e.g. booking details, guest ID, check out times) directly to the receptionist when they pick up.

When it comes to room service, guests can use their hotel phone to order food from the menu, set wake up calls, call other members of their party staying in other rooms, and even make external calls.

So what are the best hotel telephone system hardware options?

  • Ericsson iPECS LIP-9071
  • Mitel MiVoice
  • Cisco Connected Hotel
  • NEC XN120 Hotel telephone system

1. Ericsson iPECS LIP-9071

Ericsson’s iPECS phone system is specifically designed for hotel and hospitality users. Since more than 80% of the hotel staff are mobile, the iPECS is designed for users on the move. It incorporates wifi, DECT and smartphone capabilities for staff to use wherever they are throughout a hotel or venue.

The iPECS features are not only exclusive to hotel staff. Guest room IP phones also include personalised greetings and voicemail. They can welcome visitors and give key information. Touch service keys can also make it easier for guests to make certain types of requests and improve the overall quality of their stay.

2. Mitel MiVoice

Mitel communications solutions allow hoteliers to focus on the guest experience and hotel operations. Mitel’s technology has the flexibility to adapt to guest and staff requirements with a minimum of management overhead. Mitel’s MiVoice supports traditional and IP (internet) communications.

MiVoice Business has a range of embedded hospitality features as standard, including:

  • Voicemail
  • Auto attendant
  • Recorded announcements
  • Call recording options
  • Hold music

3. Cisco Connected Hotel

Cisco has a number of very advanced hotel telephone systems that are ideal for both hotel staff and guests. These phone systems can seamlessly integrate call accounting, voicemail and hotel property management systems. 

The addition of specialist Cisco routers hook the phone units up to the public switchboard, enabling guests to make external as well as internal phone calls. 

4. NEC XN120 Hotel Telephone System

The NEC XN120 Hotel Telephone System uses MyCalls Call Management Software to run call monitoring reports for each room. The NEC XN120 also comes with a ‘room status’ feature. This means rooms can be set as “available for booking” or “ready for cleaning”, which can be seen and acted upon by staff immediately.

The XN120 handsets can be set to give guests access to set their own wake up call, or allow receptionists with system handsets to manage wake-up calls for specific rooms.These are just some of the useful features that demonstrate why the XN120 phone is a perfect fit for hotels.


When you’re looking for the best phone system for your hotel, choosing a supplier that understands the scale at which you operate is imperative.

In our list of the best hotel phone system providers, we’ve covered SMBs, larger hotel businesses and even boutique hotels, so you know there’s a provider out there that can meet your requirements.

When phone systems are installed on a larger scale, pricing becomes more bespoke, as the quote you receive will depend on the scale of the system and the extent of the features you require.

The quickest and easiest way to receive quotes for your hotel phone system is to fill in our short form with a few details about your hotel business. Then the best suppliers for your requirements will be in touch.


What VoIP features will a hotel business benefit from?
There are heaps of VoIP features that hotels can benefit from. Here are some of them:

  • Internal calling
  • Automated call forwarding
  • Automated voice response
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Unified communications
  • Digital faxing

Then there’s the more specific features, such as:

  • Wake up calling
  • Answer detection
  • Even in-room checkout!

You can find out more about how each feature works in our guide to VoIP phone systems.

What’s the difference between hosted and self-hosted VoIP?
Hosted VoIP is when your phone system is hosted on an external server belonging to your supplier. This type of phone system is virtually maintenance-free – almost like having a mobile contract. Your supplier will recommend the hardware and the software package you’ll need, and is responsible for any system upgrades or maintenance.

A self-hosted VoIP system is where you host your telephone system yourself on an onsite server. This is often costly to set up, but it does give you complete control over the functionality of your phone system. This kind of system is often preferred by larger businesses that have their own onsite tech team on hand in case of any issues.

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