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By Aimee Bradshaw

This guide will give you a general overview of how much each type of telephone system for business will cost you, ranging from PBX and Key Systems to VoIP.
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Office Telephone System Cost

The costs of office telephone systems differ dramatically depending on a number of factors. A number of considerations need to be taken into account which can effect the initial costs of a business phone system as well as on going costs and maintenance are:

  • The type of office phones you need
  • The phone system features important to your communications process
  • The number of desk handsets and size of your team

These factors are just the initial considerations you should take in to account when planning to install a business phone system for the first time or to replace existing models. By answering the above questions you can begin to get a much better idea of the type of phone system that will suit your business as well as the expected costs and outgoings.

An example of the cost of a small office telephone system is the Orchid PBX 206 with 2 exchange lines and up to 6 extensions, auto attendant with a 12 second out going message, holding music, call forwarding, conference calls and call transfer, this system costs – £129.

Alcatel is another reputable manufacturer of office telephone systems and the Alcatel OmniPCX Office E-200 telephone system will cost around £5,558 including VAT and has a full range of advanced features including call recording, PC based user console, up to 120 external phone lines, up to 10 ISDN2 and 9 ISDN30 lines, automated attendant and automated call distribution.

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Office Telephone Systems Options

The price of a business telephone system will depend on the system needed to meet your businesses requirements.

There are three types of telephone systems available on the market and these are:

  1. Private Branch Exchange Systems (PBX)
  2. Key Systems
  3. KSU-less Systems

Office telephone systems can range from 2 lines to hundreds of handsets depending on the size of the business and the number of staff employed there.

Simple office telephone system prices can be as cheap as under £200 and large office PBX telephone systems can costs several thousands of pounds depending on the provider.

Different suppliers may charge a different price for the same system and carrying out provider comparison is a cost effective way to ensure you keep your expenditure as low as possible.

Prices from authorized dealers are often more competitive than non-authorized dealers and it is advisable that you buy from an authorized dealer who will also have trained engineers to maintain and support the system you choose for your business.

Cost of PBX Systems

Private Branch Exchange Systems are typically the most expensive and most sophisticated of the systems available.

PBX systems are used either for larger businesses with more than forty extensions or by smaller businesses who require higher specification telephone systems.

The cost will be dependent upon the number of extensions within the business, and the hardware chosen. The smallest PBX systems can start from a several hundred pounds up to several thousand pounds for the largest systems.

In addition, a service contract will usually be set up with the telecom’s installation company to ensure the business is not at risk of being without telecom’s capability.

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Cost of Key Systems

Key systems are typically cheaper but less flexible than PBX systems. Key Systems work by having a central unit to give the additional features to the telephone system. These can be used for up to forty extensions within a business. Prices will vary dependent upon the number of extensions the business requires.

A typical cost for a four line, sixteen extension system can start from three or four hundred pounds. These systems will need to be professionally installed and service maintenance contracts are available for Key Systems. It is also possible to purchase a hybrid PBX / Key system to use in the business.

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KSU-less Systems

These systems are the cheapest of the three options available, however they have to be self installed. They are generally used for small businesses of less than ten extensions, with basic needs Buying a KSU-less system will cost in the low hundreds.

Service contracts are not available for this type of installation which is a cost saving for the business but does mean the business is at risk of being without telephone capabilities.

VoIP Systems

VoIP-Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP systems are wireless product. The VoIP system functions by transforming the voice into data transmitted over an internet connection. VoIP enables us to have conversations like a normal phone call. VoIP is a powerful technology enabling one to connect worldwide.

voip phone system cost

Savings on line rental upto 50 per cent and reduced call costs makes the VoIP an attractive business phone solution. The call routing feature is used widely by businesses for this system. A video conferencing feature can also be easily integrated. However, voice quality and reliability are two main issues raised by users of the VoIP application.

VoIP systems use a business telephone and an adapter connection. VoIP call plans are cost effective with packages starting from £3.99 per month increasing to £5.99 for calls within the UK.

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Phone System Maintenance Costs

Making sure you have adequate maintenance cover for fault reporting and technical support is an important aspect to your business telephone system’s overall and long-term performance.

Much in the same way the car insurance is essential to ensuring that the investment you made in purchasing it will be well protected, and keep you covered for servicing and repairs.

Depending on whether you’re using an in-house telephone system or a hosted one, options and pricing will vary.

For assistance in finding the right maintenance solution for your business telephone system, please fill out the form at the top of this page and Expert Market UK will assist in finding the right option.

Cavendish Communications

Established in 1990 and a leading independent supplier of business communications solutions to SME and enterprise level businesses.

  • Services are fast and effective
  • 4,8, and 16 hour response times for up to 7 days a week depending on individual business requirements
  • Maintenance carried out on a range of different phone systems including Panasonic, Mitel, Toshiba, Inter-Tel and Splicecom
  • Areas covered include Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Essex, and Middlesex


  • Detailed audits carried out prior to agreeing on a plan
  • In house engineers are fully engineer trained
  • Contractors Health and Safety Scheme certified
  • Up to 30 per cent savings offered on annual maintenance contracts

PA Communications

A leading supplier in the North West for business telephone systems, calls and line rentals, data storage solutions, cabling, and telephony products.

  • Standard or tailored packages
  • Qualified in-house engineers
  • Free annual inspection visits with remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Bespoke packages

Midland Telecom

A formidable Total Solutions Provider for Unified Communications established in 1986, who have accompanied many businesses from transitioning from analogue to VoIP phone systems. Their partners include Cisco, NEC, Siemens, Panasonic, Avaya, and LG which means that their engineers are highly trained across a wide variety of different platforms.

  • Remote diagnostics on Siemens, NEC, and Cisco allows for faster fault repairs, with 75% of them being fixed without engineers needing to visit business premises
  • Covers the whole of the UK
  • 4 hour emergency response times

Global4 Communications

A leading telecoms provider with over 15 years’ experience in servicing 15% of the UK’s petrol retailers; 42% of the UK’s estate agents; and at least 7 locations on every high street. They specialise in bespoke telecoms solutions, and take pride in enabling businesses to implement future proof solutions and cost saving practices.


  • Technical staff across the UK who can respond to emergencies within 90 minutes
  • Excellent customer services through on-going account management
  • 24/7 support 365 days a year
  • One-Stop-Shop: Services include telephone systems; competitive lines and call tariffs; data and IP solutions.

Nationwide Maintenance Support

Nationwide Maintenance Support offer cost effective solutions from £100 per year and cover all types of system failures. Their best price guarantee also means they promise to offer businesses with minimum 20% savings against BT maintenance contracts; as well as to beat competitor prices


  • System changes such as programming and equipment changes available on request
  • Remote diagnostics support available

Further Information

You can find out more about each of these types of systems by filling in our short form above. This will help us gauge what kind of suppliers will be most suited to your unique business needs.

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