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Snom Technologies VoIP Telephone Systems

This article will give you an overview of Snom Technologies VOIP telephone systems, and offer expert buying tips for choosing the best system for your company.

Snom Technologies Company Overview

Compared to the many other brands that frequent the telecommunications industry, Snom Technologies could be considered a newbie, with just under 20 years of trading. But unlike some of their competitors, Snom’s focus is well and truly on the future and communication via the internet.

If you have ever took the time to study the different types of VoIP phones available on the market, you would have seen that Snom do seem offer a variety of phones that would be suitable for every business model.

Snom VoIP Phones have been specifically manufactured to suit the three VoIP telephone lines available – Efficient Line (3 series), Advanced Line (7 & 8 Series) and Complementary Line (M9r & Meeting Point). But what does it all mean?

Snom 3 Series

Snom 370
  • 300: the basic model that offers the most important requirements for VoIP telecommunications and comes with a number of additional functions that are invaluable to any business.
  • 320: the perfect business telephone, that is both powerful and affordable and ideal for those who spend a lot of time making/receiving calls. Comes with a built-in speakerphone and three-party conference bridging feature.
  • 370: the VoIP phone for businesses that need access at all times and features a large HD display and an extended presentation of call lists, caller information and address books.

Snom 7 & 8 Series

Snom 720
  • 710: a standout desktop phone with a user friendly design, superior voice quality and rich features.
  • 715: a fast, hard-working, future-proof desk phone that affords businesses increased connectivity, assured performances and rich features.
  • 720: a state-of-the-art phone that comes with Snom SIP software and can be considered top of the class with regards to day-to-day usability, available features and voice quality.
  • 760: this phone is head and shoulders above similar products with its comprehensive IP telephone functionality and wide range of additional features.
  • 821: this superior VoIP phone combines both the latest technologies and the features that Snom are well-known for.
  • 870:comes with a new design touch screen that enables users to handle even the more complex of tasks.

M9r & Meeting Point

Snom m9r IP DECT phone
  • M9r: the next generation in DECT handhelds that offers high quality speech delivery and the convenience of wireless communication.
  • Meeting Point: the perfect solution for a business that requires to make frequent conference calls.

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