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TalkTalk Business Phone Line Review

While advances in technology are providing innovative communications solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to extend their reach into more markets, the challenge remains in finding the right solutions to suit those needs. TalkTalk Business specialise in assessing what those needs are, and then providing the right solutions, especially when it comes to telephony.

Who are TalkTalk Business?

TalkTalk have been providing communications solutions to UK businesses since 1993. By consulting closely with their users, they provide best-fit and comprehensive solutions geared towards managing costs and reducing overheads.

What is a Calls and Lines solution?

Geared towards businesses that want to manage their costs more effectively, Calls & Lines makes it easy for businesses to manage their overheads: Outbound calls are transmitted down a phone line to the local BT exchange; BT recognises the calling party as a TalkTalk customer and diverts the call to the TalkTalk network; calls are billed to the TalkTalk customer account at month end, along with line rental chargers; TalkTalk customer saves money.

Business phone line services

Migrating to TalkTalk Business is seamless, and businesses keep their existing number. Installing a new line costs as little as £14.50 per month, and enables businesses to take advantage of ‘broadband’ and ‘calls only’ packages, as well as a range of services designed to help businesses build their services.

What are the options?

Businesses have the option of installing 1 new line for free with Office Broadband; 2-5 new lines with £79 installation per line; or 6+ new lines for £69 installation per line.

  • Broadband, landline & calls packages start from £24.50 per month. They provide businesses with a free router, new line installation (for two year contracts), and a free static IP. Enterprises also receive an unlimited data allowance, network level security, easy online management, and customer service from a UK based support team
  • Landline & calls packages are priced from £14.50 per month. These are geared towards businesses that don’t need a broadband connection, and prefer a flexible call package with line rental.

Added bonuses

Users can register for MyAccount to get more from their TalkTalk Business account. It’s a free, feature-rich solution that allows users to manage their accounts online through a safe and easy to use portal

  • Users can access their accounts 24/7
  • Current and previous billing information can be viewed, printed or downloaded easily
  • Billing information and preferences are easy to update, and kept private and secure
  • Services can be viewed and managed from the dashboard
  • WorkSafe internet security settings keeps data safe

Talk Talk Business Mobiles

Talk Talk Business Mobiles offers a consultative service to UK business owners looking for more than just a free handset. The main issue behind their offering is workforce mobility and the difficulty of collaborating successfully with colleagues whilst on the move. This can be an awkward problem to solve, but the company aims to guide their clients towards a unified approach to telecoms in general.

What are the features of Talk Talk’s service offering?

Although delivered as a bespoke service tailored to individual businesses, Talk Talk’s mobility solutions generally include the following features:

  • An affordable range of up-to-date handsets
  • A mobile system that runs alongside and enhances existing landline
  • A complete support and advice package incorporating all aspects of workforce mobility
  • A one-stop shop for enquiries, services and support

Talk Talk clients can arrange formal consultations to discuss mobile technology, how it can make a positive impact on their business, and how to garner its benefits.

How will businesses benefit from this service?

Large businesses in particular will benefit from a strategic approach to organising their mobile workforce. Every business has unique requirements which may not be met by a generic business mobile phone package, and Talk Talk has recognised the fact that alternative solutions are sometimes required.

Including workforce mobility as part of an overall strategic plan helps to avoid a piecemeal approach that can lead to choosing costly short-term solutions. Businesses are able to look at the needs of their mobile workers as a whole, and formulate a way to meet those needs without breaking the bank.

Talk Talk’s extensive experience in mobile telecoms benefits businesses of all sizes, allowing them to treat each business individually and offer tailored solutions.

Mobile packages with Talk Talk Business

Talk Talk offer 3 packages for their business customers:

  1. Sim only: Keep an existing mobile phone and buy a cost-effective sim-only package for £17 per month.
  2. Single user: This plan includes a free BlackBerry 9320 smartphone, 3000 minutes on calls to other Vodafone users, and 250 texts within the UK for £22 per month.
  3. Sharer package: This package costs £42 per month and includes 2 free Blackberries

Who are their customers?

Companies such as DHL, the British Red Cross, and Damart use TalkTalk Business to save money and increase the efficiency or their organisations ; and over 180,000 private enterprises and public sector enterprises use them to benefit from their next generation technologies.

"The solution provided by TalkTalk Business allows us to communicate freely with our offices around the world as if they are in the next office" - Martin Crokit, Business Systems Manager, Miller UK
"We selected TalkTalk Business as they offered the best 0844 rates and had the experience necessary to migrate around 500 numbers without disruption to the DHL customer experience" - Arthur Harding, Project Manager for Infrastructure, DHL

Next Steps?

Migrating phone lines to communications providers who offer better rates and more services saves businesses money, and often gives them more tools to manage their overheads more effectively.

If you would like more information on companies offering the best phone line rentals and services, start below to complete the request form Expert Market UK will contact you with the best prices and competitive rates.

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